Researchers Say That Playing Video Games Could Increase Brain Function

  New scientific research has revealed a correlation between the amounts of time spent playing video games and thickness involving certain areas of the brain. The result which has been published in the PLUS ONE supports the theory that cognition can improve through video game activity. The first video game was developed in the late 1940s with

The New Navy Railgun Can Hit A Target Up To 100 Miles Away!

Technology continues to evolve in an ever changing world. Its use has seen breakthroughs in medicine, communication and education among other areas. One sector that has been capitalizing on the technological era is the national defense unit of many nations. The United States of America and its defense force are no different and talks of

The Story Of The First Ever Presidential E-mail

The Toshiba Laptop used by then President Bill Clinton to send the first Presidential e-mail has been subjected to hundreds of bids most notably the recent amount that has  surpassed the US$50,000.00 barrier. The Toshiba laptop that sent the first presidential e-mail. It was owned by White House Physician Commander Robert G. Darling As you

Amazing Biologically Inspired Aircraft Designs by Al Brady

If or when you watch the movie ‘Is This Heaven‘ directed by Bastiaan Koch, you will be blown away by the amazing out-of-this-world aircraft designs in it conceptualized by Al Brady.  Most sci-fi movies present all possible machine designs that we may or may never see in the future, but the art and creativity put

New Satellite Capable Of Spying With Amazing Detail – Including The Food You Eat!

The company popular for its partnership with Google in producing images that can be seen on both Google Maps and Google Earth has unveiled its new telescope. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the Worldview-3 The Satellite is the third edition developed by the Ball Aerospace company and will be able to view images

Bill Gates Funds Pee Powered Hearts

With the world’s depleting resources one must find ways to be ingenious with what we do have. Even if all we have is, well, human waste. So now some researchers working at the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol have invented a pee-powered robot “heart”. The pee-powered heart is actually

The Nuclear Proof Doomsday Mansion

There’s this 4,200 sq. ft. mansion located in Yellow Jacket, a deserted town in Colorado, U.S. This house is claimed to be disaster proof. The building is constructed of reinforced concrete and joinery is done with thick steel. This makes it highly stable – in fact it has been declared ‘nuclear rated’ by its online listing on

China’s Futuristic Airport Terminal

China’s plans for the present century are much bigger than we thought. Apart from world’s fastest supercomputer or the longest trans oceanic bridges and even mass production of gadgets at an incredible speed, the architectural advancements are also noticeable. Shenzhen’s Bao-an International Airport of China is now welcoming this contemporary terminal. The new Terminal was designed by Italy’s Studio

Scientists Reinvent Candy By Eliminating Cavity Causing Bacteria

Everyone know eating candy will make you gain weight, catch diabetes 2 or putrefy your teeth. Well a group of scientists have come up with an ideal solution for the candy dilemma. These wonderland conquerors belong to Berlin, they work for a biotech lab called ORGANOBALANCE. These megaminds have actually created candy that won’t give you cavities.

Massive Playable Rubik Cube Building

They say art can change the world, seems true to me. Walking on a street with those sober buildings around you, you don’t expect a building in the form of a Rubik’s Cube, yes a giant Rubik’s cube. Such a building will definitely add some level of excitement to your experience. Well such a building