10 Of The Most Unforgettable Hotels Around The World

If you are looking to make your holiday of travelling exciting, choosing a hotel or place to stay that is beautiful or exotic is something that you should consider doing as well. Your excursions will have to be travel-worthy and so must your hotel. The one thing that comes with choosing a unique and unforgettable hotel

Creamer & Expressive Dance Moves Combines Beautifully

Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte and film director André (Nicolas Vantomme) have created a beautiful photo series and film that beautifully featured a dancer elegantly dancing into bursts of white powder. The concept was created by Creative agency, Norvell Jefferson and CD director, Jurriaan Eversdijk were the devisers of the concept. In an effort to capture

10 Best Award-Winning Wedding Pictures Of 2014 By ISPWP

1st Place in ‘The Decisive Moment‘  (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Summer 2014) If you are looking for a place to see the best of the best photographs that were taken at weddings, you can look no further than a photography contest. Recently the International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers, held their quarterly competition among

These Creative Street Pianos Are Creating Friendships All Over The World

(Toronto, Canada – 2012) You might not notice it, but we as human spend a lot of time around other strangers without even speaking to them. This British artist named Luke Jarram realized this and decided to placed pianos that were brightly painted with different designs in public places in hopes that it would spark

Chinese Street Photographer Has Special Eye For Random Peculiar Moments

For ten years, Tao Liu has been working as a water meter reader for the Hefei Water Supply Company. He started to have an interest in photography about three years ago with the use of a Fujifilm X100, which he used to capture random and unexpected moments during his break and after his work. He

These 10 Candles Might Be The Most Creative Things Ever Made

Most, if not all of us, would know that before light bulbs, candles served as the most convenient way of lighting up homes. Lightbulbs may have replaced the candles when it comes on to being the most convenient method of lighting, but they surely haven’t replaced the candles for being one of the most suitable items

Watch Out Human Ball Boys! Dogs Are Now Dominating Your Job

After it was discovered that last year received the lowest-ever ratings for a men’s U.S. Open final, some tennis organisers decided that it was time to add a little entertainment value to the game. Though it might not be a sustainable alternative for pushing television viewership in the long run, the organisers of the ASB Classic

Take A Look at 100 Years Worth of Beauty in 1 Minute

The differences in the past decades are not only marked by historical events but by its distinct look as well–particularly that of women. And every fashion and beauty aficionado knows that such distinct looks are very much definable and unique to each decade as well. More often than not, the differences lie in which feature of

Butcher Knife Blades Carved Into Wildlife Scenes By Artist

Previously, this artist named Li Hongbo created amazing flexible structures by carving into stacks of paper. The same artist recently took on a new carving challenge and created new pieces by transforming butcher knifes into delicate artworks. Hongbo created intricate wildlife scenes by carving and bending the blades of kitchen knives with incredible care and fine detailing.

5 Atrociously Overpriced Everyday Items

You may have realized that the everyday items that we need in our homes are the things that many, if not most of us, will find affordable and find at almost any store, or even gas station’s mini-mart. There are however some very expensive version of these things. From gold toilet papers to chocolate flavoured toothpaste,