Father & Daughter Shows Off Their Creativity By Recreating Scenes From ‘Jurassic Park’

It’s always a too bad situation when kids don’t get to watch Jurassic Park, a movie hosting dinosaurs which many kids are fascinated about. Parents say the movie is too gory, and there is too much dangerous action for their kids to see. If you’re still looking for an appropriate way to blow their minds

Deaf Man Receives Awing Surprise From His Entire Neighbourhood

Most if not all of us love surprises, the good ones in particular. Surprising people with positive, unexpected events that took much time to prepare, is one of the best ways to tell someone that you love and appreciate them.This deaf man living in Istanbul received this sort of surprise. Muharrem went out one morning

Skeletons Moving On Screen Surprise Crowd With Relevant Message

“Before anything else, we are all human. It’s time to embrace diversity. Let’s put aside labels in the name of love.” Everyday in the news, we hear so much negativity with regards to discrimination and prejudice–whether it relates to gender, religion, race, class, age, and whatnot. In light of these issues, a non-profit group launched

These Cartoon Look-A-Likes Will Have You Wondering Which One Is The Cartoon

The number of people out here in the real world that look exactly like fictional cartoon characters have many of us somewhat worrisome. There can only be one reason behind this effect, either these cartoon doppelgangers are mimicking their favourite cartoons or the cartoons are mimicking us. One thing for sure is that these human

Singita Resort In South Africa Enlightened With Solar Energy

Located in South Africa is a solar powered and eco-friendly family Singita. The tourist destinations which sits on a 33,000 acre concession on the eastern reaches of Kruger National Park near the border of Mazambique border, is divided into two sections : The Singita Sweni Lodge and the Singita Lebombo, which are both dedicated to

Fab or Drag? These 10 Dogs Came To Make A Fashion Statement On St. Patrick’s Day

The big St. Patrick’s Day is here and there are tons of people in their cities participating in parades, dressing up in costumes and spending time with family to seize the moment and festivities that the National Holiday brings. As large crowds turn out for the parade events in cities, we can’t help but also recognize

10 Of The Most Refreshing Bathrooms Ever Designed

Innovating bathrooms has always been a trend. The pleasing thing about choosing to innovate your bathroom is the comfort that it will bring after you have finished decking it out with the new facilities. Your new styling mantra for your bathroom can vary so much as there as many different styles to choose from. An

10 Of The Most Awesome Teachers In The History Of School

As much as how there were many of us who would always chant how much we hate school and grumbled when we were suppose to get up to be on our way from early hours in the morning, there is always that one teacher that we would all look forward to seeing in class. This

Samsung Creates 2-Room ‘Dream Doghouse’ For The Finest Dogs

Some people can afford to treat their dog with the finest of things, feeding them out of silver plates, giving them manicures and pedicures on a frequent basis, and dressing them in brand name clothes. Recently, Samsung unveiled a $30,000 two-room ‘Dream Doghouse’ that offers your thoroughly-pampered pooch with a hot tub, astroturf-covered treadmill, paw-operated

Watch How Young Boys React When Asked to Slap A Girl

More and more people are holding social experiments to convey some of the most relevant issues within the society today. Such is the case for, an Italian news company, as they conducted a little social experiment with the main question: “What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to