Amazing Dragon Paintings Done In A Single Stroke

There are many interesting cultures in Asia that have sparked the imagination of artists around the world. The Serpentine Dragon is one of the most frequently mentioned creatures in myths with its powerful and unwavering persona. So, it comes as no surprise that some artists have perfected the art of ‘Hitofude Ryuu’ which sees the

Japanese Designer Creates Chocolate Lego Pieces

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi decided it was time Lego became more than just pieces for building art work, instead he wanted to appeal our hearts. Not one letter short of ingenuity, the idea to combine Lego and chocolate is simply irresistible for adults who will feel nostalgic and children who will hassle said

Singapore Firm Designs Floating Pods For Street Food Vendors

A Singapore firm called Sparks Architects has unveiled an interesting and stunning proposal for reconnecting Singapore with its waterfront and street food heritage. The proposal called the Solar Orchid projects involves mobile, reconfigurable and sustainable floating hawker centers that are able to go in different locations, cluster in a variety of formations and respond to different

2014 Yo-Yo World Champion Shows off Amazing Tricks

When nostalgia beckons many of us will vividly remember those days when we were crazy about yo-yos. Some of us were capable of managing a few simple tricks such as walking the dog and rocking the baby. The yo-yo love affair didn’t last long for many of us who chose other fads on which we

Artist Omid Asadi Creates Ravishing Art By Carving Into Leaves

As an artist you will need materials such as different shades of pencils, paints, a sketch pad etc., but some artists however have decided to use their surroundings to create some of the most unbelievable artworks. An artist from Greater Manchester has taken this path and  proved that art can be on anything, even fallen

Scuba Diver Feeds Hungry Sharks In Daredevil Moment

There are many ways to perform daredevil stunts. Some involve obstacles others allow animals to play a role in all the drama which unfolds. Scuba Diver Cristina Zenato felt obliged to give us one of those moments when she opted to visit the very depths of an aquarium tank, wearing only a chain linked suit

Mobile Carrier Slavery Is Over, Unlocking Smartphones Is Legal!

A tectonic shift has been made in the US Smartphone world after the president signed a bill that made it legal to unlock smartphones and free the shackles that bound you to a specific carrier. The bill essentially revives a rule that the Library of Congress issued in 2010 but did not renew in 2012 exempting

An ATM Doles Out Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

When a person tells you they are visiting the ATM it is likely that they will be doing one of two things: checking their account balance or withdrawing cash and in some cases both. Of course, there are other functions that are less frequently used but, have you ever heard of an ATM actually giving

Coca Cola Gives 2nd Life To Empty Bottles With 16 Cool Caps

There is more to an empty plastic bottle as it can be transformed into just about anything even more delightful and useful. A month ago, beverage company Coca Cola proved that by starting a campaign to release a new ’2nd Lives’ kit which enables you to do something useful, fun and creative with your empty

10 Easy DIY Natural Alternatives For Commercial Hair Shampoo

Many people are beginning to resort to cleansing their hair will natural substances as they have begun to consider their health and even the environment. Further researches done by experts have proven that natural shampoo alternatives are more likely to boost your health in comparison to commercial products as they have less chemicals and don’t