California Firm Creates Board That Offers The Same Hovering Feeling As A Hoverboard

This latest attempt of hoverboard devices comes from the California-based firm Hoverboard Technologies. While the gadget doesn’t technically ‘hover’, its design with a central wheel that acts like a Segway-style gyroscope to maintain balance and control direction, presents a feeling of floating above ground. The owner of Hoverboard Technologies, Robert Bigler, shares that the Hoverboard

Wash Two Loads Of Laundry At Once With Haier’s New Double Drum Washing Machine

At the IFA Tech Conference that was held in Berlin, a new washing machine with two drums stacked on top of each other was unveiled. Makers of the machine, Haier, says that it will perfectly suit families that tend to have laundry stacked high on a frequent basis. As shared by Haier, the average family completes around

Virtual Bodyguards Now Being Provided With This New App Called ‘Companion’

Have you ever felt unsafe when you are in an environment that you are new to or you’re probably walking home late at night, and you are worried to take out your phone to call a loved one because you fear being a target for thieves? There is a new app that will automatically sense when

5 Great Apps For Those Of Us Who Can’t Take A Minute From Instagram

One of the most popular social media apps that has won the hearts of many smartphone addicts. Whether you’re an ordinary person or a celebrity, spending hours each day just refreshing your Instagram feed is something that we do as Instagram lovers. While Instagram offers a few photo editing features, most of us would want

Lexus Unveils Their Sophisticated Prototype Hoverboard In Action

Based on a video that was released by the company, we can officially say that an hoverboard has been made. Toyoata’s luxury car brand, Lexus, hasn’t yet provided us with any details of the device, but their video that shows they are on the verge of releasing the one of the first operational hoverboards. It is

Impressive £20 Plug Cover For Charging Anything… Even USB Devices!

A company in the UK has made a solution for not having enough sockets in the house to charge your gadgets. Global sourcing company called Group Gear is now selling plug covers that features two UK 3 pin sockets and two USB ports with a price tag of £20. The plate is able to fit any

Engineering Student Designs Unicycle Drone That Will One Day Deliver Your Packages

Those days of missed delivery cards and having fleets of couriers ferrying our internet shopping to our homes will soon be put to an end. According to a designer, a new type of robotic vehicles will soon be taking our packages and parcels to our doors. The single self-balancing Transwheel drone uses robotic arms to

Consult Your Pet’s Vet From Home With This Start-Up Telemedicine Service

The hassle to take your pet to the vet where there will be other pets that might want to attack them, is something that many pet owners have to experience on their visit to the veterinary surgery. The trouble to always have to make the visits can now be spared as a new online service

Roads That Charge Electric Cars As They Drive Being Tested In The UK

Imagine not having to pull over or wait until you reach the nearest station to get to fuel your car. A highway in the UK is planning to implement this soon for drivers of electric vehicles. The road called Highways England will have special electromagnetic field generating equipment that will be buried underneath the path

Tesla’s Innovative Car Charger Prototype Is Like A Metal Snake On The Prowl

It was announced in December of last year that an innovative car charger was being created, by the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk. In a tweet he said, “[it] automatically moves out from the wall and connects like a solid metal snake. For realz.” Recently, the prototype of the charger was revealed and while in