Using Expanding Foam A Guy Turned the Scarp Car into Sports Car

Believe in yourself, you can do anything. Talent, Imagination and hard work can take you to a different level. This spirit has been showed by Lithuana’s guy. He did what an ordinary man can’t do. He showed his work of imagination and stunned the world with his imagination and hard work. Enjoy his story in pics that

A Gadget That Transform an Ordinary Bike into an e-Bike

Electric Bikes are a great transportation alternative for conventional bicycles generally in rural areas and to cars in rural areas. But for most of the people the four- and five-figure price tags are too high to spend on this type of transportation. This price tag is even much more for those who already have a

Easy Hacks For Cleaning Your Home Appliances & Furnitures

Gunk, grease, dust and stains can be such hard things to get rid of when you need to clean them off your appliances and furnitures. While built-up dirt like grease may be hard to clean off by just scrubbing it with soap and a brittle pad, there are simple methods or,  liquid or powder solutions

8 Math’s Tricks that will change your views about Mathematics

Trick 1. Multiplication of 6 to 10 on your hands: Image Via: Instructables Ascribe the values from 6 to 10 correspondingly on your both hands. Put the fingers together according to the numbers you want to multiply. Count the fingers in lower side up to the fingers in contact. Count the fingers separately on both

10 Pictures Of Dogs Acting Like Humans

Dogs are a man’s best friend and because of that, they begin to act more and more like us. These days in viral videos on Youtube we see dogs skateboarding, eating around tables, wearing clothes and even getting tucked into bed to go to sleep. Thinking about this, it seems that these unique animals have

Strange Mushroom-shaped Creatures Found On Australia’s Coastline

Strange Mushroom-shaped creatures have been found on along Australia’s coastline. The bizarre findings could not be placed in a suitable category of living organisms. The animals known as Dendrogamma resemble mushrooms and consists predominantly of an outer skin and inner stomach separated by a dense layer of jelly-like substance. Scientists believe that they are related to

10 Crazy Smuggling Schemes Caught By Customs

The day-to-day work of a customs agent can be monotonous at a busy airport, but their job is probably so extraordinary when they bump into smugglers smuggling contrabands that they have hidden in some of the most bizarre places to keep the items away from the prying eyes of authorities. Not only does the customs

Yohann: An iPad Stand for Almost All Angles and Positions

Architects have the power to design the things exceptionally different which actually gives the people excitement. Berend Frenzel, a Swiss Architect has proved this very true by his iPad stand to which he has given the name ‘Yohann’. Yohann is an iPad stand which is actually very simple but incredibly clever idea. This European-made iPad

Amazing Dragon Paintings Done In A Single Stroke

There are many interesting cultures in Asia that have sparked the imagination of artists around the world. The Serpentine Dragon is one of the most frequently mentioned creatures in myths with its powerful and unwavering persona. So, it comes as no surprise that some artists have perfected the art of ‘Hitofude Ryuu’ which sees the

Japanese Designer Creates Chocolate Lego Pieces

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi decided it was time Lego became more than just pieces for building art work, instead he wanted to appeal our hearts. Not one letter short of ingenuity, the idea to combine Lego and chocolate is simply irresistible for adults who will feel nostalgic and children who will hassle said