10 People Who Clearly Don’t Care About Your Rules

There are rules and standards set almost everywhere we go. We see them on public walls, on the lawn at the park, as we walk on sidewalks, and even in bathrooms. There are some rules that we truly need, but there are just some that we just really have to question. This includes the rule

Parents Show The “Sad” Moment Of Sending Their Kids Off To School After Summer

As harsh as it sounds, there are a handful of parents that will react with thrills to hearing “back to school.” Simply because it means no longer having the kids running around the house, giving trouble. While parents always seem to be thrilled, we can’t say that the kids share that same feeling. It may seem

This Shiba Inu Is Pulling In $15,000 A Month From His Talent Of Modeling

In a shocking twist for many of us, this Shiba Inu dog might be making more money than us. Dubbed as the Menswear Dog, he might even also dress more impeccable than many of us. Residing in New York City with his owners, 27-year-old Yena Kim and 29-year-old David Fung, 5-year-old Bodhi is said to

10 Awesome Yet Ridiculously Priced Water Toys To Look Out For This Summer

While many of us will only be able to afford playing with the same worn out floaties and balls that we have been using to have fun during Summer for the last decade, some rich kids will be hanging out on yachts and messing around with their new water sport toys. Check out this list

These 10 Bakery Fails Will Make You ROFL!

When placing an order to companies to have a service done for us, we have to ensure that we are very clear when explaining our request. The problem with doing this via emails or phone calls is that we are not able to do this face-to-face with the receptionist where it actually allows them to

These Kid’s Temporary Tattoos By A New Zealand Artist Will Make Every Tattooed Adult Jealous

A New Zealand artist recently made a proposal that if he received 50 likes for a post he made on Facebook, he would visit the Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital and give the children cool temporary tattoos. Though he only asked for 50, the artist received hundreds of thousands.

10 Fun & Easy 4th Of July Celebration DIYs You Really Need To Try

The day that America gained its independence is here! Today, 4th of July, you can expect to see many people parading around in the colours of the American flag. This day allows American citizens to come together to salute their country. While some people will be joining the parade on the streets, others may be at

Russian Robot Makes The News For Managing To Escape From Its Training Compound

This recent news on robots is definitely not the type of story you would expect, and definitely the type of story that will kind of make you scared about the heights of development that robots have reached. A self-learning robot that was being trained at a facility in Russia managed to escape the training compound

10 Perplexing Things That Kids Cry Over

I don’t know about other people, but I think kids make great additions to our lives. They help us to be better at everything. When we have kids around we tend to be patient, kind, caring, better time managers, and a plethora of other things. Having kids can get a little difficult at times because

This Video Of A Dying Vietnam Man With His Two Beloved Horses For The Last Time Is Just Heartwarming

I think we as humans sometimes tend to underestimate the powerful bond that can be formed between man and animals. Some of us don’t believe that animals are smart enough to understand what our face expressions and our tone of speech is displaying. Owing to this, we are led to believe that animals just can’t