10 Easy Pranks To Pull On Your Friends This April Fools’ Day

It can be hard to plan the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank as they require precise planning. While the big, meticulously planned pranks always tend to get a rise out of the unlucky prankees, it’s the easy, subtle pranks that always come pouring with the most surprise. For those of us that don’t have the

Complete Your Comprehensive Smart Home With These 5 Brilliant Devices

Our quality of life continues to improve as technology develops. Our mundane tasks have now became automated, allowing much more time for leisure. Many of us dream of being able to have more time on our hands for doing what we desire. As a result, we go in search of devices that aim to complete

10 Of The Trendiest Phone Cases Mankind Has Ever Seen

Before, we used to have to stick with our boring single-coloured phone case. Now, you can get far more cooler ones that will literally turn your phone into an art piece. The coolest thing about some of these phone cases is that they might give your phone an extra functionality such as for holding cards, for

Father & Daughter Shows Off Their Creativity By Recreating Scenes From ‘Jurassic Park’

It’s always a too bad situation when kids don’t get to watch Jurassic Park, a movie hosting dinosaurs which many kids are fascinated about. Parents say the movie is too gory, and there is too much dangerous action for their kids to see. If you’re still looking for an appropriate way to blow their minds

‘Word U’ Will Wipe Away Your Bad Texting Habit To Replace It With A Wider Vocabulary

Often times we hear parents blaming phones for creating a generation of people who tend to practice communicating in what they call “text language” and smiley faces. Some New York developers have however invented an app to help to put an end to this. The app called ‘Words U’ aims to expand your vocabulary by

Turn Your Dog Into A Party Pooch With This Disco Dog Vest!

If you’re looking for a more modern, tech inspired suit to make your dog’s wardrobe more impressive, this coat encrusted with LEDs is the right choice for you. The coat flashes different colours and displays scrolling messages that aim to turn any mutt into a party pooch. The Disco Dog vest is simply controlled using

You Can Now Get An Emoji Keyboard For Your Mac Computer!

They took over our virtual world and now they are ready to take over our real world. A team of developers have created a keyboard cover that turns every key of the board into a small, iconic pictures. Once the keyboard is installed to your computer, the Caps Lock key will allow users to switch between regular

6 Crazy-Cool Creations That You Can Make Using 3D Printing Technology

Being able to print 3-dimensional objects with a 3D printer is definitely not for show as many people all around the world are using the technology to create all sorts of objects. One of the cool advantages that comes with 3D printing is that you can simply print a broken part of a machinery and

Singita Resort In South Africa Enlightened With Solar Energy

Located in South Africa is a solar powered and eco-friendly family Singita. The tourist destinations which sits on a 33,000 acre concession on the eastern reaches of Kruger National Park near the border of Mazambique border, is divided into two sections : The Singita Sweni Lodge and the Singita Lebombo, which are both dedicated to

Fab or Drag? These 10 Dogs Came To Make A Fashion Statement On St. Patrick’s Day

The big St. Patrick’s Day is here and there are tons of people in their cities participating in parades, dressing up in costumes and spending time with family to seize the moment and festivities that the National Holiday brings. As large crowds turn out for the parade events in cities, we can’t help but also recognize