Teen Creates Smart Gun That Is Destined To Positively Change The World Forever

Unlike the other generations, today’s teens have to be more aware and careful when they do everything. Similarly to adults, kids are in constant fear of threats and stresses of cyberbullies, and mass shootings, and their homework or that basketball game coming up against the school’s rivaling team is the least of their problems. One

This Smart Stroller Is Like A Car Itself With Its Tons Of Technological Features

A smart stroller by the tech world has finally surfaced. While there might be one in the making by German automakers, Volkswagen, as suggested on Facebook, the Smartbe is being campaigned on Indiegogo. The innovative stroller comes packed with many features to satisfy our digital desires. This includes a self-propelled mode, electronic climatized control system,

London Will Soon Have Driverless Taxis To Carry Around People In The City

In July 2016, London will be testing its first fully driverless cars on roads. The project is being fueled by an £8 million investment. The first seven (7) will be tested on the streets of Greenwich, south London. Though the routes have yet to be specified, it will most likely circulate in residential areas, in addition

Three Moms Create ‘Uber For Kids’ Service Called HopSkipDrive

Not worrying about finding a trustworthy person to take your kids to school is something no busy parent can do. Out of the many parents that struggle with this, three moms were the only ones to come up with a great solution, an ‘Uber for kids’. Parents are able to book rides through an app

The Tech Version Of Baby Bottles Has Been Unveiled!

Introducing the world’s most advanced baby bottle. In a pre-order campaign that was launched on Indiegogo earlier this month, an innovative bottle called proacmOm was unveiled by InvnSun Technologies. The bottle says to make feeding children much easier and convenient for parents, and offers safety for the child. It especially targets busy moms that are

Smart Sport Bra ‘OMBra’ Is The Ultimate Fitness Tracker For Women

These days fitness trackers come in all sorts of forms. The ultimate one for women was revealed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The smart sports bra called OMBra is by a smart clothing company that is known for making web-connected workout shirts, OM. They share that the bra is a concept that has been

Experience Soothing Massages While Travelling With This Special Jacket Called AiraWear

For the most part, you can only get a massage in a stationary position. You would have to lie down on a spa bed or sit in a massage chair. What if you could get your massage while you are on your way to work, in your office, or in an airplane? A jacket called

This Quadropter Drone Will Follow You Around And Take Your Selfies For You

Who said the commercial guys are the only ones that could fly a drone in the air to capture photography. Now you can own a small one that can follow you around and take photos and videos of you autonomously. Lily, a quadropter drone, is a concept device that you throw into the air to

Kodak Revamps Their 1965 Super 8 Camera With Digital Features

Film company, Kodak, has a master plan of looking back in the past to move forward in the world of photography. Their retro Super 8 camera will be revamped as a film product with digital features, as they have shared in an announcement. The firm has been producing the film for 50 years, and their

Grandmother Is Over-Amazed As She Experiences Virtual Reality With A VR Headset

In addition to seeing their own family grow up right before their eyes, from siblings to grandchildren, the grandparents of today have lived to see a lot by this time. This ranges from several wars, raving presidential leaderships, and the countless number of fashion trends. Although they have witnessed a change in pretty much everything,