10 Sensational Modern Staircases That Will Have You Struck By Their Design

A staircase is just seen as something that takes us from one level to next. There are however some of them like us as people that dare to let others think of us as more than just the regular. These staircases have brought to us sensational designs that will definitely wow us, and even at

Setenil de las Bodegas In Spain Has To Be The Most Incredible Town I Have Ever Seen

As towering cliffs loaf about the town, the Setenil de las Bodegas in Andalucia, Spain can be mistaken for a town in a fantasy film with its bright white cave dwellings that lie in stark contrast. The cool part of the world cave dwelling lies in the fact that geological forces transformed these structures which

The Cute Version Of The U.S. National Anthem By A 2-Year-Old Is Heartwarming

Like huge stars that have presented themselves on stage to sing the national anthem with command, this little boy did just the same, and boy, did he blew us away. While his vocal skill may not have been the “blow away factor” and he fumbled with both the lyrics and the tune, two-year-old Trent Harris’

Air Jordans Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Awesome Michael Jordan Basketball Stimulator

This stimulator is the best gift any basketball lover could ever receive. The new stimulator called Last Shot is a Michael Jordan Basketball Simulator that offers players and immersive experience that is incomparable to any experience that they would have ever underwent before. The entire immersive experience comes from a collaboration among Stardust, AKQA, and the Jordan

15 Photos That Prove Humanity Can Be Restored

There are some people on Earth that are always ready to go the extra mile to make a positive change in somebody’s life no matter their own troubles. Previous stories that shared of a man and his friend giving free laundry washes to homeless people with his mobile washroom van, and another that shared of

‘Bite Me’ Is No Longer An Idiom As You Can Now Make A Gummy Of Yourself!

Gummy candies are no longer limited to bears and worms. This store in Shibuya, Tokyo presents its customers with the chance to create 3D-printed gummy versions of themselves. The store called FabCafe uses a 3D body scanner to create the colourful treats for a Japanese follow-up to Valentines Day called White Day. The coffee shop

Dogs? Naughty? Too Shocking To Believe!

Most times when we hear people talking about cats, it is guaranteed that you’d hear them call them sneaky and mischievous, but when they talk about dogs…the cutest and sweetest things ever. They’re friendly, loyal and just too adorable. Most of these people that talk this way about dogs would however be the people that

The Holy Grail Of Beekeeping Is Finally Here!

If you love honey, you will also love this new invention that creates an easier alternative for retrieving the tasty treat from a beehive. A father-and-son beekeeper team in Australia, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, unveiled their invention called the Flow Hive that will allow honey bees around the world to breathe a collective sigh of

These Delicate Crayon Sculptures Are The True Definitions Of Incredible Detailing

You would be surprised to see what can happen when artists take trashed items and even mediums normally used for creating art and transform them into art pieces. This artist named Diem Chau decided to give the method a try and the results were rather delightful. Incredibly detailed Crayola crayons is exactly what I’m talking

The Good Ol’ Days Of Pen Written Letters Are Back With A Modern Mix

Letters aren’t as lovely as they were before, as many of us would say. Now with the modern technology of computers, email, instant messaging and electronic greeting cards; hand writing letters are no longer a thing that most people look towards doing anymore. There are however a few of us that still cherish greetings done