Panasonic Unveils The Real “Magic Mic” That Translates Three Different Languages

Giants of electronics, Panasonic, has unveiled a megaphone that has massive potential of overcoming communication barriers as a universal translator. The megaphone described as ‘magic’, can automatically translate what is being spoken into the microphone into three different languages and play them out through the speaker. The name of the loudspeaker, the ‘Megaphoneyaku’, was created

Japanese Developers Create World’s First Virtual Pop Star Set To Tour The US In 2016

If you’re one of those folks that believe that the future is not yet here, this should change your mind. 16-year-old pop star Hatsune Miku has huge blue eyes and turquoise pigtails that flow to her ankles, and I’m guessing that like me, you think this is a bit surreal. Well, that is because Hatsune

Make The Most Of The Sun Rays With The Sunhouse 360 That Rotates With It

This ultra-modern home may soon become the holiday villa of choice in Spain’s Costa del Sol as it spins 360 degrees to follow the sun’s rays. The solar-powered homes called Sunhouse 360, will be the first of their kind in Europe and are being developed in sunny Marbella which is a favourite destination for British tourists.

Youtuber Creates Real-Life Thor Hammer That Only He Can Lift

Thor’s hammer, the Mjolnir, features an awesome anti-theft power that will allow only the worthy to have access to it. This awesome hammer with the anti-theft feature was recreated by a fan. Due to the fact that he doesn’t have access to the magic of the Norse gods, he opted to accomplish the feature using electromagnets

Multi-Monitor Gaming For A Change

Have you ever thought of gaming with more than one monitor? There was once a time where only two monitors could be used at the same time when hooked up to one computer. This was done mainly for work purposes rather than gaming. Nowadays, multi-monitors can be used for gaming as graphics cards have been

7 Apps You Will Definitely Need To Download For Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, we all need to ensure that we have apps on our phones to turn to when we have run out of fun Halloween-ified options to resort to. Check out these 7 Halloween apps that are just waiting to save your day on Halloween when all else fails.  

Start Your Day With A Smile With The Smile Clock App

While it may be the last thing that you’d feel like doing when you get up in the morning, smiling after being buzzed awake by a ring is compulsory with this app. The Smile Clock, requires of you to grin at your smartphone’s camera in order to stop the clock from making noise. To determine

Stunning LED Panels Create Realistic Skylight Scenes In Rooms

Getting those calming views of a sky with a solid roof over your head has become as easy as hanging a picture with these amazing faux skylights by Simar Design. Whether it is day or night, you can enjoy the look of the sky with the beautiful panels in any room. The panels are able

California Firm Creates Board That Offers The Same Hovering Feeling As A Hoverboard

This latest attempt of hoverboard devices comes from the California-based firm Hoverboard Technologies. While the gadget doesn’t technically ‘hover’, its design with a central wheel that acts like a Segway-style gyroscope to maintain balance and control direction, presents a feeling of floating above ground. The owner of Hoverboard Technologies, Robert Bigler, shares that the Hoverboard

Wash Two Loads Of Laundry At Once With Haier’s New Double Drum Washing Machine

At the IFA Tech Conference that was held in Berlin, a new washing machine with two drums stacked on top of each other was unveiled. Makers of the machine, Haier, says that it will perfectly suit families that tend to have laundry stacked high on a frequent basis. As shared by Haier, the average family completes around