Get Wine To Taste As Awesome As Wine Stored For 20 Years, In 20 Minutes!

Rare bottles of wines stored in French chateaus for decades are bought for hundreds of dollars by wine connoisseurs, but the supermarket plonk will suffice for most people. Recently, it was announced that there is a new gadget that is able to offer age acceleration for wines, using high frequency sound waves. The new device

Photographer Captures Magical Moments in the Caribbean Waters

One of the most difficult feats in photography is to capture the features and grace displayed by wild aquatic animals in the deep sea. This photographer named Tyler Stableford was so determined to capture the beauty of an elusive whale shark that he plunged into the water to attempt something that many other photographers wouldn’t

Check Out This Cool House Of Wax In London!

This London artist, Alex Chinneck’s latest art installation is definitely not waiting around for you to check it out. After beginning with creating a 120 cast paraffin brick wall and allowing it to slowly melt away day by day, Chinneck created a full house that is made from the same type of wax. Titled ‘A

Dog Tours The UK To Perform Hypnotism On Humans

Do you believe in hypnotism? Well, there is a four-pawed one in the UK that its owners have claimed to be able to instantly put people under a sleeping spell by making them look into her eyes. The four-year-old German Spitz dog named Princess is currently the only dog in the world that is able to

Japanese Artist Transforms Popular Novels Into Intricate Sculptures

It’s either you’ll be outraged or be amazed–or perhaps, a little bit of both. Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda showcases his exemplary skill in creating sculptures out of books in his series aptly named, “Story Series.” But perhaps instead of being offended, these masterpieces can be seen as making art out of art with some of

9 Year-Old Boy From Spain Wins ‘Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year’

Indeed, there are no limits to what kids can achieve even at such a young age in today’s world. Case in point, the 2014 Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Grand Winner, Carlos Perez Naval, a 9 year-old boy from Spain. Carlos’ parents are avid travellers and have always brought him along on several trips.

Dog Strikes A Pose For Silly Illustrations Drawn By His Owner

A Brazilian and his canine friend got to work with taking pictures of the dog posing for  hilarious illustrations. The illustrator named Rafael Mantesso explains that when he and his ex-wife became divorced, she took all the furniture that was in the house, leaving nothing behind but white walls and an empty house. He was

Hyperrealistic Artist Creates Surreal Paintings of People Swimming

You might just consider taking a plunge once you see these hyperrealistic creations by Venezuelan-based artist, Gustavo Silva Nunez. Gustavo creates oil paintings of people swimming and makes it look so real, you’d have to take a double look just to realise that it’s just a painting. He pushes our imagination a bit more by posing

Man Builds His Own Unique Fairytale Dream House In 26 Years

Homes that look like they came straight out of a fairy-tale book are always the ones to have us stunned because of their unique appearances. We always seem to not only focus on the appearance of the house but also its surrounding. There also dream homes that many of us would have in mind to someday

4-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 For Help, His “Problem” Is Rather Wise

Most of us at some point had a problem with Math. Some of us sadly may still have a problem with it to this very day and despite it because it becomes stressful. This four-year-old kid was having trouble with his Math problem (subtractions/ “take aways”) and decided that he was going to get some