7 Robots That Do All Of The Gross Jobs You Hate

robosapiens Robots are revolutionzing the ways of our lives. Thanks to the mechatronics engineers around the world ­čÖé ┬áToday I have picked 7 robots that do all the gross jobs for us, that we humans dnt feel like doing

1. Who the hell wants to clean their gutters? Thanks to iRobot you don’t have to deal with the gross sludge that’s so hard to clean out. The Looj dislodges dirt and brushes your gutters squeaky clean via remote control.

gutter cleaning robot

2. After scrubbing the toilet, even a Lysol bath won’t make you feel clean again. Toto’s Neorest robo-toilets do the dirty work for you by summoning up a water cyclone that breaks up anything that might stick to the inside of the bowl.

toilet cleaning robot3. Gas station handles are a breeding ground for bacteria. Thankfully, the Dutch have come up with a robot that pumps gas for you.

gas pumping robot4. Cleaning bathrooms is bad enough, but imagine what it would be like at a highway rest area (or a Walmart for that matter)? The Japanese have come up with a robot that goes where humans fear to tread. Dubbed “Ladybird”, this autonomous robot happily scrubs down the area and even engages in awkward and surreal conversations with patrons. Indeed, if you ever travel to Japan you could find yourself holding your junk and asking a giant ladybug for the latest weather conditions.

lady bug robot5. We all love our pets, but washing them is a different story. That’s why automatic pet washing machines are becoming more popular for hosing down and traumatizing your pooch.

pet washing robot6. Babies in diapers are bad enough, but adults in diapers are a whole other headache. That’s why engineers are hard at work developing robots that can take over some of the traditional responsibilities of a nurse. uBOT-5┬ácan check vitals, dial 911 and help patients interact directly with their doctors via webcam. Other robots have been developed to deliver medication┬áand even carry you around in exceedingly creepy ways.

service robot7. Like a Roomba for the great outdoors, the Dustbot vacuums the street and collects garbage on in areas where trucks can’t reach. It even makes housecalls via text message.

dusting robot

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