Make Your Own Glowing Table With This DIY Project

Sometimes you can brighten up your home without having to purchase decor from stores, with your own DIY project. If you are looking to brighten up your home, you can try out this brilliant glow-in-the-dark infilled wooden table. On Instructables an instructor named Mike Warren shared his concept to making your own eye-catching piece of

Kids Heartbroken After Receiving Bad News From Santa In Letter

News proclaiming that you have been behaving badly can be distressing for a child, but to hear it from the Father of Christmas himself would get anyone upset. After receiving a letter from ‘Santa’, 8-year-old Tyler, and 4-year-old Freya was informed that they were on the naughty list and might not be receiving any presents.

Clever & Creative Dads Winning At Fatherhood

Being a father can be a very fun yet tough job, especially for first-timers. Some clever dads have realized this and decided to take action to make the job less-daunting with some genius and creative strategies. Thanks to these strategies, their job has probably been nothing but a breeze. Check out these photos of dads

Artist Creates Collection Of Tiny Buildings Made From Paper

An artist based in Edinburgh completed his own paper models with a paper model project called Paperholm. Charles Young shares that he had started to create the structures a few months ago and has now complete the collection of tiny paper wonders. The ephemeral and intricate structures stand as representations of buildings including mills and

Brazil Lights Up World’s Largest Floating Christmas Tree In Rio

Christmas trees play a very important role for Christmas. At its very top is a star that symbolises the bright star that was seen in the sky on the night that Jesus Christ was born. It is also the place where all our gifts are placed to be opened on the day of Christmas! The

7 Useful House Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning your home can be very easy and in most cases all you need are the basic household supplies. Mops, brooms, toilet cleaners, laundry detergent, dishing washing liquid and other common necessities will often get the job done. The more lavishly privileged have vacuum cleaners, a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer as per the usual.┬áLife’s

DIY Ideas To Make Your Christmas Tree Unique This Year

There are many people that have decided to take Christmas to the next level by avoiding going with the traditional decorations to make their tree unique. By decorations, we especially mean the Christmas tree. While some of us may share that this is the case, there are others that might not go with the traditional

Be The Most Prepared For Christmas With These 5 Tips!

As many of us may know, Christmas is one of the most celebrated yet equally stressful time of the year. Many people scramble among the shopping malls searching for the perfect gifts for their family and friends, with frenzy Christmas shopping. Planning for Christmas however does not have to be overly time consuming nor does

“The Death of Conversation” Due to Smartphones Through The Eyes of One Photographer

The over attachment of people to their smartphones isn’t much of a surprise in this day and age. But being quite guilty of this ourselves, we seldom notice its true effects as seen from an outsider’s point of view. This is precisely why Babycakes Romero, a London-based photographer, took on this project he calls “The

10 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Caring For Little Kids

Some dogs make excellent companions for children. Many of us who have grown up with dogs know that the love and compassion received from our canine companions were probably worth more than the relationship that we had with a human friend that we also grew up with and shared a very close relationship. While we