New Cellphone Store In Japan Will Be Staffed With Humanoid Robot ‘Pepper’

So far, Japanese humanoid robot, Pepper, has begun working in financial institutions, car companies, and in food and beverages firms. The latest addition to its list is cell phone retail stores. In an announcement, Softbank shared that they plan to open a pop-up mobile shop that is entirely staffed with four foot-tall robots. The company

This Quadropter Drone Will Follow You Around And Take Your Selfies For You

Who said the commercial guys are the only ones that could fly a drone in the air to capture photography. Now you can own a small one that can follow you around and take photos and videos of you autonomously. Lily, a quadropter drone, is a concept device that you throw into the air to

Drones Called Bibbidi Bobbidi Bots Being Developed To Help Elderly In The Future

From taking care of the laundry to maintaining the lawn, your household chores will one day all be taken care of by robots. As we get older, things that we saw as simple to complete becomes harder. Maintaining independence and proper care at the same time becomes hard to balance for many old folks. In

Life-Size Robot By Iran Runs, Play Football & Speaks Farsi

The intelligence of robots have just been pushed a level further thanks to the success of a robot being developed in Iran. Following an eight year development by researchers, the Surena is the third version of the team’s humanoid robot and it was unveiled earlier this week. Similar to Honda’s Asimo and Boston Dynamics’ Atlas

Smartphone Robot ‘Robohon’ Walks, Talks, Dances & Projects Movies On Walls

This new phone in Japan is simply described as a telephone that you would never guess is a telephone. The Robohon phone, made by Sharp, is a smartphone that is housed inside an anthropomorphic robot body. My guess is that this is the result when the country’s two favourite things, smartphones and robots, are combined. Basically,

Smartphone Controlled Vacuum Cleaner Will Hit Stores In October!

The last minute popping up of guests at your home is something that tends to put many of us in panic state as the house might not be clean enough to our liking to comfortably allow that. Worrying about this happening will soon be a thing of the past as researchers have come up with a

Engineering Student Designs Unicycle Drone That Will One Day Deliver Your Packages

Those days of missed delivery cards and having fleets of couriers ferrying our internet shopping to our homes will soon be put to an end. According to a designer, a new type of robotic vehicles will soon be taking our packages and parcels to our doors. The single self-balancing Transwheel drone uses robotic arms to

Cute Robot Companion ‘Buddy’ Expected To Be In Homes By 2016

By 2016, this family-friendly robot will be able to help you with remembering your plans for the day, be a home security when you’re away from home and even be a great playmate for your kids. This new droid called ‘Buddy’ is designed to connect, protect, and interact with the members of a household. Developed

Need An Affectionate Friend? This Awesome Humanoid Robot Is Perfect For You!

In Japan, a Tokyo-based company has introduced a cute and friendly robot that can assess humans emotions. The telecommunications company Softbank, which is partnered with Aldebaran Robotics, calls the robot Pepper and announced that it went on sale in Japan in February with a price tag of 198,000 yen. The machine has no legs, but has hands

New Artificially Intelligent Robot Can Be Your Friend & Help You Around The Home

A new robot that aims to help you around the home and be your friend was recently released costing only $99. The robot called Musio is Android powered and can even give you a comforting hug through a rough day. Like a human, the robot will create a bond with you, learning over time and become