19-Year-Old Creates World Class Robotic Hand That Can Be Controlled With Your Mind

Can you imagine? All at a measly cost of $400 you could design and build your very own robot arm that you can control with your mind. This brilliant 19-year-old high school graduate was able to achieve that feat. While many of us may be thinking about how cheap and profitable the invention would be,

The Good Ol’ Days Of Pen Written Letters Are Back With A Modern Mix

Letters aren’t as lovely as they were before, as many of us would say. Now with the modern technology of computers, email, instant messaging and electronic greeting cards; hand writing letters are no longer a thing that most people look towards doing anymore. There are however a few of us that still cherish greetings done

This Robot Called Care-O-Bot Is Sure To Take Good Care Of Your Elders

Some elders may find it hard to get around the house doing everyday things that they used to do before. The British and European academics develop a robot, which can serve as helpful in homes and as a friend to elders that may be ill and alone, under a project called ACCOMPANY – Acceptable Robotics

52-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Robo-Cleaner In Her Home

If you haven’t noticed, many tech companies are now looking to invest in robotics, and have them placed in many homes across the world to make life easier. While some people have already accepted the thought of having a robot in their home and think of them as being user-friendly, there are others that are

5 Occupations Robots Could Slowly Replace Humans In This Year

As the mechanism of robot seems to be developing at rapid rates, many of us may find ourselves ask questioning what jobs they would now be able to replace humans in. Although this may be a very thought for us, even researchers have made two separate reports over the last two years that predicted that

Taking A Selfie Just Got Better With Lenovo’s New ‘Fiebot’ Robot

As the craze for taking a selfie never seems to fade, technology company Lenovo has invented a robot that was made solely for the purpose of taking selfies. The Fiebot is described as a four-legged tripod for mobile devices. The smartphone is placed at the top of the robot, which can turn to adjust to

Would You Get A Personal Robot To Walk Your Dog?

Personal robots are noted for being one of the most widely portrayed future technologies in science fiction movies. Many tech companies are currently aiming to bring the fiction into reality, this includes a Santa Monica-basedĀ firm called RoboDynamics, that has invented a human-sized android that is able to perform simple tasks such as serve drinks and

Scientists Create Robotic Stick Insect Named HECTOR

Recently, some scientists created a robotic stick insect that is able to walk up the stairs on its own and negotiate stony ground. After studying how the legs of stick insects move, the researchers at Bielefeld, in Germany, invented the robot that copied nature’s design. Its six robot legs are comprised of 18 highly-elastic joints

Robot Checks Into LAX For A Flight Heading To Germany

It’s nothing out of the ordinary when celebrities are crowded by fans snapping pictures as they board flights in Los Angeles. but the paps got excited about a different kind of passenger recently at the airport. A humanoid robot named Athena, became the first robot to have paid for a seat on a passenger plane

Check Out This Egg-Shaped Entertainment & Security System

Are you looking for a technology that will transform your home? Some designers have invented what is considered as the world’s first HomePod called Keecker features techs that can turn your wall into a TV screen and any room can be turned into a concert hall. The Keecker is built with a bright and smart