NASA: Top Inventions of Everyday Use

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was funded in the year 1958 with the purpose of exploring the world beyond our skies. However, thanks to their constant scientific exploration, NASA has ended up inventing things that have shaped the way we live our modern lives. Here we go through seven things that we use (or

Top Five Places to Visit in China

China is a big country with plenty of interesting places to visit. From amazing natural reserves to important modern cities, it has something for everybody. However, with limited time, sometimes it´s hard to choose which places to visit during a trip. For this reason, we have made a list of the Top Five destinations to

A New Google Earth

Google Earth gets a new update that attempts to bring new live into the application. The new and improved version promises an easier to use interface, with new and exciting exploration methods. Furthermore, the interactive interface also provides tools to  explore the cultural aspects of different countries like never before!

The New York International Auto Show is Back

New York International Auto Show is where all roads are leading this week in New York City. Thousands of car enthusiasts from all around the world meet up at the event to take a closer look at the newest cars that the top car companies are offering. Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and Honda are only some

Curiosities Of The Easter Celebration

Easter Day is celebrated all around the world during this month. While some spend these days in deep religious meditation, others take the opportunity to have light hearted fun and go on easter egg hunts. This seems like the perfect moment to explore some of the curiosities surrounding this celebration!

Persona 5 Takes Over The Gaming Community!

Persona 5 has been a long awaited video game for a particular community of gamers. However, with its release it might be getting new fans as the game is proving to be a complete success. Critics are calling it a masterpiece and the perfect Japanese role playing game. Let’s see what the buzz is all

The World Celebrates 10 Years of Earth Hour

A Decade of Awareness! Earth Hour celebrates it’s 10th anniversary this year. Millions of people  around the world will be turning their non-essential lights tonight. World Wide Fund for Nature organizes the event each year for over a 100 countries. They are an international organization working in favor of the preservation of wildlife and the

Cheetos Snack Shaped Like Gorilla Harambe Goes For $99,000 on eBay

There was the Virgin Mary toast and the Elvis potato chips. Then, there was a Harambe-shaped Cheetos snack auctioned off on eBay for the most ridiculous price. The listing on eBay was ended on Tuesday at 3:45 a.m. at $99,000. 132 bids were put up for the “precious” item. The item’s description read, “I opened

Dogs With Disabilities From All Over The US Take On Puppy Bowl On Sunday

Players on the two teams playing off at Super Bowl this Sunday are definitely going to be loose fans to the puppies that will be participating in the Puppy Bowl this year. Hailing from 34 rescue organizations across 22 states in the U.S., there 78 dogs expected to be competing. The event organized by Animal

These Limited Edition Tostitos Chips Bags Can Tell You If You Drank Too Much Booze

The Super Bowl parties are just around the corner. Like every other year, we all know there is gonna be a lot of noise, a lot of cheering, and definitely a lot of drinking. These three are no friends of having a safe event. While we can’t exactly stop the partying, we can definitely try