The Post-Laundry Folding Robot Called ‘Foldimate’ Completes Your Laundry Appliance Set

Moms always tend to question why folding clothes after the laundry is done is always so hard to get done by teens. Up to this day, I still hate folding clothes post-laundry, so here’s the answer you’ve always wanted mom… It is too tedious! Like a good son, I’ll not just present my problem, but

‘Project Ara’ – Google’s Fully Customizable Smartphone That Will Definitely Change The Game

A few years ago, a concept was revealed proposing a fully customizable smartphone that involved phone blocks. The idea had died down after there was nothing more seen about it for awhile, it was actually bought by Google and has secretly been on the drawing board for the past few years. In videos and a

This Driver Filmed Sleeping In His Car As It Moved Along On Autopilot Rings In The Start Of Our Futuristic Days

The beginning of our futuristic days with technology has already begun and only some of us will realize this because we keep a tab on what inventions are being released. From robots that now take over jobs that previously required the hands of a human, to drones now allowing every walking man on Earth to

This Elevated Bus Approach By Chinese Engineers Is The Next Big Thing For Public Transportation

If there was a competition that surrounds finding the next big thing in the transportation industry, I am pretty sure that this bus by Chinese engineers would give its competitors a reason to be biting their nails. The most interesting concept of the bus is that it drives over-top traffic. According to the developers, we

3D Ice Cream Created By Three Students From MIT

3D printing has already taken all sorts of forms. Clothes, devices, and even food. One of the most worldwide favored foods, ice cream, was made 3D. Three MIT students named Kristine Bunker, Kyle Hounsell and David Donghyun Kim, have created a printer that uses the principals of a fused deposition model to make ice cream. The

This Little Robot Called ‘Root’ Teaches Kids To Code

The educational system has not been keeping up with the rapid changes in society and technology, but this might begin to change in due time as a powerful robot called Root has just been released to teach kids how to code. The design of the Root is created specifically to inspire the imaginations of children in

Problems Of A Community Struggling With Water, Electricity & Education Solved With This One Solar Unit

The one main thing that tends to hinder the performance of a developing country is the lack of complex infrastructure needed to supply electricity and clean water. A firm recently launched a project on Indiegogo that involves creating a giant solar unit that is designed to provide electricity, clean water, and even internet connectivity to large

Turn Your Smartphone & Tablet Into A Functional Laptop With This Dummy Terminal

This device was billed as the “world’s most affordable laptop” by its creators, and you’ll see why. The NexDock is shaped like a laptop and have similar simple features such as keyboard like typical laptops but it is actually more like a dummy terminal. What do I mean by that? You can have your smartphone,

Check The New ‘HP Spectre’ That Out-Slims Every Other Laptop Ever Made

There is something about the appearance of gadgets that have a very slim structure. They give off this sort of classiness and expensive look that would have many of us just making “slim-built” a requirement when we are going about purchasing a new gadget. When it comes on to laptops, we wouldn’t mind going with

Keyring Breathalysers To Be Incorporated With Cars To Stop Drunk Driving

Thousands of deaths worldwide every year are from road crashes caused by drink driving. Thanks to technology built into cars these days, it may be impossible to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. A keyring breathalyser is being developed by Honda and Hitachi to prevent cars from starting if the driver is over the limit.