Animated Series ‘Futurama’ Receives Stunning 3D Rendering

It is highly unlikely that there will be an eighth season of Futurama with its inconsistency in viewer rating perhaps putting the final nail in the coffin after the show was cancelled once again. That however did not stop Russian artist Alexy Zakharov from creating 3D illustrations of the famous Planet Express Crew. Zakharov produced a

World’s Oldest Mantee In Captivity Turns 66 Years Old

As of July 21, 2014, Snooty the Manatee is 66 years of age. On record he is the oldest manatee in captivity and potentially the world’s oldest manatee overall which in itself makes a strong case for manatee conservation. In comparison to manatees in captivity, those living in the wild are considered lucky should they

Watch the Best Kind of Drive-By Ever: Guy Handing Out Compliments to Strangers

A man on the mission to make people feel good about themselves, even for a while. Blake Grigsby set out to drive around carrying a megaphone and yell compliments to random people on the streets. It’s a different kind of drive by, which aims to bring a smile to people’s faces. And even though some

What These Lowe’s Employees Did For A Veteran Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Michael Sulsona is a Vietnam veteran, who was waiting for a new wheelchair form the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). According to him, they have continuously denied his requests until it came to a point that the wheelchair he was using broke down, while he was doing some shopping at Lowe’s. Read this excerpt below

Kickstarter Raises Over US$130K for Giant Cat Wheel

If you are familiar with hamster wheels then you already know where this story is heading. In a world where creativity is no longer hampered by financial resources thanks to crowd funding websites, entrepreneurs are unleashing their imagination on the world. One such example is the new Kickstarter project designed as a fitness regimen for

Guilty Dog Offers This Toddler An Apology Like No Other

For some people having a baby and a loyal dog are prized emotional assets. The pairing though is not always ideal for one of the two. A baby can sometimes be a “nuisance” to a dog and a dog can also inspire what a baby does best, cry. Some of you can easily relate to

Paintings or Real Life? See, Analyze, and Decide For Yourself

“Your body is my canvas.” This is the main concept behind artist Alexa Meade‘s awe-inspiring craft of transforming actual live models into walking and breathing two-dimensional portraits. The way in which she paints and creates her masterpiece is so mind-blowingly good that you can be easily tricked into thinking that you’re seeing something that really

Eerie Photos Bring Children’s Nightmares to Life During the 60s & 70s

Children’s dreams and nightmares are such beautiful mysteries to behold. The powerful and meaningful pull behind all of these is what inspired American photographer, Arthur Tress, to shoot these staged visual interpretations of several children during the 1960s to 70s. The finished images are nothing short of outstanding and compelling, despite its rather eerie and unsettling

Father Claims Kingdom To Make His Daughter A Real Princess

Everybody loves to see the face of their children as they lighten-up with joy when they are promised to get something that they really love, and possibly means the world to them. Choosing to not fulfilling the promise on the other hand can become the worst day of your life. This US father-of-three has claimed

Meet Raju–The Elephant That Cried After Being Rescued

After being held in chains and being abused for about 50 years in India, Raju was finally rescued by the daring team of Wildlife SOS that travelled all the way from North London to make this rescue happen. Raju’s life consisted of being forced to hold out his trunk to beg for coins from passers-by and