Robot Surgeon ‘Da Vinci’ Practices Removing A Tumour Using A Grape

As technology continues to advance, the world of surgical operations is becoming less and less invasive. This latest hopes to make it less intrusive in the future. The da Vinci surgery system makes use of small robotic devices which surgeons can control to conduct a surgery. The interesting system’s capabilities was showcased and tested using

Sleeping With Your Snoring Partner Solved With Special EEG Headphone ‘Kokoon’

It can be a struggle to sleep when your partner is a snorer. This problem can however be easily solved with one simple gadget – special headphones. Though headphones are not normally built to sleep with, this new set called Kokoon comes as the world’s first sleep sensing headphones. Using technologies such as EEG sensors,

The US$77,000 Priced Operable Replica Of A Tron Bike Is One Hot Ride!

Recently, many fans of the movie TRON: Legacy who had plenty of cash to spend gathered at an auction to fight for a working replica of a Tron bike that is called Lightcycle. Though the bike was worth between US$25,000 and $40,000, the auctioners of the bike were able to take home double it’s estimated cost

Save Water, Save Money & Save The World With This New Water Usage Monitor Called Signify

Designer Anthony Weston has invented a smart bathroom sink mixer called Signify. At the moment, the device is in its working prototype stage and Weston is looking to get some support to get the project into fruition. If all goes as planned, the production of the Signify bathroom sink mixer will begin in the UK, using

The World’s First Smart Trash Bin ‘Bruno’ Doubles As A Vaccum

Based on what I know, the most terrible part of cleaning is the dust. When we dust the dirt particles become agitated and in effect makes us agitated as they get up into our nostrils. Sweeping can also be a bother, especially the part where we have to bend down and sweep the dust into

Microsoft’s New App ‘How-Old’ Determines Your Age Using Just A Photo

Celebrities spending lots of money to maintain their look is no secret. From placenta serums to plastic surgery, the fountain of youth definitely runs deep. It can be hard to tell someone’s age when they have on all the make-up on their face. This new app is however trying to get through all the cosmetics

Innovative Table ‘Photosynthesizes’ To Charge Your Devices While You Work Around It

Being able to work around our desks and be able to have our devices right by us as they charge is something that some of us struggle with everyday. Whether the electric socket is too far away or your device’s charger cable is too short, it is annoying when you would like to check for

Ditch The Grid For Tesla’s Recently Unveiled $3,500 Powerwall Home Battery!

It’s done, the world is now at the peak of technology advancement. Tesla’s long awaited home battery is finally on the market and ready for us to pre-order. After promising to soon unveil the company’s next product line, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk leaked to the world that the announcement would indeed be regarding the home

Check Out This Cool 3-Printed Violin From The Future!

Recently, some architects unveiled a 3D-printed instrument that looks exactly like it was taken as a souvenir after a visit to the future. At the 3D Print Design Show that was held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York from April 16 to April 17, MONAD Studio’s Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg took the

Chevrolet’s Closes In On The Future With Interesting Self-Driving Car Concept

Chevrolet’s latest innovation might look like something plucked straight from the future. Their vision of tomorrow’s self-driving electric vehicle called the Chevrolet-FNR boasts a futuristic capsule design among other interesting features. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drive this hot ride any time soon as the car is only a concept for now. You can