This Reusable Notebook Can Erase Your Written Text By Being Microwaved

Although the evolution of technology has already allowed us to reach a point where we can write and create art using ink-less pen on a touch screen, there are many of us who could never abandon the feeling of using the regular pen and paper. With this thought in mind, developers at a company called

6 Crazy-Cool Creations That You Can Make Using 3D Printing Technology

Being able to print 3-dimensional objects with a 3D printer is definitely not for show as many people all around the world are using the technology to create all sorts of objects. One of the cool advantages that comes with 3D printing is that you can simply print a broken part of a machinery and

Make Your Breakfast More Interesting With This 3D Printer Called PancakeBot

Since recently many people have been following the trend of creating art with pancakes. Images varying from animals to even characters of the Walking Dead are just about what they’re doing. If you’ve already tried but failed miserably at making a proper looking image or didn’t have faith in your skills, this new robot called

Microsoft Reveals Plans To Pull The Plug On Web Browser ‘Internet Explorer’

A recent report by DailyMail shares that Microsoft is planning to drop their Internet Explorer brand. Back in December, the move was rumoured, but now the Redmond-based tech giant has said that it will use a new name for its forthcoming browser, which is currently code named Project Spartan. Claims state that the new browser

Energy-Generating Tire Concept BH03 Released By Goodyear

People who have electric powered cars would definitely love this new invention by Goodyear. Many drivers of electric cars have fears as some of the vehicles that have heavy batteries with limited capacity remain slow to charge. At the 2015 Geneva International Auto Show, Goodyear unveiled its concept for a heat-gathering, electricity-generating tire that is

Koenigsegg Wipes All Other Hybrid Supercar Makers Off Map With The Fastest Ever ‘Regera’

Gasoline-dependent supercars are now being put to shame by a growing number of hybrid counterparts. This recently unveiled Koenigsegg Regera that was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, might just be the game-changer that will have Porche, Bugatti and Ferrari scrambling around in their offices. The 1,500 horsepower supercar is able to blast through from

Microsoft Releases Another Video Sequel Of Their Productivity Future Vision Project

In another Productivity Future Vision video, tech giant Microsoft has yet again treated us to their vision of the future. By the integrated use of a flexible touch-screened device that seems to link up seamlessly, the video focuses on how technology will further assist us in productivity with regards to our social and work lives. Similar

Kenyan Student Invents Clever Machine That Converts Poop Into Clean, Safe Cooking Fuel

In early January 2013, Kenya’s oldest English-language school, the Maseno School, reopened with new dormitories but had a couple of problems. Several of these problems include pit latrines and a faulty sewage system which inevitably left foul odors and polluted local freshwater sources. The kitchen also began using firewood for cooking fuel which is unhealthy

Air Jordans Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Awesome Michael Jordan Basketball Stimulator

This stimulator is the best gift any basketball lover could ever receive. The new stimulator called Last Shot is a Michael Jordan Basketball Simulator that offers players and immersive experience that is incomparable to any experience that they would have ever underwent before. The entire immersive experience comes from a collaboration among Stardust, AKQA, and the Jordan

Thought 4G Was Fast? 5G Could Download 30 Movies In A Second

It’s funny when we look back at the days when we used to have to wait for films to download, web pages to load, and how we would have to wait to go to a stationed phone to have a conversation with somebody over a telephone. Many of us would wonder how we ever coped.