NASA Develops Robots That Could Explore Other Planets

There are many robots being developed for helping out with duties in homes, restaurants and hotels. NASA has also created a robot that may be able to assist in the exploration of planets. The self-driving “swarmies” robots look like remote-controlled toy trucks and are much smaller than other NASA robots such as the Mars rover

Chinese Restaurants Cater To Customers With Robotic Staff

One of the most important amenities that must be provided at any restaurant is great customer service from friendly and attentive waiters. More and more, Chinese restaurants and hotels have been focusing on providing reliable waiting services  in their establishments and have began to replace their human staff with robots. A restaurant located in Jiangsu

World’s First Family Friendly Robot JIBO

Many modern families love the idea of being able to have an interactive robot companion in the home to help out with chores and the children etc. Social robotics pioneer from MIT, Dr. Cynthia Breazeal has designed that type of robot that is helpful, intelligent and family-friendly. The new robot called, JIBO, is said to

Flying Drone Yura Could Be Your Future Home Bartender

Can you imagine being able to come home from work and get that drink of coffee or cocktail you love delivered to you without having to do anything to prepare it? A student from the Ukraine, Herman Haydin, has design a concept for bartender robots that are able to make your hot/cold drink and deliver it

Versatile 3D-Printed Humanoid Robot Called Jimmy

California-based company Intel, is in the process of developing a relatively simple robot kit called the Jimmy The 21st Century Robot. The robot named Jimmy is 3D printable and allows the users to programme the bot to do whatever they desire. Jimmy can be customized in both appearance and functionality. The kit include necessary parts such as

It Took This Guy 10 Years To Build A Robot. See If It Was Worth It.

Starting with just a pair of robotic legs that could barely operate and transform to vehicle mode, Kenji Ishida spent 10 years of designing and building a Transformer Robot. The Japanese engineer and hobbyist, along with other researchers at Brave Robotics in Japan, were now successfully able to manufacture an impressive robot, version 7.2, made

Watch Out Neymar! Awesome Humanoid Robots Also Play Football.

While Brazil’s World Cup is in full gear, teams of robotic players are also busy battling it out on a pitch in a less well-known football tournament that is taking place in Brazil this summer. A team of five humanoid ‘Drake’ robots are competing with other robotic teams from across the World to be in

Age of Machines- The Deka Prosthetic Arm

History was made May 9th 2014 when the US Federal Drug Administration approved the sale of the Deka Arm, a robotic prosthetic arm capable of ten distinct movements and controlled by electrical signals sent by an electromyogram connected to the muscles of the amputee. This device will change the lives of numerous amputees by transforming

Robotic Bob, The “Perfect” Security Guard and Office Assistant

Artificial Intelligence developers have created a robot that can assess moods and exploit the human senses. The robot was developed by scientists at the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham and is able to perform the duties of a security guard. Bob, the first robotic security guard in UK, is currently the

Lego Open Platform Lets Users Dream Up Their Own Playsets.

Denmark-based Lego Company has taken its inventiveness to the next level by releasing new playsets that came into effect on May 1. The old system was phased out by the close of business on April 30 and Lego hopes that the new strategy will bring good tidings. The new era began with a re-launch of