Thought 4G Was Fast? 5G Could Download 30 Movies In A Second

It’s funny when we look back at the days when we used to have to wait for films to download, web pages to load, and how we would have to wait to go to a stationed phone to have a conversation with somebody over a telephone. Many of us would wonder how we ever coped.

‘Bite Me’ Is No Longer An Idiom As You Can Now Make A Gummy Of Yourself!

Gummy candies are no longer limited to bears and worms. This store in Shibuya, Tokyo presents its customers with the chance to create 3D-printed gummy versions of themselves. The store called FabCafe uses a 3D body scanner to create the colourful treats for a Japanese follow-up to Valentines Day called White Day. The coffee shop

Whether Snow, Mud Or Sand, There’s No Type Of Terrain That This Wheelchair Can’t Withstand

People who are bound to wheelchairs will know that getting around during the winter season can be very much difficult, especially if there is an excessive amount of snowfall. Due to this hassle that they endure to do their regular moving around outdoors routine, they find themselves confined to their homes. This problem does not

Nissan Invents Glow-In-The-Dark Version Of Car Called Leaf

What do you think about a car that is able to glow-in-the-dark? Nissan is looking to help you out with that thought with their newest auto called the Leaf which is an electric vehicle that glows-in-the-dark. The Japanese auto maker says that the unique effect of the vehicle is achieved as a special glow-in-the-dark paint

The Most Unique Choir In The World Consists Of Android Devices

This has got to be the most unusual choir that has ever hit a stage to sing. Another unusual fact about this choir is that it is comprised of just phones. The gadget choir by Google, is called the ‘Android Chorus’ and features 300 phones and tablets dancing and singing together. The idea was devised

Why Go Cars With Uber When You Can Now Go Helicopters With Gotham?

It can be hard to perfectly plan the time you should drive out of your home to try to catch a flight, simply because of obstructions like traffic. There is a company that has however invented a solution for this by offering services for travelling by a helicopter. The on-demand service by Gotham Air effectively works like

Charging Any Device While On-The-Go Is Officially Invincible!

We all become worrisome whenever we are on-the-go on long hour flights and travelling, and our laptops and phones might shut down on us because their battery life is low. A very good solution is however in sight. Recently, a backpack that claims to be able to charge your phone and your laptop was unveiled.

100% Cotton White T-Shirt Defies Water, Dirt and Stains

Many of us fear wearing white because of its easy prone to becoming dirty or stained. This problem is however being solved as a Melbourne-based company called Threadsmiths has created a white t-shirt that is hydrophobic. The clothing called Cavalier is said to be water-repellent, dirt-repellent, and stain-resistant. In an experimental video, hot sauce, water and

Chinese Firm Builds The World’s Tallest 3D Printed Building

After taking nearly 12 years and a US$2.3 million investment to manufacture, a Chinese engineering and design firm, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, has unveiled the world’s tallest 3D printed building. The five-storey residential apartment block made from recycled construction material was constructed using the company’s custom built 3D printer that measures 6.6 metres tall, 10

Creative Collaboration and Music Through Video Conferencing

Creative collaboration has heightened the success of many musical scores. In fact, Web Dam reports that creative collaboration has become more important, allowing composers, musicians, singers, and even test audiences to participate in stages of the song process more than ever before. Video conferencing has had a role to play in this development, particularly as the