Artist Transforms Old Computer Components Into Beautiful Winged Insect Sculptures

The modern-day definition of artistic is being able to take anything such as trash, scrap metal, and even the tools that we use everyday, to make something beautiful. As technology continues to improve and all consumers continue to change their devices for the upgraded version and therefore discarding their old stuff, some of us try

10 Huge Dogs Who Obviously Have No Idea How Big They Are

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. These days when we check out the dogs of the internet we have to wonder if they are actually dogs or humans disguised as dogs. They always tend to be the ones that will stick around when no one else is able to. Probably not even

What Emoji Defines Your Country? SwiftKey Conducts Study To Find Commonly Used Emoji For Each Language

Whether you are sending countless ‘poops’ or adding hearts to sentimental messages, the emoji icon that you use the most says a lot about you. Some experts have successfully been able to analyse more than one billion uses of tiny icons to see how they are used across different languages. Some of the findings that

Chip Show Owner Leaves Hilarious Note For Customers On Store’s Window

A chip shop owner’s hilarious note that he left for his customers to inform them that he is going on a holiday with his wife, has gone viral. The letter which was taken to the net by Twitter user PlattsiePlatts was captioned, “so this is the notice I saw today in the window of our

West Highland Terrier Receives Kiss Of Life After Drowning

Some dog owners are just so dedicated to their pets that they sometimes seem ready to put their life on the line for them. This elderly couple, Dave Rickard and his wife Brenda were so devoted to their West Highland Terrier Daisy that they didn’t even think twice about giving her a kiss of life

Freediver Dares To Indulge In Exploring The World’s Second Deepest Underwater Sinkhole

In this dramatic footage, a world freediving champion is captured jumping into the world’s second deepest underwater sink hole. Guillame Néry is seen standing at the edge before jumping in like an aquatic animal, without scuba gear and simply holding his breath. In the video, the freediving champion seemingly reaches the bottom of the 660ft (200

The Blind Muslim Trust Experiment Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

With all the negative news impacting how people all around the world see muslims, it’s just a breath of fresh air to see a change for once. In the Blind Muslim Trust Experiment, a blindfolded muslim stands in the middle of the streets waiting for hugs from random strangers. So far, it was done and documented

This Device Should Become A Prerequisite For Every Public Bathroom

A typical public toilet is always guaranteed to be contaminated by bacteria and viruses, as just one spec of germ can multiple eight million times in just eight hours. This new hand dryer claims to be able to kill up to 99% of this potentially deadly bacteria quickly and effectively. The technology called Sterillo is

This Autistic 5-Year-Old Gets Rather Magical With Paint Brushes

While autism is a poorly-understood neurological disorder that can impair an individual’s ability to engage in various social interactions, this 5-year-old girl named Grace from the UK is the perfect example of the unexpected gifts that autism can also grant. Likened to the famous French impressionist, Claude Monet, many of her fans and customers are

10 Creative Pies That Are Almost Too Cool To Gobble Up

Yes, not all pies are equal. While some will turn out to be a horrible mess and look like miserable trainwrecks, others can be culinary masterpieces that are so cool that they cause us to reconsider their first purpose. Some of us may place creative cakes in the same categories as pies, but this shouldn’t