Architects Campaign To Raise Funds To Build Real Life Fictional City From ‘Lord of the Rings’

Here is your chance to live like a hero of Tolkien-esque proportions. An Indiegogo campaign is being run by a group of architects and structural engineers to build the same fantastical city of Minas Tirith that appeared in Tolkein, in England. Before having the opportunity to visit the city, the architect need your help to raise

Four Seasons Exhibited With Stunning Blown-Glass Trumpets By US Glass Artists

Creating a series of exquisite blown-glass trumpets that capture the essence of the four seasons with their ‘Symphony of the Seasons’ piece, Oakland-based glass artist Etai Rahmil teamed up with Washington-based artist Phil Siegel, challengingly executed the fastidious details and functionality of the pipes which turned out to be beautiful and remarkable works of art.  The duo

Top 10 Most Unique Swimming Pools From Across The World

As Summer comes to a close, there might not be enough time left for some of us to take a dip in a swimming pool with the bright sun shining our way. Some of us might had also abandoned our local leisure centre’s swimming pool because it wasn’t up to scratch and sharing the pool with

Couple With No Kids Cutely Twists Newborn Photoshoot By Doing It With Their Dog

Babies are sweet bundles of joy, something that many people from all parts of the world share in saying. While having a newborn in your life can mean lots of joy, it’s not so much of fun when the baby happens to com around at the wrong time and by this I mean probably when

Lite-Brite Upgraded With New Board That Uses Color Changing Dials Instead Of Pegs

The Lite-Brite by Hasbro is one of those brilliant simple toys that has endured the changes of time. This new giant Everbright board takes the colorful toy a bit further, from being just a toy to being a possible office tool or decorating device for different occasions at different locations. It replaces those colored plastic pegs with

Highwire Artist Nearly Falls To His Death While Wire Walking 951ft Above Ground

Just second after beginning, a world record breaking solo tightrope walk almost ended in tragedy as the stuntman slipped off the rope, nearly falling to his death. As he hung more than 950ft in the air above the Chief North Gully in Canada, highwire artist Spencer Seabrooke lost his footing on the lifeline beneath his

10 Products That Made It Totally Clear That They Don’t Care About Trademark

Patent law has been in existence since at least 500 B.C. in countries like Greece. Despite this, imitation has always set foot and isn’t it just the sincerest form of flattery? I’m sure business owners that have come up clean with their own brand and patent lawyers would disagree. Here is the 21st century, the

10 Photographed Moments That Explain Why Women Will Always Outlive Men

Looking for an explanation to the fact that out of the top 49 oldest people that are alive today, only 2 are men? Some people might say that it could be just a coincidence, but research and scientific study suggests otherwise. Before women became so independent and began to take on paying the bills and

Dog Leads Police To Family’s Burning Home After Being Told “Go Get Help”

When you are in a crisis situation, this is the kind of Buddy that you will need to save you. A German Shepherd named Buddy proved to be a real-life superhero as he led the police straight to the home of his family which was on fire. The moment which was recorded by the police

15-Year-Old Pakistani Receives $6.63million From Playing Video Games

Who would have thought that somebody could become a multimillionaire from just playing games? Not just somebody, but a talented teenager was able to accomplish this feat of winning $6.63 million (£4m) by playing ‘Defence of the Ancients 2′. At Valve’s eSports competition, ‘The International’, that was held on the 8th of August, Samuel Hassan’s