Do Your Laundry While Exercising With This Hamster Wheel Washer

Many people have embarked on taking interest in their health and fitness levels by exercising as health issues have begun increase at tremendous rates. This can however become hard for some of us to keep up with when there are many house chores to complete. Thanks to Si Hyeong Ryu, a product design graduate in the

Print Your Selfie Into Your Toast With This Novelty Toaster

Making smiley faces with your breakfast is a cool thing to do especially for kids because its fun and it presents a “happier meal”. If this is appealing to you then this new novelty toaster is just for you. A Canadian company called the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation is offering a novelty toaster that is

iPhone 6 Remains Indestructible Under “Extreme Tests”

It’s not everyday that you wake up to someone attempting to deliberately destroy a phone without reaping the rewards.  Many of us have destroyed gadgets with ease either accidentally or intentionally. However, some will testify that the Nokia 3310 is a different “breed” altogether with its resistance earning it the moniker “the invincible” but can

High-tech Pepper Spray Identifies Your Attacker To The Police

Most of us are aware of what a pepper spray does and to put it mildly it is an unpleasant experience for its victims. While a pepper spray was very much capable of fending off an attacker it simply wasn’t going to get anyone the justice they would otherwise receive should a law enforcement personnel

Dutch Teenager Invents Ocean Cleaning Device

A Dutch teenager claims he has invented a device that is capable of cleaning up 20 billion tonnes of plastic waste from the world’s oceans. 19 year old Boyan Slat conjured up the idea of a series of floating booms and processing platforms designed to collect floating plastic debris. The “Ocean clean up” concept is

Virtual Game Dog Park Let Players Simulate Being A Dog

Succeeding the Goat Simulator virtual game that gained favourable outcome earlier this year, a New York game designer Kevin Cancienne has created a similar game particularly for dog lovers. The game called Dog Park allows players to simulate being a virtual canine as they are able to chase things, play fetch, chew bones and dig holes

Real Time Virtual Make Over App Makes You Younger!

A new app called Beauty Mirror, developed for the iOS is claiming to have the ability to touch up photos and enhance images in real time. The application uses live 3D tracking to modify images in real time with customizable options such as eyebrow shaping, jaw contouring and brow lift. In short its a virtual

“Coolest” Cooler With Speaker, Blender, USB Charger & More

When going camping or on a picnic, it can be hectic to carry some of the things you will need to have a great time because some things are big and heavy, such as a cooler and a radio. An Oregon-based inventor, Ryan Greeper, has designed a new type of cooler that is able to

Tinkerer Creates Playable T-Shirt Tetris

Tetris is a game that has endured for decades defying the advancements in computer graphics and processor speeds to gain new players every year. This past June 6 marked the 30th anniversary of Tetris, and to celebrate the occasion game fanatic Marc Kerger applied his programming and hardware skills towards creating the ultimate tribute of

This Innovative Suit Will Keep Your Eyes Open, Blind Or Not

There have been a number of disputes over the years with regards to how sight deficient persons have been treated in the “disabled community”. It is believed that time and again, blind people or persons who have trouble with vision are being forced to take a back seat. Well, it may now be safe to