How Barcode Printers Are Helping South Australian Wineries

Ross Estate Wines is a small-scale winery nestled within the rolling hills of the gorgeous Barossa Valley, which is  located in a small town called Lyndoch, in South Australia. Established in 1999, Ross Estate Wines quickly climbed to the top as one of the most reputable providers of authentic Mediterranean inspired vineyards in the world. But,

Expecting Couple’s Gender Reveal Bash Goes Awry With One Note

Gender reveal parties are great ways to share finding out the gender of a soon-to-be born baby. Some people however dismiss this idea as they share that they don’t have the discipline and patience to wait to hear if they will be having a girl or a boy. This couple however had the patience and

The Best of #BendGate — Funniest Photos & Tweets of the Supposed Bendable iPhone 6

Instead of having the sole focus on the amazing features of Apple’s newest iPhone releases, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the spotlight has been on the recent complaints of how such smart phone models can be bent, especially when kept inside pockets. This is definitely a very new issue for Apple to address with

Who Knew Liquid Splashes Could Make Such Gorgeous Flowers?

Artists worldwide have gained success in taking art to a whole new level. They have begun to use even trashed items in their environment to create some of the most beautiful and unique pieces. While some have carved into objects such as leaves, and others have taken even created chocolate shaped like lego pieces, this

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dogs

According to research, dogs have been living with human like best friends from 15,000 years ago, and after all these years, they have found that there is more to a dog than just being able to playing dead and fetching. Check out these 10 facts that you probably didn’t know were discovered about dogs.  

Teen Busted For Climbing Skyscraper To Snap Mesmerizing Pics Of NYC

Almost everyone that has visited or lives in New York City adores the places for its fancy-looking town, stunning scenery made by the lights at night from a high balcony and the amazing skyscraper buildings, but is there anyone that is as amazed and appreciative of its beauty like this 17-year-old photographer? The Queens, New

Man Supposedly In A Coma Got Caught Shopping With Family

Alan Knight has faked a spine injury that caused him to have seizures and left in a vegetative state from the neck down in order to avoid appearing in court for fraud accusations–for two whole years. The worst part of it all is how his wife is also in on it on the scam and

Could This Actually Be The World’s First Real Overboard?

Remember this scene from Back to the Future 2 movie? Ever since Marty McFly took part in this hoverboard chase scene in the classic Back to the Future 2, a lot of fans have waited for such technology to be developed that would let them have their very own hoverboard. And alas, since 1989, it’s finally

UAE Dog Lover Seeks Another Home For Her 160 “House-Caninates”

People that desire to provide dogs a proper home are the ones that truly possess a big heart. A 47-year-old woman named Amirah Williams is exactly the type of dog lover we are talking about. As reported by The National, an animal lover is something of an understatement for this devoted woman who shares her

Gifted Artist Sees 98 Million More Hues Than The Average Person

When most of us look at an orange, red or yellow flower, we simply see nothing else but that color of the plant. Unlike us, this artist is able to sees an array of other colours at the flower’s edges as she is able to see 100 times more hues than the average person. Artist Concetta