Believe it! Printable Solar Panels Are Coming

IMAGE Credit: CSIRO / VICOSC The things which people were considering impossible will not remain impossible like printable solar panels. Because the scientists of National Science Agency of Australia (CSIRO) collaboration with two other universities (Melbourne and Monash) of Australia claims that they are almost going to introduce printable solar panels and they are one

New High-Tech Cruise Ship Set To Travel The Seas In November

Vacations are simply the best times for you to spend time with your loved ones going on adventures and having fun. The Royal Caribbean International cruise line is set to raise the bar on luxury cruises with a new cruise line called the Quantum of the Seas, that is expected to start cruising November of

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Details about Pricing, Sizes, Resolution and Camera, Battery Life, Weight with Pictures

Image Credit: MASHABLE/BOB AL-GREENE Tuesday (September 9) is the day when Apple’s new launch event held. According to the reports, the preorders of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be starting from September 12. This is the same day when retails will also be able to do the same. And sale will be starting

Transparent Solar Panel to Capture Solar Energy

 Image Credit: Yimu Zhao Solar Panels are very important for today’s world where world is suffering from pollution due to massive use of non-renewable fuels. Sun’s energy is cost free and pollution free that’s why solar panels have great importance. And in this field of solar panels improvement is going ahead continuously. Now the good news

Malloy Aeronautics Hoverbike: World’s First flying Motorcycle to do the Job of a Helicopter

For conventional helicopter such Robinson R22; it is very difficult to reach to operational areas like survey and cattle mustering. And it is also very difficult to place these types of helicopters in complex areas. That is why Hoverbike has combined the concept of motorbike and helicopter to make the flying motorcycle. It flies like

Powerful Robot Vacuum With Panoramic Lens – Dyson 360 Eye

After 16 years of research and £28 million of investment, British technology company Dyson has announced their first robotic vacuum cleaner. The Dyson 360 Eye is able to map its way around the house, moving on caterpillar tracks as it uses a panoramic camera lens on the top of the machine. After it is finished

US$10 USB ‘Condom’ Prevents Hackers from Distributing Viruses

Millions of people around the world come in direct contact with technology on a daily basis and as such they are vulnerable to the ills of its usage. The vigilantes of  Computer Security have spent restless hours trying to gather data from organizations and individuals alike while simultaneously distributing viruses among other malicious programs to

Environment Friendly Solar Powered Grill

Barbecue is very amazing and old method of cooking food when the people collaborate to enjoy the day outdoors. Barbecue and grilling are very close but yet different method of cooking with almost same apparatus. Grilling is generally done “hot and fast” over direct heat from low-smoke fuels on the other hand barbecuing is usually

Skully Helmet: A Complete Package of Life Safety for Bikers

  Road safety is one of the most important issues in today’s advance world. One moment of unconsciousness could advance anyone to death. For bikers Dr. Marcus Weller comes with a solution with his most high-tech and safety-focused helmet which is actually more than an ordinary helmet. He is founder and CEO of Skully AR-1

Ferrari’s Designer is going to create luxury Japanese Cruise Train

Do you know who was behind the Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari P4/5 designs? The answer is Ken Okuyama, who is now going to create luxury hotel like Cruise Train for Japan. It will be under the care of Japanese Railway Company JR East who has created last year seven Stars Cruise Train which got great