This Robot Chef Promises To Prepare Tasty Meals For You Daily In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Many of us wish to be able to come home to see a healthy plate of dinner already cooked and waiting for us. But, who said that wouldn’t be possible some day? British scientists have developed a robot chef that just does that. The robot which comes as a set of robotic arms is so

Need Muscle? Sword Fighting Robot Being Developed In Japan

A Japan-based lab named Manika Laboratory that specializes in robotics with high-speed manipulation and vision that can both move and react quicker than humans, has programmed a robot that is able to sword fight. It’s obvious that these developers haven’t seen the Terminator movie. They would have know that they are looking to be scared

Humanoid Called ‘iCub’ Is Like A 4-Year-Old Locked In A Robot’s Body

Although artificial intelligence  has been described by many people as a threat that could be ‘more dangerous than nukes’, the race to develop robots that can interact naturally with humans and mimic some of our unique characteristics, is hotter than ever now. One of these robots modelled a four-year-old child, has been developed with a

10 Cool LEGO Machines That Deserve An Award For Their Awesomeness

At first when the LEGO brand was established, it begun as a mere toy factory, producing simple sets of plastic bricks and parts to entertain children. Now, that has change to become very improved technologically, some LEGO kits are able to provide internet connectivity, powerful processors, Micro SD card slots, and Wi-Fi USB slots. Young

The World’s First Drone Rock Band “Flying Robot Rockstars” Performs Emblematic Songs

When you think of a compilation of robotics and music, what comes to mind? Walking musical instruments that can play themselves? A group of engineers at KMEL Robotics thought of an unusual band of musically talented flying drones that they collectively call the ‘Flying Robot Rockstars’. The record footage of the mash-up of creativity, programming expertise,

Guinness World Record Presents Two Title Awards To Robot Astronaut ‘Kirobo’

Recently, a robot that acts as a friend for lonely astronauts in space was honoured with two Guinness World Record titles. The small android named Kirobo is able to have conversations in Japanese and has set records for First Companion Robot in Space, and Highest altitude for a robot to have a conversation following an

Germany Tech Show Features Brilliant Palm-Sized & Self-Flying Drones

Recently, the greatest flying machine was displayed in Germany. There were drones that are so tiny that they can fit in the palm of your hand and others that are able to plot their terrain using 3D mapping. This year, manufacturers used the CeBIT Technology event to showcase their remote-controlled and autonomous quad and hexacopters

Make Your Breakfast More Interesting With This 3D Printer Called PancakeBot

Since recently many people have been following the trend of creating art with pancakes. Images varying from animals to even characters of the Walking Dead are just about what they’re doing. If you’ve already tried but failed miserably at making a proper looking image or didn’t have faith in your skills, this new robot called

Dubai Continues To Wow With Unusual Plan For Museum With Robots & Inventions

Based on the ingenuity of their latest architectural wonder, we can continue to say that Dubai is still treating their city plans like a stimulation game with the cheats turned on. The Museum of the Future, which is set to open in 2017, will serve as an interesting dual purpose structure catering for lab research

19-Year-Old Creates World Class Robotic Hand That Can Be Controlled With Your Mind

Can you imagine? All at a measly cost of $400 you could design and build your very own robot arm that you can control with your mind. This brilliant 19-year-old high school graduate was able to achieve that feat. While many of us may be thinking about how cheap and profitable the invention would be,