These First Ever Operable 3D Printed Metal Faucets Show Off Mind-Blowing Designs

As new and innovative designs of things like cars and home decors made with 3D printed materials are increasingly being used, the traditional manufacturing techniques are being thrown out the window. The North American plumbing and building product manufacturer American Standard has launched their DXV line of metal 3D printed faucets that embraces this new

Revolutionary Medical Product ‘VetiGel’ Will Save Lives By Stopping Traumatic Bleeding Instantly

This new medical product does not change lives but it will definitely save them. Often times we hear of people being shot and bleeding to death or being injured with a non-stop bleeding wound. The new plant-based gel called VetiGel might just be the solution to saving the lives of people that one day wind

10 Toys Older Kids & Even Adults Can Still Play With This Summer

Whether it’s Summer of Winter, when there is family time we are all looking for something fun to do with our family. While toys may sound like a little kid thing, there are tons of toys out there that you can even enjoy with your grandparents. Not only are some of them good game to

Samsung’s New ‘Safety Trucks’ Line Brings See Through Trucks To Make Roads Safer

Statistics show that in Argentina, nearly one person dies in a car crash every hour and in some of these cases trucks are involved. Samsung is however looking to put a change to this with hopes to successfully implement a new technology that you bet will save the lives of drivers who look to overtake semi-trailer

Man Follows An Ironic Gesture Of Literally Splitting Everything In Half After His Divorce

Divorce settlements can be both emotionally and financially painful as the two estranged partners are forced to split their belonging 50/50. This man from Germany was clearly pissed off and wanted to tell his ex-wife named Laura just what he thinks of her, by literally cutting all of their belongings in half! Quite an unambiguous

Trash On Streets Is Now A Beautiful Thing Thanks To Street Art By Bordalo II

Using his fantastic street-art skills and rubbish, this Portuguese street artist tackles pollution in urban areas. Artur Bordalo, a.k.a. Bordalo II, is turning burnt aluminium cans, old tires, scrap wood and discarded appliances into colorful animals to add a dash of colour to dull city corners. Inventing a brand new dimension to old rubbish by

UK Firm Proves That Luxurious Homes Doesn’t Mean Big With Their Awesomely Unique Tiny Houses

In the UK, a relatively small company called Tinywood Homes is offering four tiny homes for both rental and sale. The cool thing about this is the small homes that they have located on a property for those who are looking for a very unique place to stay while on holiday in the UK. Small is

Amazing Artwork Displayed By Alcoholic Beverages

Many of us engage in social activities and for most drinking alcoholic beverages during such occasions is apart of the social norm. The million dollar question is, have you ever thought about magnifying your drink? Yes, I am sure you have, well a Tallahassee company called BevShots that concentrates on the art of magnified alcoholic drinks

Can’t Afford To Buy An A/C This Summer? Make Your Own For $10!

Who said you still to sit in the horrible summer heat because you can’t afford to buy an air conditioner? With some simple supplies, a man was able to invent a cool makeshift AC without having to spend big bucks. “If you don’t have AC and want to save some money to cool down a

Top 10 Most Surprising Off-The-Wall Uses For Coca Cola

It is incredible just how much we can actually do with something that was meant to be just a drink. Some of these uses that have been discovered might not come surprising to some Coke fans as they themselves might have already used the drink on numerous occasions for numerous tasks. While there are tons