Skully Helmet: A Complete Package of Life Safety for Bikers

  Road safety is one of the most important issues in today’s advance world. One moment of unconsciousness could advance anyone to death. For bikers Dr. Marcus Weller comes with a solution with his most high-tech and safety-focused helmet which is actually more than an ordinary helmet. He is founder and CEO of Skully AR-1

Ferrari’s Designer is going to create luxury Japanese Cruise Train

Do you know who was behind the Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari P4/5 designs? The answer is Ken Okuyama, who is now going to create luxury hotel like Cruise Train for Japan. It will be under the care of Japanese Railway Company JR East who has created last year seven Stars Cruise Train which got great

Jet Offers 360-Degree Panoramic Views With Giant Panel Screens

When travelling by plane it can get quite boring, especially if the flight will last for many hours and your music player has battery that can last for only 2-3 hours. A French company called Technicon Design has came up with a great way to make travelling by plane more interesting by replacing windows with

12 Year Old Cancer Patient Receives First Ever 3D Printed Vertebra

When 3-D printers were first announced most of us thought of all the “cool” things we could do with it. Now, it turns out it is more than just an item of novelty as it made it first big contribution to medicine. China Central Television reported that a “Beijing hospital has carried out the the world’s

This Nail Polish Could Help Prevent Date Rape!

California-based Start-up company, Undercover Colors, has declared itself as the world’s first fashion company that is focused on preventing sexual assault and is developing a brand of nail polish that could detect date rape drugs. The method requires the wearer to simply dip one nail causally into the drink and wait to see if it

Go Camping On Land Or Water With This Amphibious Trailer

Adventure lovers are people who enjoy nature, sitting around bonfires, sleeping in tents, going fishing and watching the sunset in the evening hours. If you are an adventurer, you’ll love this trailer that allows you to camp out on land and even water. The new innovation called the Sealander, is an excellent combination of a

This Armband Is Ready To Replace Your Touch Pad!

The world of technology continues to evolve and at a rapid rate. Some will tell you that the world is waiting for something new that everyone can use comfortably. The likes of laptops, smartphones, tablets and more recently phablets have begun to saturate the market. So, what’s next you ask? The smart-watches have been trying

Robotic Clam Could Anchor Submarines!

“RoboClam” could be used to connect undersea cables and potentially destroy mines, according to its inventors. The device imitates  the digging action used by razor clams to turn standard soil into quicksand which helps them to slide through. A prototype has been described in the the journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics by engineers at the prestigious

Programmer Creates System That Allows His Pets To Play Street Fighter

As humans we tend to want companions, for some of us a friend similar to ourselves will suffice, but for others having a pet is also a must. In one of the most bizarre match-ups to ever grace the Earth, two fishes owned by a young Canadian go at it in the classic arcade game

Do Your Laundry While Exercising With This Hamster Wheel Washer

Many people have embarked on taking interest in their health and fitness levels by exercising as health issues have begun increase at tremendous rates. This can however become hard for some of us to keep up with when there are many house chores to complete. Thanks to Si Hyeong Ryu, a product design graduate in the