Soccer World Cup Among Leads In Google’s 2014 Year In Search Review

This year 2014 was flooded with tons of amazing events, not to mention the soccer World Cup that has already taken the crown for the most searched for term on Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, and now topping the charts on Google’s Year In Search review. On the annual list, celebrities such as Beyonce, and the

Husky Dog Receives Wish Of A Lifetime Thanks To 3D Printing

Since its discovery, many people expressed that they think 3D printing would make a positive impact on the world in many different ways. Up to this day it has proven to be one of the best things that was ever invented. Thanks to the technology, this dog was finally able to stretch his legs and

Top 3 Games For Your Online Gaming Party

When family and friends allocate time to be spend together, there is usually a debate regarding what the time will be spent doing. One of the best ways to enjoy that time together is by playing games. However, in this age of technology, getting your computer-savvy friends and family to play board games may be out

Kids Heartbroken After Receiving Bad News From Santa In Letter

News proclaiming that you have been behaving badly can be distressing for a child, but to hear it from the Father of Christmas himself would get anyone upset. After receiving a letter from ‘Santa’, 8-year-old Tyler, and 4-year-old Freya was informed that they were on the naughty list and might not be receiving any presents.

Watch A Little Dancer Brighten Up a NYC Subway Platform

It was another day of performing on a subway platform in Brooklyn for bluegrass duo Coyote & Crow when all of a sudden, a little performer joined in for a surprise performance. The duo played a cover of Grateful Dead’s “Me & My Uncle” as the little girl in an eye-catching pink coat started dancing.

Kid Writes Bone-Chilling Horror Story Of Imaginery Friend

This viral story called “The Story of Lisa” has been sending chills down the spines of many of it’s readers. The child-like created by Sunny Schreiner, has reached the top of ranks of internet of ghost stories. Schreiner explains that she was 19 at the time when the story dubbed as ‘The Pink Backpack’ was written, which

Watch These Cool Grandmas Take Pot For The Very First Time

Kids say the darnedest things… but sometimes, when you make grandmothers smoke weed, they can say things that are just too darned funny as well. This is the premise behind Cut Video‘s recent viral set of videos featuring three grandmas trying weed for the very first time. And you can very well expect that the

If This Story Doesn’t Make You Sad, I Don’t Know What Will

At his very tender age, this dog named Bennie saved his family from a fire that occurred at their home. Unfortunately at age 10, he was abandoned at a boarding facility and then shuffled to a rescue group. The poor dog was left feeling nothing but sad and confused from the moment he was abandoned,

Brazil Lights Up World’s Largest Floating Christmas Tree In Rio

Christmas trees play a very important role for Christmas. At its very top is a star that symbolises the bright star that was seen in the sky on the night that Jesus Christ was born. It is also the place where all our gifts are placed to be opened on the day of Christmas! The

Homeless Man Wrestle for $100 & Does Something Completely Heartwarming After

You’d be surprised at how generous those who appear to have nothing in life can be. YouTubers ModelPrankstersTV set out to look for two homeless people in New York City and have them compete at a friendly game of arm wrestling, in which the winner will get $100. In a surprising twist, the winner does