10 Awesome Yet Ridiculously Priced Water Toys To Look Out For This Summer

While many of us will only be able to afford playing with the same worn out floaties and balls that we have been using to have fun during Summer for the last decade, some rich kids will be hanging out on yachts and messing around with their new water sport toys. Check out this list

Armless Man Given The Power To Hold Things Again With Two Mind-Controlled Robotic Prosthetic Arms!

Everyday we hear of somebody’s life being revolutionized by technological advancements. For one man, his life of struggle looks to be put to an end with a new lease. 59-year-old Les Baugh’s life changed when he was 17-years-old. What was supposed to be fun turnout to be the ugly twist in his life as he was

Robot Arrested For Buying Ecstasy With Bitcoins

As unbelievable as it sounds, a robot that was armed with a weekly budget of $100 in bitcoin managed to buy a baseball cap with a built-in camera, a Hungarian passport and ecstasy, before getting arrested. In October last year, a Swiss art group named !Mediengruppe Bitnik was able to set up the ‘automated online

10 Hilarious Parenting Hacks Discovered By Some Brilliant Parents

Many parents would usually describe parenting as a job that is totally not easy and not for the weak-willed. They have also said that it is the one thing that should require a licence, that doesn’t. While it can be one of the most difficult jobs, it can be one of the most rewarding just

Stuntmen Fly Over Dubai Wearing Jetpacks In Video Entitled ‘Young Feathers 4K’

Two of the most popular names in sports are Yves Rossy and his disciple Vince Reffet, who are always looking for a fitness challenge. In this recent challenge that they did, they blew us all away and even outdid themselves. With what I would call the most spectacular air stunt that I’ve ever seen in

Baby ‘Maddie’ Outsmarts Her Dad As He Quizzes Her On Her Favourite Parent

Babies are sweet and adorable, every single one of them. Though this is the case and as mean as this may sound, not all of them are smart. This little girl in this video just happens to be one of the smart ones. Babies always tend to be the bundle of joy in an adult’s

Therapy Dog ‘Kernel’ Changes A Terribly Injured Boy’s Life With Love

Dogs truly do have healing powers. They are just beautiful, empathetic creatures. Whenever you hear a story and it was outlined that a dog was included to help with saving the day, you can count on hearing a happy ending. In this story, a little boy name Caleb was just 6-year-old when he met in

50 Cartoon Characters Offer Motivational Quotes In Their Show To Boost You Up

Who would have thought that cartoons weren’t just about the action and the fairytales? Cartoons are an important part of a child’s development, in fact, they have great cites to share with children that some of them you didn’t realize yourself as their guardians were actually motivational quotes. Check out this list that was compiled by AAA

The US$77,000 Priced Operable Replica Of A Tron Bike Is One Hot Ride!

Recently, many fans of the movie TRON: Legacy who had plenty of cash to spend gathered at an auction to fight for a working replica of a Tron bike that is called Lightcycle. Though the bike was worth between US$25,000 and $40,000, the auctioners of the bike were able to take home double it’s estimated cost

500,000 LEGO Bricks = An Epic Model Of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’s ‘Death Star’

The proportions of the galactic planet-destroying superweapon called Death Star that appears in ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ is so incredible that even in real life and in a much smaller size than seen in the movie, it looks awesome. In a video that was recently released on Youtube, the opening of