12 Year Old Cancer Patient Receives First Ever 3D Printed Vertebra

When 3-D printers were first announced most of us thought of all the “cool” things we could do with it. Now, it turns out it is more than just an item of novelty as it made it first big contribution to medicine. China Central Television reported that a “Beijing hospital has carried out the the world’s

This Nail Polish Could Help Prevent Date Rape!

California-based Start-up company, Undercover Colors, has declared itself as the world’s first fashion company that is focused on preventing sexual assault and is developing a brand of nail polish that could detect date rape drugs. The method requires the wearer to simply dip one nail causally into the drink and wait to see if it

Programmer Creates System That Allows His Pets To Play Street Fighter

As humans we tend to want companions, for some of us a friend similar to ourselves will suffice, but for others having a pet is also a must. In one of the most bizarre match-ups to ever grace the Earth, two fishes owned by a young Canadian go at it in the classic arcade game

Japanese Designer Creates Chocolate Lego Pieces

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi decided it was time Lego became more than just pieces for building art work, instead he wanted to appeal our hearts. Not one letter short of ingenuity, the idea to combine Lego and chocolate is simply irresistible for adults who will feel nostalgic and children who will hassle said

Watch Just How Much Putting On Sunscreen Can Do For Your Skin

A lot of people, both men and women, undermine the importance of putting on sunscreen whenever they go out and about under the sun. But the thing is, while you may not see the sun’s harsh effects on the skin right now, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and are not getting worse each day that

2014 Yo-Yo World Champion Shows off Amazing Tricks

When nostalgia beckons many of us will vividly remember those days when we were crazy about yo-yos. Some of us were capable of managing a few simple tricks such as walking the dog and rocking the baby. The yo-yo love affair didn’t last long for many of us who chose other fads on which we

Artist Omid Asadi Creates Ravishing Art By Carving Into Leaves

As an artist you will need materials such as different shades of pencils, paints, a sketch pad etc., but some artists however have decided to use their surroundings to create some of the most unbelievable artworks. An artist from Greater Manchester has taken this path and  proved that art can be on anything, even fallen

5 Astonishing Video Game Myths

Video game myths are as old as the inception of games itself and has been a corner stone in adding extra excitement to the “what could be” outcome.  Prior to the internet many would have spread the news by word of mouth hoping the rumour would gather some steam and catch on pretty quickly. The

Meet the Adorable Dog Who Runs a Store Window in Japan

Only in Japan will you find a cute and cuddly dog standing by a store window. Meet Shiba Inu, the dog who “works” as customer service at a small cigarette store called Suzuki. We really can’t blame the dog and store’s owner for putting Shiba on display, since it can very well attract the attention

Under Armour Unveils a Moving Video Aimed at Empowering Women

While adversity may deter most people from achieving their goals in life, some push and persevere until they get nothing but the recognition and acknowledgment that they deserve. Such is the life of Misty Copeland, the premier American ballet dancer and has also been known as the first African American female soloist for the American