5 Great Gift Ideas For Your Dog On Their Birthday

Dogs should be considered a part of the family. As you can see in many Youtube videos with dogs interacting with their human families, these beautiful creatures yield happiness and love. Since they are considered a part of our family, why not cherish them by celebrating their birthday. There are many ways that you can

6 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

On Halloween day people will be looking our for the best decorated house and the coolest costumes. Many of us tend to spend fortunes on decorations but little did we know that we can create some of the coolest things to prep our space by buying materials that cost even $1 for a whole pack

French Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Whimsical Characters

As a child (if you’re not one reading this right now), we all let our imaginations run wild. Some of us “create” mental adventures others just have imaginary friends. What if you were told their is an artist who attempts making objects come to “life” ? Well, French Artist Gilbert Legrand revealed a number of

10 Well Known Company Logos That Features Hidden Messages

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a company. Once a consumer sees it they are instantly able to recognize them. Some famous companies have took the time to make their corporate symbol more interesting by including a hidden messages that most people would have to look very carefully and closely to

10 Small Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Indoor Pets

Small dogs make great indoor pets for your family, and even as a fashion accessories for celebrities. Most of these small dogs have ideal personalities for your children to be around them without careful supervision as they are playful yet not too rough for them. When choosing a small breed dog for your family, you

Brazilian Artist Crafts Sculptures Into The Graphite Of Pencils

Usually artists use pencils to create beautiful art pieces, but this one originating from Brazil creates stunning mini sculptures by carving into them. 49-year-old Dalton Ghetti says that he has been sculpting for over 25 years, without the aid of a magnifying glass.   Mr. Ghetti who works as a carpenter says, “At school I

These Robotic Cheerleaders Perform Synchronize Dance Moves!

Weebles are considered some of the most basic toys now but when they first arrived on the market they were simply impressive to most people. They used a weight system based on the law of Physics which allowed them to wobble but never fall down.  To reignite the joy which Weebles brought to the hearts

An Amazing Machine That Makes Potable Water From Thin Air

Water is an essential part of life on earth yet is difficult to harness in many parts of the world. The World Health Organization reports that 780 million people do not have access to clean water and an estimated 3.4 million die each year as a result of water-borne diseases. Water-Gen, an Israeli company thinks

7 Creepy Halloween Costumes For Your Dog This Year

Scare Day is coming up and many dog owners are looking forward to having a good laugh scaring people that pop up at their front doors with the ultimate Halloween dog costume. Check out these 7 freaky frightening dog costumes that will make your dog the scare boss on Halloween.   1. Go Greenhound This

Minecraft Recreated In Microsoft Excel!

The recent US$2 billion acquisition of Minecraft by Microsoft and the departure of founder Markus Persson from the company left many pundits speculating over the future of the Sandbox building game. One Youtuber believes the answer lies in Microsft Excel. In the video the Youtuber who goes by the casual moniker Minecraft SethBling or Seth