Man Brilliantly Proposes To His Girlfriend With A Customized Monopoly Board

Coming up with a flashy romantic gesture to please or impress the person that you are dating is something that takes some time to come up with. As we scour the internet everyday, on countless occasions we come across some brilliantly planned marriage proposal ideas. One of the most ridiculous ones that I’ve seen included a

Hollywood Prop Makers Build Sweet Batmobile Baby Stroller For Toddler Batman Fan

As super fans of comics, having the cool stuff and gadgets that appear in the films as our own is something that many of us dream of. One of the few people that allow this is Hollywood’s top prop makers, Super-Fan Builds. Through nomination, human and even animal fans of different comics and cartoons are given

This Paper-Crafted Piece That Looks Like A Complete Island Took 365 Days To Finish

365-day projects are one of the most incredible art projects that any artist could undertake. The dedication, time spent and careful treatment that has to be administer to the creation as it progresses, is just price-less. While some of these time consuming projects were not able to be completed as the creator lacked dedication or otherwise,

Vigilant Bike-Riding ‘Earth Police’ Chases Down Littering Drivers To Return Their Garbage

Apparently, hearing that pollution which is causing climate change that is taking a toll on our Earth, is not enough for some people to learn that dumbing their garbage at inappropriate places is a very bad idea. Everyday we hear on the news about how much the nature of our planet is changing for the

5 Great Apps For Those Of Us Who Can’t Take A Minute From Instagram

One of the most popular social media apps that has won the hearts of many smartphone addicts. Whether you’re an ordinary person or a celebrity, spending hours each day just refreshing your Instagram feed is something that we do as Instagram lovers. While Instagram offers a few photo editing features, most of us would want

Four Seasons Exhibited With Stunning Blown-Glass Trumpets By US Glass Artists

Creating a series of exquisite blown-glass trumpets that capture the essence of the four seasons with their ‘Symphony of the Seasons’ piece, Oakland-based glass artist Etai Rahmil teamed up with Washington-based artist Phil Siegel, challengingly executed the fastidious details and functionality of the pipes which turned out to be beautiful and remarkable works of art.  The duo

Couple With No Kids Cutely Twists Newborn Photoshoot By Doing It With Their Dog

Babies are sweet bundles of joy, something that many people from all parts of the world share in saying. While having a newborn in your life can mean lots of joy, it’s not so much of fun when the baby happens to com around at the wrong time and by this I mean probably when

Consult Your Pet’s Vet From Home With This Start-Up Telemedicine Service

The hassle to take your pet to the vet where there will be other pets that might want to attack them, is something that many pet owners have to experience on their visit to the veterinary surgery. The trouble to always have to make the visits can now be spared as a new online service

10 Products That Made It Totally Clear That They Don’t Care About Trademark

Patent law has been in existence since at least 500 B.C. in countries like Greece. Despite this, imitation has always set foot and isn’t it just the sincerest form of flattery? I’m sure business owners that have come up clean with their own brand and patent lawyers would disagree. Here is the 21st century, the

10 Photographed Moments That Explain Why Women Will Always Outlive Men

Looking for an explanation to the fact that out of the top 49 oldest people that are alive today, only 2 are men? Some people might say that it could be just a coincidence, but research and scientific study suggests otherwise. Before women became so independent and began to take on paying the bills and