Paper Batteries now a Reality!

Stanford scientists are harnessing nanotechnology to quickly produce ultra-lightweight, bendable batteries and super capacitors in the form of everyday paper.Simply coating a sheet of paper with ink made of carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires makes a highly conductive storage device. The paper sheet acts as a Capacitor. Like batteries, capacitors hold an electric charge, but for a shorter period of time. However, capacitors can store and discharge electricity much more rapidly than a battery. Hence paper batteries have higher discharge rate capacity than ordinary batteries.

Paper has small fibrous holes. The small diameter holes helps the ink stick strongly to the fibrous paper, making the battery very durable. The paper battery may last through 40,000 charge-discharge cycles – at least an order of magnitude more than lithium batteries. Professors at Stanford university claim that the paper batteries are so versatile that u can even paint them on your walls and surfaces as a energy source.Watch this video from Stanford university:-