Six-Year-Old’s Dream Cake Design Drawing Is Baked & Decorated To A T

It’s only facts, when you design a cake to be made for you, you expect the person doing all the baking to make it look exactly like you’ve requested. The six-year-old boy was looking to be delighted with the results of dream cake when he sketched it out on paper. The Star Wars-theme cake that

The Six Realms Of Buddhism Symbolized With Shipwrecks And Oceans Inside Whale Bodies By Japanese Artist

Miniature worlds are captured in clear resin shaped like whales by a Japanese artist named Isana Yamada. Titled, Samsara, the six whale project represents the six realms in Buddhist cosmology: the Heaveny Realm, the Asura, the Animal Realm, Hell, the Ghost Realm, and the Human Realm. Samsara is Sanskrit for the cycle of death and

First Undersea Sculpture Museum In Europe Hosts Haunting Drowned Figures

Recently, artist installed the first group of his amazing underwater concrete artworks for the Museo Atlantico off the coast of Lanzarote. The hauntingly beautiful sculptures which can be found at Europe’s first undersea sculpture museum in the Canary Islands is a permanent collection to the museum that will raise awareness of the threats facing our world’s

Talented 11-Year-Old’s Doodles Are Intricately Detailed Illustrations Of Wildlife

This young boy’s doodles definitely would not be considered as one of the average doodles. Doodling by Dušan Krtolica is taken to a whole other level as he will create massively detailed tableaus of animals and plants from all walks of life. The 11-year-old began sketching intricate illustration at a young age, while growing up in Serbia. Waving his

This LEGO KFC Chicken Vending Machine Should Be A Necessity For All College Dorms

Being a college or university student is just not easy. In that case, the dorm life and studies need to be treated very specially. Here we are not just talking about laptops, supplements and a clean environment but also snacks. I don’t know where some students would be without snacks and that’s why this Lego

10 Hedgehog Photos That Will Totally Make You Wish You Had A Pet Hedgehog

Here is an unusual fact; hedgehog’s spikes are actually hair stiffened by keratin. I guess keratin shampoo is not so excellent for smooth hair after all. While this sort of stiffening effect would not work perfect for us as human, it sure does make hedgehogs adorably cute. Today is “Hedgehog Appreciation Day” and we have

Pizza Button On US Hotel Phone Allows You To Have Pizzas Delivered At Your Door

Pizza is one of the most favored dishes right across the world. Those of us who join this number would therefore be no stranger to once dreaming of having a hot, pillowy, cheesy pizza brought straight to your door in just the push of a button. Well, there is no need to dream anymore as

10 Shibas Who Would Totally Listen To Your Stories No Matter How Boring They Are

The dog breed, Shiba, originates from Japan and was recently brought to America. Unlike the other breed of dogs that distinct themselves from each other with their appearance and behavior, Shibas also make themselves clearly outlined from others for being such good listeners. Here are 10 photos of Shibas to prove how much of great

This Cat’s Selfie Game Is Hands-Down Unbeatable By Any Human

If you spend at least 15 minutes on your phone scrolling through Instagram everyday, it is more than likely that you have met this cat named Manny. Let’s just say that he is the world’s best ‘selfie cat’. Manny has gained the likes of many people and has gained huge internet popularity because of the

Slackliners Relax While Suspended 400 Feet Above Ground In Hand-Knitted Hammock

Let me first just warn that the following is something that I’d expect no inexperienced person to try. After his performance in the Superbowl 46 Half-time show, Andy Lewis became a common household name. That is because , for the show, he jumped, danced, flipped and did the splits on a slackline, wearing a toga.