Webcam Sex Predators Exposed and Shamed by Computer-Generated Girl

  A children’s rights group in the Netherlands developed a computer-generated virtual “girl” dubbed “Sweetie” that on screen looks and moves like a real 10-year-old Filipino girl. 20,000 predators  tried to solicit the virtually created girl. The organization  turned over the names of 1,000 predators to law enforcement yesterday—most from the US, Britain, and India.     Sign

Can Humans Stop the Killer Robots?

When I first heard about “killer robots” I was pretty sure this was a hoax. But I quickly realized that this was serious  - and scary – stuff. As much as this seems like the beginning of an apocalyptic blockbuster, a quick Google search will reveal the truth. This is Real Life®. Get ready for the

Is there such a thing as cruelty to robots?

Do you believe in robot rights?  Well some people do, and they are quite passionate about it. In fact there is an entire organization devoted to this cause, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots (established in 1999), and its members believe that robots have rights equal to humans.  While it may

An update on ‘Kenji, the robot programmed to fall in love’

Nearly three years ago we published a story about Kenji: the ‘third generation humanoid robot.’ Kenji was an alarmingly unique robot –  he was capable of the robot equivalent of love. The article further stated that Kenji developed intense feelings for a young female intern at the lab, and had to be deactivated. Other web

‘Oculus Rift’ drone hack merges virtual reality with real world gaming experience

Oculus Rift can now be used to pilot an actual drone – just strap on the headset-based cockpit and go crazy. Only instead of virtual hurdles, you need to watch out for real world trees and buildings. Erik Torkel Danielsson, co-founder of Intuitive Aerial, was the first test flyer of the Oculus Rift drone contraption.

The real life Wall-E and the triumph of maker culture

  Pixar’s Wall-E is probably one of the more poignant commentaries on the evils of excessive consumption and on the dangers posed by mega corporations (somewhat ironic given that it was distributed by Disney, a $120 billion company). In the movie, earth’s population is evacuated after our planet becomes one big uninhabitable garbage dump. Only

The Real Life Terminator Arm By Kawasaki

Kawasaki Heavy Industries have made world’s first stainless steel robot. It’ gives pure resemblance to terminator T-800 arm from the movie ‘Terminator’, the machinery in the arm is capable of  producing 7 degree of freedom movements and its all dipped in stainless steel and has a shiny body. This one armed robot will be working

The Coolest Robot Ever Made – KURATAS

Whoa! the wait for a real time, Real Steel in real life is over. Now you can get your own 13 feet high fully functional super robot for just $1.35 Million. A Japanese company “Suidobashi Heavy Industry” has officially announced their amazing boardable mecha, the KURATAS. KURATAS is a 4,500 kilogram heavy robot which can scare

Future Robots That Will Change The Coming Wars

The time is not far when robots will replace human in battlefield. Brutal machines are being built so that they can last longer in fight and so that they can also sustain heavy fire. Recent war robots have been fitted with heavy firepower to destroy their enemies. As it seems now, robots seem to be

Killer Whale Submarine

Step your fantasies aside, now you can glide through the sea like the way you want! Thanks to this “Killer Whale” Submarine. Its basically a mini submarine in the disguise of a Killer whale. The cockpit is protected by the submarine’s watertight acrylic canopy. It is powered with a 255 horsepower supercharged engine that allows it