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7 Everyday Use Inventions of the Second World War

The Second World War was a very terrible series of events. Many soldiers lost their lives in the heat of battle, countless innocents died too, as different countries collided. However, the extreme nature of these situations made creativity a neccesity. It was this way that many inventions that shape the way we live today were

NASA: Top Inventions of Everyday Use

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was funded in the year 1958 with the purpose of exploring the world beyond our skies. However, thanks to their constant scientific exploration, NASA has ended up inventing things that have shaped the way we live our modern lives. Here we go through seven things that we use (or

Top Five Places to Visit in China

China is a big country with plenty of interesting places to visit. From amazing natural reserves to important modern cities, it has something for everybody. However, with limited time, sometimes it´s hard to choose which places to visit during a trip. For this reason, we have made a list of the Top Five destinations to

A New Google Earth

Google Earth gets a new update that attempts to bring new live into the application. The new and improved version promises an easier to use interface, with new and exciting exploration methods. Furthermore, the interactive interface also provides tools to  explore the cultural aspects of different countries like never before!

Curiosities Of The Easter Celebration

Easter Day is celebrated all around the world during this month. While some spend these days in deep religious meditation, others take the opportunity to have light hearted fun and go on easter egg hunts. This seems like the perfect moment to explore some of the curiosities surrounding this celebration!

Massive Asteroid Discovered 3 Years Ago Heading Close Earth

Sometime this month, a relatively massive asteroid will be crossing the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Answering the big questions that many of us would have after hearing the news, astrophysicists and astronomers say that while it will be the closest flyby of an asteroid that large for at least another 10 years, there is

Upcoming Netflix Movie “Death Note” Sparks Controversy

Backlash?! Netflix reveals their brand new trailer for the upcoming movie “Death Note” and the debate starts. The trailer was immediately received with passionate comments both in favor and against the movie. With many addressing the apparent “whitewashing”. Others, on the other hand, defend the casting choices claiming it’s a matter of artistic liberty. The

The Original Power Rangers Reunite!

/>Power Rangers are back! The colorful squad are hitting the theaters for the first time since 1998 and 90’s kids all around the world are looking forward to consuming a heavy dose of nostalgia. This last March 23, the original cast attended the premier of the new movie at Los Angeles City. They seemed to

These 5 Historic April Fools’ Day Pranks Are Just Hysteric!

The day that many co-workers, friends and family members would have an embarrassing moment set-up by the ones they love is just a day and a couple hours away. Whether you are usually the prankster or the pranked on April 1st, these historic pranks will definitely have you laughing your way out of your chair.

Cheetos Snack Shaped Like Gorilla Harambe Goes For $99,000 on eBay

There was the Virgin Mary toast and the Elvis potato chips. Then, there was a Harambe-shaped Cheetos snack auctioned off on eBay for the most ridiculous price. The listing on eBay was ended on Tuesday at 3:45 a.m. at $99,000. 132 bids were put up for the “precious” item. The item’s description read, “I opened