The Surprising Twist to a Baby Baboon’s Encounter With Lions

Wildlife interactions can be very unpredictable, even for a professional photographer for the National Geographic. When photographers Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth went for a drive in Botswana’s Selinda Camp, they saw a big troop of around 30-40 baboons on the run and making a lot of noise. Apparently, there were two large lionesses after them

10 Scariest Before and After Pictures Showing How Drugs can Eat You Alive

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a human being is to lose the body while the spirit is alive and they are conscious.  Things like these are not uncommon today as people discover new ways to get high, try dangerously addictive drugs and turn a blind eye to all the warnings.

Is This A 366 Year Old Emoticon Or A Typo? – The Jury Is Still Out

For some, emoticons are modern day inventions, however it could very well be an hidden gem of the 17th century. This theory was proposed after a poem by Robert Herrick published in 1648 depicted what many interpreted to be a smiley face. Mr. Levi Stahl, Writer and Promotions Director at the University of Chicago Press,

These Genderbent Disney Characters Will Make You Want to Root For Them

They look completely fabulous… so hey, why not? Sakimi chan, a Canadian-based digital artist, has a certain fascination for fantastical as well as gender-bending graphic illustrations. Gender bending basically refers to switching the genders, and this time around, Sakimi chan focused on these iconic Disney characters and the final pieces are quite jaw-droppingly amazing. To

19 Unbelievable Photos Featuring Last Night’s ‘Blood Moon’

Monday night’s total lunar eclipse, better known as the “Blood Moon” phenomenon, was such a spectacle to behold for all of those able to see it especially the astronomy fanatics. This rare event in which the moon entered the Earth’s shadow cast a reddish hue on the lunar surface, because of the scattered light coming

Dirty Secrets of Some of the World’s Most Famous Landmarks

People say that for you to truly appreciate things, you can’t get too caught up in the details. You must step back and try to look at the bigger picture. So what happens if you zoom out and try to look at the world’s most famous landmarks including their present surroundings? Are they what you’ve

10 Amazing Facts About Your Dreams You Did Not Know

Dreaming is among the most mysterious yet so interesting experiences a human being experiences.  Dreams have been captivating people ever since the beginning of time and they have always been considered to be something supernatural but interpretation or explanations of dreams often vary.  For instance, did you know that dreams were considered futuristic visions from

Watch This Terrifying BASE Jump from the Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere

Word to the wise, do NOT try this out by yourself. BASE jumpers Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell, and Marco Markovich took part in a predawn jump at the World Trade Center in New York City about four months ago. But unfortunately, they were then later on charged with burglary for this illegal stunt

Nature is Incredibly Beautiful; Look at These 20 Mind Blowing Natural Weather Phenomena

If you thought weather was either cold, warm, wet or dry, rainy or sunny or that nature has limits, you were wrong.  There are some amazing weather phenomena you probably didn’t know existed, and even if you did, you probably have never seen them this beautiful.  Here are some of the most amazing images captured

The Real Story Behind the Windows XP ‘Bliss’ Wallpaper

Believe it or not, the famous ‘Bliss’ wallpaper from the Windows XP operating system is actually a real shot of an existing place somewhere in the Napa Valley. And even more surprising is the fact that it was taken using a Mamiya RZ67 camera, a color Fuji film, and a tripod—yes, it was shot using