Pokemon Fans Are Going Crazy To Collect These Pokeball Terrariums

Bulbasaur Since the releasing of Pokemon Go for smartphones, Pokemon, which a lot of people know for being a cartoon and game for handheld devices, has taken a high with many Pokemon-themed products being released by people from all over the world. A Texas-based artist got in on the market with a terrarium inspired by

10 Awesome Tattoos With Art That Carry Hidden Meanings

We all have our different opinions on tattoos. Some of think they serve as a great way to express how you feel, while others think it will only make you regret that you’ve chosen to ink your body when you become older. Well, here is a style of tattoo art that may just have people

Real-Life Mermaid Raises Awareness For The Ocean’s Health By Swimming With Sharks & Whales

Initiatives to protect life under water is one of the most important things that many researchers find themselves needing to participate in, in this time. As the life under water is slowly dying off there is a need for not only researchers but people of the World to join the advocacy. One of these people

10 Hilarious Responses To Computer Ordeals We’ve All Experienced

Most if not all of us will say that the computer and the internet are two of the most greatest inventions ever to date. Undoubtedly, technology has changed the world in such a tremendous way and we can agree on that as now everyone has a voice thanks to these technologies. However, every man-made thing

Delightful Video Of A Pet Groomer Dancing With A Dog Goes Viral

Any customer can tell when a employee or even employer is dedicated to the establishment they are working for based on the service they are provided. By no surprise, it is always the places that offer the best service that gets our money. In this case you can tell that someone is loving their job

Apple Looking To Cast Reality TV Show Called ‘Planet of the Apps’

Recently, Apple announced that they will be casting their own reality show called ‘Planet of the Apps’. According to their announcement, the show aims to strengthen their original content offerings. In the show we will see different up-and-coming developers and their creations being featured. Some of the things they will find themselves doing include being

10 Garden Fails That Will Surely Have You On Your Knees Laughing

Like professionalized jobs, there are quite a number of tasks necessary for survival that sadly some of us are not even a tipsy good at, at all. These tasks include cooking, cleaning and growing simple greens that should keep us healthy. It is just difficult not to want to laugh at these people for having a hard

10 People Who Clearly Don’t Care About Your Rules

There are rules and standards set almost everywhere we go. We see them on public walls, on the lawn at the park, as we walk on sidewalks, and even in bathrooms. There are some rules that we truly need, but there are just some that we just really have to question. This includes the rule

Parents Show The “Sad” Moment Of Sending Their Kids Off To School After Summer

As harsh as it sounds, there are a handful of parents that will react with thrills to hearing “back to school.” Simply because it means no longer having the kids running around the house, giving trouble. While parents always seem to be thrilled, we can’t say that the kids share that same feeling. It may seem

This Shiba Inu Is Pulling In $15,000 A Month From His Talent Of Modeling

In a shocking twist for many of us, this Shiba Inu dog might be making more money than us. Dubbed as the Menswear Dog, he might even also dress more impeccable than many of us. Residing in New York City with his owners, 27-year-old Yena Kim and 29-year-old David Fung, 5-year-old Bodhi is said to