NASA: Top Inventions of Everyday Use

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was funded in the year 1958 with the purpose of exploring the world beyond our skies. However, thanks to their constant scientific exploration, NASA has ended up inventing things that have shaped the way we live our modern lives. Here we go through seven things that we use (or

Nintendo Will Be Bringing Back The Beloved Super Nintendo!

Nintendo will be taking us on a nostalgia trip once again! According to trustable reports, the japanese company will bring back a slicker version of the game changing console: the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Fans from all over the world are already preparing themselves to put their hands on it. Let’s see whats it’s all

A New Google Earth

Google Earth gets a new update that attempts to bring new live into the application. The new and improved version promises an easier to use interface, with new and exciting exploration methods. Furthermore, the interactive interface also provides tools to  explore the cultural aspects of different countries like never before!

The New York International Auto Show is Back

New York International Auto Show is where all roads are leading this week in New York City. Thousands of car enthusiasts from all around the world meet up at the event to take a closer look at the newest cars that the top car companies are offering. Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and Honda are only some

Microsoft Unveils Project Scorpio (Details)

Project Scorpio arrived to the console war to end all console wars. Nintendo just released the innovative Nintendo Switch console, Sony released an advanced version of their PS4 and Microsoft did the same with the Xbox One S. All of these consoles contain the capacity for 4k visuals. Now, in addition to this, Microsoft takes

Persona 5 Takes Over The Gaming Community!

Persona 5 has been a long awaited video game for a particular community of gamers. However, with its release it might be getting new fans as the game is proving to be a complete success. Critics are calling it a masterpiece and the perfect Japanese role playing game. Let’s see what the buzz is all

Final 5 Teams Chosen For The Google’s $30M Moon Race – Google Lunar XPrize

The final five teams for the $30 million competition to land and operate robotic spacecrafts on the surface of the moon have be chosen. The announcement was made yesterday by the XPrize Foundation. They shared that the Google Lunar XPrize competition by Google and led by the foundation will now have the contenders creating and

Twitter Officially Shuts Down Vine To Revamp It As ‘Vine Camera’

Today, the popular short-video sharing app owned by Twitter – Vine, will officially become Vine Camera. An announcement that Twitter made three months ago shared that they would pull the plug on Vine. They then made another announcement a couple weeks later to share that the service would instead be shifted to “Vine Camera”. This

Check Out The Drastic Changes Earth Has Experienced With Google’s Earth Timelapse

The results of one of Google’s many interesting projects has been revealed after coming into being three years ago. In 2013, a project called Timelapse was launched by Google. The Timelapse project utilizes Google Earth where it shows us how the Earth has changed in the last could of decades. Since recent, the search masters

The New Microsoft Surface Studio Is Every Artist’s Dream All-In-One PC

While Microsoft’s new Surface Studio might not be the first all-in-one computer ever made, but artists are surely going to love this one. This computer is good-looking with it’s awesome functions that include an adjustable monitor in which is said to offer a very unique function for the form factor.