10 Vintage Photos Of Couples Hanging On To Love During Wartime

During times of war, just about everything was dreadful. There was food shortage, homes being destroyed, families being separated. Everything fell short, but love. Love is such a powerful thing that it was the only thing that people were able to hang on to when gun shots rang out across the country and smoke from

Don’t Use Your Garage? Turn It Into A Cozy Lounge Space Like This One Done By A London Designer

Recently, London-based designer Manuel Teicu completed a project in Brasov, Romania and he was kind enough to share photos of his great work. Teicu was given the challenge of turning a garage into a cozy lounge space. The owners of the home specifically requested that the area was transformed into a warm and homey room

10 Great DIY Gifts To Make For Your Graduating Loved Ones

Once again, graduation season is here and a lot of young adults all over the world are getting ready to get on with the next chapter of their lives. This moment comes after spending hours, days, and even years, stressing over exams, essays, and presentations. It is only expect that when the moment to see

Portugal’s Unique Cityscape Captured In Watercolor Paintings By A Young Artist

Portugal is a beautiful country known for its medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches. The major tourist destination that borders Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, and much of the nation’s architecture dates back to the 1500s-1800s. During this time, Portugal had a maritime empire.¬†Some of the most popular destinations in Portugal are

Russian Baker Creates Mirror Marble Cakes That Are Just Too Impressive To Eat

Cakes look tasty and tempting as they are without all the decoration, so imagine when they look this beautiful. A confectioner from Russia named Olga Noskova decorates her with a hint of extraordinary amount of detail and luxury. In her stunning creations she uses her signature flawless surfaces which make the sweets look like marble mirror

New Record For Hoverboard Distance Set By Flyboard Air!

Like me, I can bet many hoverboard-enthusiasts were at the tip of their chairs when they saw that first teaser for the Flyboard Air that was released last month. Here is something else to get you excited. It turns out that the hoverboard is actually much realer that we though, and there is a new

Wear This Unique Ring For No Issue Getting Away To That Unusual Place You Dream Of

Rings are like windows to other worlds and they can then mean so much to us. There are mood rings to tell us how we are feeling, sparkly diamond rings for showing the person you love how much you love them, resin rings for capturing a spectacular scenery, and the list goes on. If you

10 of the Funniest Restaurant Menu Translation Errors Ever Spotted By Travelers

When a restaurant is formulating their menu, we can say that it is in their every intention to make their food sound delicious and having you tempted to order it. The title and the description of a plate should make you want to spend more money so that you can enjoy every second of it.

Have The Universe Locked Away Around Your Neck With One Of These Miniature Lockets

Space is that amazing place that we may never get to go to. We can only look at it and lust at the twinkling star, the big bright moon and the purple night sky. For that reason, we can only enjoy looking at it in photos, paintings etc. A New York-based jewelry designer named Khara

Language Barriers Broken With This Traveller T-Shirt Featuring 40 Icons

A language barrier is all that it takes for a trip to China, France or India to go bad. You can be trying to get around by pointing at things, making hand gestures, and even drawing on a piece of paper but it is just not that easy. You could be asking for chicken soup