Tokyo-Based Company Unveils Bat-Signal System Of The Future

When troubled aroused in Gotham City in Batman cartoons and movies, a bright beam of light that is shaped like a bat that is always shone into the sky to alert the caped crusader. According to a company called  Burton, that technology could soon become a reality. On the 2oth of October,  a science museum

World First Smart Suitcase With Built-In Technologies & App

When most of us are packing to go on vacation we tend to cram even things that we know would serve no purpose on the trip. It is at that moment when we arrive at the airport and have to put our luggages on the scale that we say to ourselves, maybe I shouldn’t have

10 Fun Apps That Will Make You An Einstein

The advent of smartphones and tablets has seen apps grow wildly popular over the years. So, what apps do you download? We’re guessing many different kinds. How about those that stimulate your brain? Here are 10 fun educational apps that will make even Einstein jealous.   1. NYTimes Crosswords The NYTimes Crosswords app is the

New Smart Pan Designed To Help An Amateur With Cooking

Some of us may have the worst experience when it comes on to cooking up a meal. If you know that you are one of these people, this revolutionary smart pan might be one of the best things that you could even get as a gift for Christmas. The new invention called the SmartyPan is

Cute Sensor Screams When Your Personal Belongings Are Moved

If you are a person that has siblings that will always go into your room and take out things without permission or have small children that you want to keep away from dangerous stuff, this new unveiled device will surely make your day. Designer Tom Evans has created a gadget that can be positioned anywhere

Skysaver -it will turn you into a spiderman

Skysaver that will turn you  into a spiderman. Look at this amazing invention

It’s Complete! World’s First 3D Printed Car Up & Running

It was officially revealed that the world’s first 3D printed car has been completed, and that in what we would definitely consider as a record time. The ingenious company behind the project is motor vehicle manufacturing company Local Motors. Their dedication to the 3D printing industry has not only inspired other companies worldwide to engage

3D Printed WikiHouse You Can Build Yourself!

A modern take on a traditional prefab home may be the answer to much of the world’s housing crisis. The advent of a downloadable home via the internet that a novice can construct is certainly worthy of notice.  The first prototype of the WikiHouse 4.0 which can be built for less than US$100,000 will be

8 Awesome Tricks & Tips Featured In Apple’s iOS 8

Apple subscribers will want to get the most out of the recently announced Apple iOS 8 with its new features. Many of the biggest changes highlighted are subtle, but there are also cool features that are hidden in the OS. Check out these 8 cool tips and tricks that are featured in iOS 8 below.

New Wakeboard That Allows You To Surf Without Waves

Surfboarding is a water sport that is impossible without waves. Sometimes the waves will be too poor for surfing, so instead of being able to surf at any time you desire you have to wait for the perfect waves to come. At the Cannes Yachting Festival that was held earlier this month, some Swedish designers