Dreamy Cafe Shaped Like One Giant Camera

A former pilot – Park Sung-Hwang imagined this beautiful place to drink coffee. It has the aspect of an old camera, and it was dedicated for his wife – she was also an army helicopter pilot, now retired, that enjoyed drinking coffee and living in the country side. This was his present for her and

Futuristic Airport in Shenzhen

  In China, Shenzhen’s airport, Bao’an Airport got a new terminal that is stretching for 1.5 kilometers. The construction of this terminal requested that the lagoon was removed. Even if the building is enormous in size, the Italian firm that designed the architecture of the building dreamed to use natural light for it. Studio Fuksas,

12 Bizarre Body Art Paintings that Blend Perfectly with Nature

Look at these dazzling body art, created by painting a real person.  These images are not Photoshopped.

20 Powerful Moments Captured on Camera prove There’s Hope for Peace Despite Global Protests

People all over the world are demonstrating these days, mostly against their governments and leaders.  Most of these conflicts are often captured on camera, and the violence, the blood and the killings could easily make you believe there is no hope for a future for man.  Every once in a while, a momentous hopeful moment

15 of the Best Guilty Dog Mugs: #14 is Absolutely Hilarious

Most people never realize just how smart dogs are.  Because they evolved to live in packs, communication was essential for their survival and ultimately, becoming man’s best friend.  A dog can be trained to know what is wrong and what is right, and based on these perfectly timed photos, they know when they messed up

A Glimpse of 2013

Lets spend a minute and and recall 2013! Here is an illustration highlighting years biggest events.

Around The World In 80 Drinks

Famous drinks from all over the world, take a look and tell us about your country’s favorite drink credit:

Cotton Ball Diet — A Dangerous Way To Lose Weight

Frantic dieters don’t let go of disastrous ideas to lose weight. The latest of these is to eat cotton balls soaked in orange juice, lemonade or smoothies. There are Chat rooms, YouTube videos and blogs, explaining method of this diet. Apparently, the diet caught on after Eddie Murphy’s 23-year-old daughter, Bria Murphy, reported seeing models eat

Stunning Portraits created with Hammer and Nails

Art is not restricted to the basic canvas and brushes. Instead of using ink and paper, artist David Foster hammers thousands of nails onto a canvas to create these incredibly meticulous art pieces. Each piece requires some technical methodology which proves Foster’s love for technical drawing as an architect. Each piece is based off of

National Flags Made From Food

An appetizing collection of National flags made out of food. Check out the yummy gallery below, if you don’t find your country’s flag  then tell us how would you want it to drawn by food! France Greece India Indonesia Italy Japan Lebanon South Korea  Spain Switzerland Thailand Turkey United Kingdom United States Vietnam Australia Brazil