10 Perplexing Things That Kids Cry Over

I don’t know about other people, but I think kids make great additions to our lives. They help us to be better at everything. When we have kids around we tend to be patient, kind, caring, better time managers, and a plethora of other things. Having kids can get a little difficult at times because

This Video Of A Dying Vietnam Man With His Two Beloved Horses For The Last Time Is Just Heartwarming

I think we as humans sometimes tend to underestimate the powerful bond that can be formed between man and animals. Some of us don’t believe that animals are smart enough to understand what our face expressions and our tone of speech is displaying. Owing to this, we are led to believe that animals just can’t

The “Break The Window To Rescue A Dog” Law Is Now An Even Bigger Debate After This Photo Of A Dog In A Car Went Viral

A debate about dogs being left in hot cars has again ignited when a tweet went viral. People are still pitching their concerns on whether passersby should break the window to rescue a dog or keep walking. In the tweet, there was a photo of a dog that was left alone in a parked car.

Shocking Video Released Of A Baby Boy Who Fell Into A Gorilla Exhibit At A Zoo

This past Saturday, news broke that a 4-year-old boy fell 10 feet into the gorilla exhibit at a zoo. According to a statement that was made by the Cincinnati Zoo, when the incident occurred, two female gorillas in the exhibit were immediately recalled, but the male named Harambe was able to still make his way

This Driver Filmed Sleeping In His Car As It Moved Along On Autopilot Rings In The Start Of Our Futuristic Days

The beginning of our futuristic days with technology has already begun and only some of us will realize this because we keep a tab on what inventions are being released. From robots that now take over jobs that previously required the hands of a human, to drones now allowing every walking man on Earth to

Have Your Customized 3D Printed Gummy Candies Made At This U.S. Candy Store

A candy chain is now allowing those of us who love candies and 3D printing to enjoy the two all at once. Partnering with Magic Candy Factory, Dylan’s Candy Bar just installed 3D printers in their shops to allow their customers to create and design their own gummy candies, and print them right away. Currently,

10 Vintage Photos Of Couples Hanging On To Love During Wartime

During times of war, just about everything was dreadful. There was food shortage, homes being destroyed, families being separated. Everything fell short, but love. Love is such a powerful thing that it was the only thing that people were able to hang on to when gun shots rang out across the country and smoke from

Mother Goose Gets Cops Attention To Lead Him To Baby For Help

An animal approaching a human for help is just as strange as a seeing a donkey with black and white strips. In all his 26 years of working with the force, this Cincinnati Police Department officer named James Givens, has never had to offer this strange help. The story is said to be a first

This Photoshoot Of A Mom With Her Newborn Quintuplets Is The Most Adorable Ever

Life is full of surprises, good and bad. This couple had the surprise of their life just when they found out how many children they will be having in just one go. 25-year-old Kim Tucci and her husband had the greatest surprise of their life. The proud parents of three were told that they were

This Relaxing Wood-Fired Hot Tub Is Every Workout Junkie’s Dream For Relieving Muscle Pains

This tub is just about everything you would want in a hot tub. The Ox & Monkey Soak is an outdoor-grade wood-fired hot tub that you can use to dip in a vat of water in the backyard. So, cooking up in some heat will no longer like a chicken can be meant literally as