Artist Transforms Old Computer Components Into Beautiful Winged Insect Sculptures

The modern-day definition of artistic is being able to take anything such as trash, scrap metal, and even the tools that we use everyday, to make something beautiful. As technology continues to improve and all consumers continue to change their devices for the upgraded version and therefore discarding their old stuff, some of us try

10 Huge Dogs Who Obviously Have No Idea How Big They Are

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. These days when we check out the dogs of the internet we have to wonder if they are actually dogs or humans disguised as dogs. They always tend to be the ones that will stick around when no one else is able to. Probably not even

Check Out These Top 10 Amazing Life-Sized LEGO Furnishings!

Legos definitely speak to the kid in all of us. Most of us can’t help but be amazed to see what beautiful, unique large-scale creations these tiny, toy blocks can do. For the fact they don’t require of us to use any tools or machines to create the very stuff that we need in our

This Robot Chef Promises To Prepare Tasty Meals For You Daily In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Many of us wish to be able to come home to see a healthy plate of dinner already cooked and waiting for us. But, who said that wouldn’t be possible some day? British scientists have developed a robot chef that just does that. The robot which comes as a set of robotic arms is so

Make Your Mark In Space Using This Futuristic Cosmic Messenger

There are a few ways to reach the final frontier, one is the $250,000 Virgin Galactic seat. This new method called Nooka’s futuristic Cosmic Messenger allows you to record your own private message, send it to space and watch the recording travel into the future. The alternative that comes as the next best thing to

Would You Dare To Eat At Any Of These Top 10 Craziest Restaurants?

Whether you’re feeling upset, daring, nature-loving, or even wanting to go somewhere oceanic, there are lots of crazy restaurant that you can visit with your friends and loved ones. Check out the top 10 craziest restaurants that you can find around the World.   10. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant (New Zealand) Designed to make diners feel like they’re back in

The Blind Muslim Trust Experiment Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

With all the negative news impacting how people all around the world see muslims, it’s just a breath of fresh air to see a change for once. In the Blind Muslim Trust Experiment, a blindfolded muslim stands in the middle of the streets waiting for hugs from random strangers. So far, it was done and documented

Smelling Nicer When You Sweat Becomes Possible With This Recent Development

Looking to make commands in the lives of many people who face hygienic problems, a miraculous perfume is being developed by scientists at Queen’s University of Belfast (Nothern Ireland) that has an operating principle to make you smell better, the more you sweat as it intensifies its smell in accordance with perspiration. A study which

This Autistic 5-Year-Old Gets Rather Magical With Paint Brushes

While autism is a poorly-understood neurological disorder that can impair an individual’s ability to engage in various social interactions, this 5-year-old girl named Grace from the UK is the perfect example of the unexpected gifts that autism can also grant. Likened to the famous French impressionist, Claude Monet, many of her fans and customers are

10 Creative Pies That Are Almost Too Cool To Gobble Up

Yes, not all pies are equal. While some will turn out to be a horrible mess and look like miserable trainwrecks, others can be culinary masterpieces that are so cool that they cause us to reconsider their first purpose. Some of us may place creative cakes in the same categories as pies, but this shouldn’t