6 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

On Halloween day people will be looking our for the best decorated house and the coolest costumes. Many of us tend to spend fortunes on decorations but little did we know that we can create some of the coolest things to prep our space by buying materials that cost even $1 for a whole pack

It’s Complete! World’s First 3D Printed Car Up & Running

It was officially revealed that the world’s first 3D printed car has been completed, and that in what we would definitely consider as a record time. The ingenious company behind the project is motor vehicle manufacturing company Local Motors. Their dedication to the 3D printing industry has not only inspired other companies worldwide to engage

“Little Moe” – The Ebola-Killing Robot

Although the deadly virus Ebola is circulating all over the World, 250 hospitals and health facilities across the US currently possess a germ-killing robot that is designed to rid a room of the viral DNA using pulses of ultraviolet light. The robot designed by San Antonia-based Xenex called “Little Moe” uses a non-toxic gas called

Polaroid Introduces New Camera The Looks Like Instagram’s Logo

American company with 75 years of photography history, Polaroid, has introduced a new device that features the applications of a digital camera and the interactivity of an instant camera all in one. The new gadget called the Polaroid Socialmatic is a hipster combination of new technology and retro photography. The firm which is known for its

Actress Tippi Hedren & Family Lives With Lion In The 1970′s

Some people have great desires to connect with the wild that is so intense that they would put life and limb on the line to pursue interacting with the animals. They adopt grizzly bears to live with them, put themselves in cages and lower themselves into a sea of sharks and even give birth alongside

3D Pen Let’s You Create Drawings Out of Thin Air!

If you’ve ever thought about making drawings out of thin air in a 3D format, then now your imagination can become a reality. Hammacher Schlemmer, a company based in Illinois, USA has developed a unique pen that “writes” with warm thermoplastic that hardens in a matter of seconds. In order to create designs, users download prints

10 Well Known Company Logos That Features Hidden Messages

A logo is one of the most important aspects of a company. Once a consumer sees it they are instantly able to recognize them. Some famous companies have took the time to make their corporate symbol more interesting by including a hidden messages that most people would have to look very carefully and closely to

10 Small Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Indoor Pets

Small dogs make great indoor pets for your family, and even as a fashion accessories for celebrities. Most of these small dogs have ideal personalities for your children to be around them without careful supervision as they are playful yet not too rough for them. When choosing a small breed dog for your family, you

Sound Waves Could Be The Answer To Curing Cancer!

The idea of finding a cure for a deadly illness can sometimes be overwhelming. Many people would shrug off the idea of such cures as impossible. While it may same like a difficult task to find the solution to such ills. Sometimes the answer is in front of us. One such case was jaundice which

Largest Glacier Calving in Greenland As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Just how aware are you with regards to the reality of climate change? We may have already seen countless statistics and photos, but somehow, it’s still hard to fully grasp its effects and how it can affect our future. But sometimes, all it really takes is a wake up call–and this video could be it. Filmed