Who Knew Liquid Splashes Could Make Such Gorgeous Flowers?

Artists worldwide have gained success in taking art to a whole new level. They have begun to use even trashed items in their environment to create some of the most beautiful and unique pieces. While some have carved into objects such as leaves, and others have taken even created chocolate shaped like lego pieces, this

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dogs

According to research, dogs have been living with human like best friends from 15,000 years ago, and after all these years, they have found that there is more to a dog than just being able to playing dead and fetching. Check out these 10 facts that you probably didn’t know were discovered about dogs.  

Teen Busted For Climbing Skyscraper To Snap Mesmerizing Pics Of NYC

Almost everyone that has visited or lives in New York City adores the places for its fancy-looking town, stunning scenery made by the lights at night from a high balcony and the amazing skyscraper buildings, but is there anyone that is as amazed and appreciative of its beauty like this 17-year-old photographer? The Queens, New

Gifted Artist Sees 98 Million More Hues Than The Average Person

When most of us look at an orange, red or yellow flower, we simply see nothing else but that color of the plant. Unlike us, this artist is able to sees an array of other colours at the flower’s edges as she is able to see 100 times more hues than the average person. ArtistĀ Concetta

6 Smart Ideas That Guarantee The Security Of Your Belongings

Everybody hates when their family members invade their personal space or have their stuff taken up by them without your permission. Theft or burglary is even worst as the thieves will take your most valuable items. Check out this list of gadgets which may help you with keeping your personal items secure.   1. Anti-Theft

5 Great Gift Ideas For Your Dog On Their Birthday

Dogs should be considered a part of the family. As you can see in many Youtube videos with dogs interacting with their human families, these beautiful creatures yield happiness and love. Since they are considered a part of our family, why not cherish them by celebrating their birthday. There are many ways that you can

6 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

On Halloween day people will be looking our for the best decorated house and the coolest costumes. Many of us tend to spend fortunes on decorations but little did we know that we can create some of the coolest things to prep our space by buying materials that cost even $1 for a whole pack

French Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Whimsical Characters

As a child (if you’re not one reading this right now), we all let our imaginations run wild. Some of us “create” mental adventures others just have imaginary friends. What if you were told their is an artist who attempts making objects come to “life” ? Well, French Artist Gilbert Legrand revealed a number of

10 Well Known Company Logos That Features Hidden Messages

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a company. Once a consumer sees it they are instantly able to recognize them. Some famous companies have took the time to make their corporate symbol more interesting by including a hidden messages that most people would have to look very carefully and closely to

10 Small Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Indoor Pets

Small dogs make great indoor pets for your family, and even as a fashion accessories for celebrities. Most of these small dogs have ideal personalities for your children to be around them without careful supervision as they are playful yet not too rough for them. When choosing a small breed dog for your family, you