The Top Five Mind-Blowing Robots Of 2014

The field of robotics has been improving at tremendous rates over these few years. Researchers have so far developed robots that are able to help out in fields such as medicine, engineering, space exploration, catering, and even assisting with tasks in homes. There are however a few that have really caught our attention because of

These Robotic Cheerleaders Perform Synchronize Dance Moves!

Weebles are considered some of the most basic toys now but when they first arrived on the market they were simply impressive to most people. They used a weight system based on the law of Physics which allowed them to wobble but never fall down.  To reignite the joy which Weebles brought to the hearts

Eight Tentacled Robot Creation Inspired By A Real Octopus

When an octopus needs to make an escape, it propels itself through the water at speeds topping 25mph (4okm/h). Inspired by those swift movements, researchers from Greece have created a robotic version of the eight tentacles creature. Decked with webbed arms and a streamlined head, the robotic octopus travels at half it’s 14 inch body

British Scientists Develops Robot That Can Load Dishwashers

At the British Science Festival that was held on the 10th of September, a new robot called ‘Boris’ with the ability to work out how to pick up unfamiliar objects in a human like fashion was unveiled. The robot, which is the first bot to master this ability, is a Birmingham University project that is

New High-Tech Cruise Ship Set To Travel The Seas In November

Vacations are simply the best times for you to spend time with your loved ones going on adventures and having fun. The Royal Caribbean International cruise line is set to raise the bar on luxury cruises with a new cruise line called the Quantum of the Seas, that is expected to start cruising November of

Powerful Robot Vacuum With Panoramic Lens – Dyson 360 Eye

After 16 years of research and £28 million of investment, British technology company Dyson has announced their first robotic vacuum cleaner. The Dyson 360 Eye is able to map its way around the house, moving on caterpillar tracks as it uses a panoramic camera lens on the top of the machine. After it is finished

NASA Develops Robots That Could Explore Other Planets

There are many robots being developed for helping out with duties in homes, restaurants and hotels. NASA has also created a robot that may be able to assist in the exploration of planets. The self-driving “swarmies” robots look like remote-controlled toy trucks and are much smaller than other NASA robots such as the Mars rover

Chinese Restaurants Cater To Customers With Robotic Staff

One of the most important amenities that must be provided at any restaurant is great customer service from friendly and attentive waiters. More and more, Chinese restaurants and hotels have been focusing on providing reliable waiting services  in their establishments and have began to replace their human staff with robots. A restaurant located in Jiangsu

World’s First Family Friendly Robot JIBO

Many modern families love the idea of being able to have an interactive robot companion in the home to help out with chores and the children etc. Social robotics pioneer from MIT, Dr. Cynthia Breazeal has designed that type of robot that is helpful, intelligent and family-friendly. The new robot called, JIBO, is said to

Flying Drone Yura Could Be Your Future Home Bartender

Can you imagine being able to come home from work and get that drink of coffee or cocktail you love delivered to you without having to do anything to prepare it? A student from the Ukraine, Herman Haydin, has design a concept for bartender robots that are able to make your hot/cold drink and deliver it