Check Out This Cool 3-Printed Violin From The Future!

Recently, some architects unveiled a 3D-printed instrument that looks exactly like it was taken as a souvenir after a visit to the future. At the 3D Print Design Show that was held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York from April 16 to April 17, MONAD Studio’s Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg took the

Chevrolet’s Closes In On The Future With Interesting Self-Driving Car Concept

Chevrolet’s latest innovation might look like something plucked straight from the future. Their vision of tomorrow’s self-driving electric vehicle called the Chevrolet-FNR boasts a futuristic capsule design among other interesting features. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to drive this hot ride any time soon as the car is only a concept for now. You can

Using Your Smartphone While Cooking Or Cleaning Finally Got Easier

We all experience that time when we desperately need to interact with our smartphones but can’t because our hands are either full or messy. It’s even harder when you’re trying to follow through with a recipe that is on your handheld and you have to stop every now and again to wash and dry your hands to

What Emoji Defines Your Country? SwiftKey Conducts Study To Find Commonly Used Emoji For Each Language

Whether you are sending countless ‘poops’ or adding hearts to sentimental messages, the emoji icon that you use the most says a lot about you. Some experts have successfully been able to analyse more than one billion uses of tiny icons to see how they are used across different languages. Some of the findings that

New Battery That Is Cheap & Charges In Only One Minute, Sign Me UP!

Recently, a new aluminium-ion battery that is said to be able to charge in one minute was unveiled by researchers at Stanford University’s Precourt Institute for Energy. There are aims to one day develop the battery to be able to one day replace the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries that we use to power pretty much everything.

An iPhone & A Nintendo Game Boy Merged Into One Device With A Case

It is said that more than 600 million smartphone and tablet owners use their devices to play games. In that event, some developers from Los Angeles have designed a case that aims to turn your iPhone into a Nintendo Game Boy by adding the iconic directional arrows, and the A and B buttons. The attachment called

10 Cool LEGO Machines That Deserve An Award For Their Awesomeness

At first when the LEGO brand was established, it begun as a mere toy factory, producing simple sets of plastic bricks and parts to entertain children. Now, that has change to become very improved technologically, some LEGO kits are able to provide internet connectivity, powerful processors, Micro SD card slots, and Wi-Fi USB slots. Young

Google Purchases Dubai’s “The World” To Re-Shape It Into Their Logo

Early 2011, news broke that Dubai’s most notorious man-made islands, a.k.a ‘The World’, were slowly but surely beginning to sink into the sea. In a bizarre twist of events that had many people surprised and excited, an announcement shared that Google had purchased the troubled archipelago and will be rearranging it to form the shape

The World’s First Drone Rock Band “Flying Robot Rockstars” Performs Emblematic Songs

When you think of a compilation of robotics and music, what comes to mind? Walking musical instruments that can play themselves? A group of engineers at KMEL Robotics thought of an unusual band of musically talented flying drones that they collectively call the ‘Flying Robot Rockstars’. The record footage of the mash-up of creativity, programming expertise,

Put Chrome OS On Your TV With Google’s New $100 HMDI Stick!

Previously companies Amazon, Roku and Google released a ‘stick’ that aims to replace your cable box by providing online streaming to your TV by just plugging it in. This latest dinky dongle ‘TV upgrader’ comes again from Google and offers the power to transform your TV into a PC. The Chrome device can fit in