15 Photos That Prove Humanity Can Be Restored

There are some people on Earth that are always ready to go the extra mile to make a positive change in somebody’s life no matter their own troubles. Previous stories that shared of a man and his friend giving free laundry washes to homeless people with his mobile washroom van, and another that shared of

19-Year-Old Creates World Class Robotic Hand That Can Be Controlled With Your Mind

Can you imagine? All at a measly cost of $400 you could design and build your very own robot arm that you can control with your mind. This brilliant 19-year-old high school graduate was able to achieve that feat. While many of us may be thinking about how cheap and profitable the invention would be,

Dogs? Naughty? Too Shocking To Believe!

Most times when we hear people talking about cats, it is guaranteed that you’d hear them call them sneaky and mischievous, but when they talk about dogs…the cutest and sweetest things ever. They’re friendly, loyal and just too adorable. Most of these people that talk this way about dogs would however be the people that

Family Kayaking Receives Surprise Visit From Sea Lion Pup On Valentine’s Day

What would you do if you saw a sea lion jump up on your boat to enjoy the ride with you? On Saturday, the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day), a family kayaking in Santa Barbara harbour in California received a surprising visit when they found themselves paddling in their kayak with an extra passenger, a

10 Awesome & Exciting Festivals Celebrated Around The World

One of the most beautiful sights achieved by events around the world is when millions of people have gathered at the one location in costumes to celebrate an occasion. Festivals with a specific theme is particularly what I’m talking about, whether it be with colourful paints, hot air balloons, or lanterns. These festivals can also be

Dubai Unveils Plans To Build Aladdin Tale Inspired Fantasy City

Many would know that Dubai is no stranger to outlandish architectural endeavours. This latest confirmed project will definitely be no exception to that. Inspired by the tales of Aladdin and Sinbad, a 4,000 acre project called Aladdin City will be built in the city’s oldest region, the Dubai Creek. The theatrical 34-storey tower will be

10 Dogs That Are Great Illusions Of Teddy Bears

Dogs are simply amazing animals. You can always depend on them to be the friend that won’t criticize or leave you hanging. While you can always count on them to be a good friend, we must also remember that they are always there for us when we need a hug. Have you ever found yourself looking at

A Game That Is Actually All About Rocks!

There have been some eccentric games developed over recent years which have had a viral and addictive effect. When we think of such games Candy Crush, Flappy Bird and Fruit Ninja among other creations come to mind. The gaming industry has become such a “bubble” and lucrative industry these days that indie developers from everywhere

52-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Robo-Cleaner In Her Home

If you haven’t noticed, many tech companies are now looking to invest in robotics, and have them placed in many homes across the world to make life easier. While some people have already accepted the thought of having a robot in their home and think of them as being user-friendly, there are others that are

2015 Gerber Spokesbaby ‘Grace’ Dazes Us With Cuteness

The award for being the two most adorable things on Earth would definitely be given to dogs and babies. After scanning through nearly 200,000 entries, Gerber has announced the winner of its  2014 “Be Our Baby” photo contest. The winner was announced to be adorable 7-month-old Grace. Pennsylvania native Grace who is now the official Gerber