Intel Sues AMD

The AMD versus Intel antitrust fight is going for a rematch in the US courts and it appears that Intel is getting mean right from the start. It has asked a judge to throw the book at AMD for failing to retain documents in the case it filed against Intel in June of 2005.

Intel also asserts that AMD misrepresented its efforts and tried to hide its failures from the court and Intel.

In March of 2007 Intel moaned to the court that AMD had not kept documents in regards to the case. A court order to fix the problem was issued.

Intel claims this effort has cost it tens of millions of dollars. It says that it delivered nearly two hundred million pages of documents to AMD in discovery.

But while AMD was telling the world plus dog that it had instituted an “exemplary” scheme for document retention, that any problems it had were “innocent and innocuous” and any data losses were “inconsequential”, Intel is saying that this is far from the case.

An Intel spokesperson said that it had evidence that appears to show that AMD’s “exemplary” scheme to retain documents was not even close.

“Intel has discovered a number of problems with AMD process, including certain executives and employees at AMD that failed to retain documents and emails. It also appears that AMD failed to begin retaining documents when it reasonably anticipated the litigation, something that is required by law,” Intel whinged in a court filing.

It claims that AMD engaged in a secret scheme to selectively restore documents from backup tapes to analyze the scope of its retention failures, all the while denying to Intel and the court that it was doing so or that there ever was a problem.