10 Handy Inventions That You Never Knew Were Essential

The mother of all inventions is necessity, but there are some inventions that have made you questioned, “Is that necessary at all?” The funny fact is that after questioning when you’ve learnt of the these inventions you turn away from it and you say you don’t need it, but from the moment you begin to

Is Bing A Better World Cup Predictor Than Paul the Octopus?

Predicting the winners of the World Cup has become a big thing as animals and even Microsoft’s search engine Bing have taken on the challenge following in the footsteps of Paul the Octopus in 2010. So far in the predictions of the World Cup’s round of 16, Bing has been “collecting all the chips” as

Check Out These 10 Ridiculously Bad DIY Repairs

When things get broken, the most logical thing we will do next is to try to find out what can be used as a substitute until we are able to replace them. Some people have faced this problem and tried the “DIY” by fixing things in the most uncharacteristic and unbelievable ways. Some people clearly

U.S. Dogs Show True Patriotism On The 4th of July In Costumes

The big day of Independence in the United States of America is associated with huge celebrations as citizens gather at parades, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts and family reunions to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. As people dress-up, decked in the colors of the American flag, we must not forget the all-American dogs

Abandoned Shopping Mall In Bangkok Taken Over By Fishes!

Generally abandoned buildings are littered with all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies. In some cases wild animals such as stray dogs, cats and depending on which country you live the odd coyote or wolf may make it the regular place of abode. Rarely do you see a place taken over by sea creatures in

Check Out These Stunning Aerial Shots Of Human Towers In Spain

Every two years, the city of Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain gathers to either experience or participate in the Concur de Castells which is otherwise known as the human tower competition. Hundreds of men, women and children forming teams that compete against each other to try to build their best sculptures made up of their own human

11 Do It Yourself Hacks… For The Bathroom.

The bathroom can be the trickiest place in the house with a limiting number of factors. In most homes it presents an inconvenience for a number of activities and as such many of us dread having to be in the bathroom unnecessarily, surely there must be a way to make your bathroom experience much more

Innovative Packaging Designs That Will Have You Emptying Your Wallets

The best selling products and services are the ones that are marketed the most. Don’t believe us? Ask Samsung. Below are ten (10) products that will leave you saying “take my money”. 1. Couleur Nouveau wine This wine packaging emulates the look of a tin of paint and comes with a colour chart guide stating

Age of Machines- The Deka Prosthetic Arm

History was made May 9th 2014 when the US Federal Drug Administration approved the sale of the Deka Arm, a robotic prosthetic arm capable of ten distinct movements and controlled by electrical signals sent by an electromyogram connected to the muscles of the amputee. This device will change the lives of numerous amputees by transforming

Quirky Father’s Day Gifts That Will Have Your Dad Laughing Out Loud

Father’s Day may not receive the same amount of publicity as Mother’s Day but that does not make it less important. Many of us will be anxiously anticipating June 15 where the doling out of gifts will be more abundant than sand on a beach. So, what gifts do you have in mind? Have you