Have The Universe Locked Away Around Your Neck With One Of These Miniature Lockets

Space is that amazing place that we may never get to go to. We can only look at it and lust at the twinkling star, the big bright moon and the purple night sky. For that reason, we can only enjoy looking at it in photos, paintings etc. A New York-based jewelry designer named Khara

Language Barriers Broken With This Traveller T-Shirt Featuring 40 Icons

A language barrier is all that it takes for a trip to China, France or India to go bad. You can be trying to get around by pointing at things, making hand gestures, and even drawing on a piece of paper but it is just not that easy. You could be asking for chicken soup

These 12 Embroideries By Different Artists Are On An Entire Level Off Creativity For Themselves

The first times of embroidery can be traced back to the Warring States period in China (500-300BC) and to Sweden’s Migration period (300-700AD). Some may argue that it has not changed on bit since being originated. “It is a striking fact that in the development of embroidery … there are no changes of materials or techniques

10 Of The Most Perfectly & Beautifully Grown Bonsai Trees

One of the most beautiful trees on Earth is the Bonsai tree. It might also be one of the only trees that you can fit in your home. The beauty of  bonsai tree always promises to bring beauty to your space, encourage patience and dedication, purify the air and even relieve stress. Doesn’t that make

A Convenient Lounger For Hanging Out Anywhere This Summer Doesn’t Get Better Than This

Summer is coming up and I know majority of us have plans to spend a lot of their days outdoors. Whether this be camping, lounging around at the beach, or attending a music festival. During those occasions, you’ll need something comfortable to sit and lie on when you are chilling. Even though lounge chairs, hammocks,

10 Dogs That Will Be Totally Rocking Their Sunglasses This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and the many dogs across the world are looking to bare it all in the glorious rays of sunshine. From hitting the beach to going to the park with their owner, there will be tons of outdoor activities taking place around this time of the year. Some will wear

10 “She-Sheds” That Are Perfect Female Alternative For Man Caves

The man of the household always tends to have their own space. Whether they want to call it their “study”, “chillroom” or “Man Cave”, this room tend to be the place that you can find them when they go missing. Men should however be the only ones that get their own place to dwell and

10 Popular Cartoon Characters You Would Want To See At The Store In Real Life

Most cartoons entertain us by being funny with their weird looking characters and weird fictional stories. Your children’s thoughts of the characters being funny would instantly change if they were to see what those characters would look like in real life. Owing to their uniquely shaped faces and sculpt, I am pretty sure kids would freak out

Veteran Dog Who Lost One Of Her Legs While Touring Afghanistan Receives Prestigious Awarded

For six years, this specially trained German Shepherd named Lucca has been doing something that many of us would never imagine being brave enough to do. Touring Iraq and Afghanistan, her awesome ability to sniff out explosives and lead 400 patrols of people, have saved thousands of lives. With so many people having to trust

50,000 Twinkling Light Stems Installed Right Across A Desert Is A Remarkable Sight

These immerse light installations are like scenes from a fairytale. Known for his vast and immersive light-based installations of all sizes and covering all-kinds of landscapes, British artist Bruce Munro has brought to us a new large-scale project that he says is inspired from his interest in shared human experience. In his past projects, Munro