Virtual Drum Kit Solves Every Drummer’s Load & Noise Trouble

Many drummers can tell you, it’s not easy being a drummer. For one, having to deal with neighbours about the noise produced and having to hire a van to carry the lugging kit around makes you have to wonder if it was better that you chose to learn the guitar or piano that still might

Microsoft’s HoloLens Is All Augmented Reality For Everything

If you may not notice, a halt has been placed to the production of the Google Class as they say that the world may not be ready for augmented reality. Due to the vast capabilities of the Oculus Rift of the same technology, people are more to gravitate towards it as a small assessment states that its

Music App Smuush Creatively Choreographs Vine Clips

Vine is rapidly becoming a platform for promoting new bands and songs. Music App developer Smule is looking to capitalize on its features by transforming Vine videos into crowd sourced events. The company revealed the name of a new app called Smush and declared that it is a “new way of visualizing the world connecting through

Let This Music Controller Called BeoSound Moment Be Your DJ

Have you ever wonder what it felt like to have all your music in one place? This slick looking music controller called BeoSound Moment is dedicated to providing you will that sort of luxury as it consolidates all of your music in one place. The technology Bang & Olufsen offers access not only to music on

This Is What An Official Commandos’ ‘Stealth’ Bike Would Look Like

The US military is looking to form an elite group of special forces that are able to sneak up on enemies using stealthy motorcycles that they call ‘Silent Hawk’, a hybrid engine dirt bike made for reconnaissance missions. The idea behind the silent bike is that it would operate on gasoline, diesel or jet fuel when

Transform Your Grueling Wheelchair Into A Powered Tricycle

People that have been in a wheelchair before would know that getting around in it is far from being an effortless task. Developers from Rio Mobility are however hoping to change that with an attachable that they have created called the Firefly. The accessory aims to provide an easier alternative for people in wheelchairs to get

Hands Occupied? Now, You Can Play Games Using Your Feet!

Most game players will tell you that if you sit down to play games using a game controller for a long time you will eventually develop pains in your hands. This new invention will allow you to switch to using your feet. The cool new device called the 3DRudder, created by a pair of French designers,

Bill Gates Shocks The Internet By Sipping Water Supplied By Sewage Plant

Getting people to buy water created from human waste sounds like a tough sell, but when billionaires like Bill Gates has backed the project and even drunk from the water plant, it doesn’t sound that bad after all, does it? The Microsoft founder has agreed to back a Seattle firm’s radical, high-tech machine that uses a

The Future Holding Efficient & Quiet Refrigerators Approaches Us!

The refrigerator is known to be one of the most power-hungry appliances in a home as it is terribly inefficient. What would you do if you found out that a company called Phononic is in the midst of inventing a solid-state refrigerator that is more greener, reliable and even quieter to replace your classic refrigerator? Owing

Finger Reader That Offers The Blind The Ability To Read

At MIT’s Media lab, scientists and researchers have been developing a device that will be able to give the visually impaired the ability to read magazines, textbooks and even restaurant menus again by wearing the device on their index finger. The device called the Finger Reader is 3D printed as a prototype and features a