Youtube Looks To Unveil New Tool To Create 5-Second GIFs

The number one video-sharing website, Youtube, has invented a new tool that allows you to create five-second animated clips from uploaded videos. After the GIF is created, you can then give it a caption at the top and the bottom of the screen before you share it. In order to create a GIF on Youtube,

This Yacht Is Definitely The Best Party Vessel Ever Designed!

We’ve heard of parties being held on trains, cruise ships and even jets, but I can guarantee you that this yacht called the Nedship Xhibitonist Event Super Yacht would make your party the best of the best parties that were ever held. The yacht which was designed specially for hosting parties, is able to accommodate

This Is Officially The Coolest Bracelet That Was Ever Made!

In this time of technology, many firms are in a fierce competition to get consumers  hooked on wearable devices. Soon enough, there will be a bracelet that is able to turn your skin into a touchscreen using a tiny built-in projector. While wearing the Cicret bracelet you will be able to check an email or

Women Will Be Happy To Own This ‘Bionic Bra’

For most women, finding a perfectly-fitting bra that’s supportive, can be just as challenging as running a marathon. Some scientists have however create a solution to solve this problem found by women with a ‘bionic bra’ that automatically tightens in response to breast movement. This automation will therefore allow women to be more comfortable while

Mercedes Designs Self-Driving Car To Offer Relaxing Driving Experience

Many of us can recall a few years ago, discussing how in the future cars would be able to drive themselves around. Luxury car designers, Mercedes, have however came up with a new concept that could possibly bring that thought to the near future. The concept includes giving the occupants of the car a relaxing

Trees Can’t Grow Money, But Now It Can Surely Help You To Save It

Unfortunately, money still can’t grow on trees, but a team of French engineers have found a way to save us money spent on electricity with an artificial tree that is able to generate electricity using the wind. The founder of the Parisian start-up which will market the Wind Tree in 2015, Jérôme Michaud-Larivière said, “The idea

Imagine That! Pepper Lights & Smartphones Have Formed A Partnership

When it comes to decorating the tree, Christmas tree lights are one of the most important parts, but sometimes it can be a pain to set them up and get them to coordinate beautifully as it can become a struggle each year to untangle the wires. Advertising agency Aura has invented a wireless solution to

“The Death of Conversation” Due to Smartphones Through The Eyes of One Photographer

The over attachment of people to their smartphones isn’t much of a surprise in this day and age. But being quite guilty of this ourselves, we seldom notice its true effects as seen from an outsider’s point of view. This is precisely why Babycakes Romero, a London-based photographer, took on this project he calls “The

Watch Designed To Counter The Forces Of Gravity In Outer Space

Watch company, Swiss, unveiled a new limited-edition watch that is able to work in ‘outer space’. The new watch called HM6 Space Pirate, has a design which is based on a spaceship being piloted by the 1970s fictional character Captain Future. Although it boasts a unique and unusual design, watch and outer space enthusiasts might

Ace Your Next Digital Conference Interview

An interview for a job at a well-known and established company can be nerve-wracking, exciting, and terrifying all at once. The most important part about getting a new job is your first interview as it is the one chance you are given to make a good impression and get the employers to consider you as