Couple Sails The World After Quitting Their Jobs & Selling Everything They Owned

Since August 12 , 2011, this couple has been living the dream. 32-year-old Matt and Jessica Johnson quitted their respective jobs as an automobile sales manager and billing specialist to go for the high seas after selling all their belongings to use the money to buy a boat. Living off about $1000 USD per month,

Check Out These 10 Sculptures That Were Carved Out Of Books!

An artist named Guy Laramee was able to create realistic scenes out of books. By carving the pages, Laramee transforms the books into 3D versions of stories as he creates sculptures with them. He painstakingly sits for hours upon hours to get the job done, and the results are astonishing as they are very detailed. Check

Fairytale Adobe Hotel In Bolivia Wields Peace & Relaxation With Its Uniquity

After falling in love with a Bolivian woman and deciding to settle down in the small town of  Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, this 21-year-old German sculptor named Martin Stratker decided to shape his own dream. A dwelling featuring sunny terraced gardens, solar water heaters, wood burners crafted from mud, and custom-made furniture

Dog Gives His Owner The Perfect Expression After He Is Tricked

When we have disappointed our dogs, it is unlikely that we would expect a reaction of disappointment on their face. This dog owner was however completely stunned and has many of us feeling the same when he shared a picture of his dog moments after he tricked him. Dog owner Jasmine Milton got the message

Man Follows An Ironic Gesture Of Literally Splitting Everything In Half After His Divorce

Divorce settlements can be both emotionally and financially painful as the two estranged partners are forced to split their belonging 50/50. This man from Germany was clearly pissed off and wanted to tell his ex-wife named Laura just what he thinks of her, by literally cutting all of their belongings in half! Quite an unambiguous

Trash On Streets Is Now A Beautiful Thing Thanks To Street Art By Bordalo II

Using his fantastic street-art skills and rubbish, this Portuguese street artist tackles pollution in urban areas. Artur Bordalo, a.k.a. Bordalo II, is turning burnt aluminium cans, old tires, scrap wood and discarded appliances into colorful animals to add a dash of colour to dull city corners. Inventing a brand new dimension to old rubbish by

Dog Calms Owner Down As She Has A Violent Breakdown From Asperger’s Syndrome

If we were to create a list of the most beautiful creatures that God has made, it would come as no surprise that dogs would be in the top 5 of that list. What however still comes surprising to me, even up to this day, is their ability to be able to be man’s best

This Concept Floating Golf Course Is Undoubtedly A Golfer’s Dream

Have you ever dreamt that some of the cool golf courses that you see in games were actually real? Some developers have launched plans to build the world’s first floating golf course in the Maldives. As the sea levels continue to rise from climate change, the island’s nation is threatened unless they plan to transition

Amazing Artwork Displayed By Alcoholic Beverages

Many of us engage in social activities and for most drinking alcoholic beverages during such occasions is apart of the social norm. The million dollar question is, have you ever thought about magnifying your drink? Yes, I am sure you have, well a Tallahassee company called BevShots that concentrates on the art of magnified alcoholic drinks

Crystal Cavern Wows Visitors With Its Interactive & Mind-Blowing Space

At this year’s Vivid Sydney festival that was held in Australia, visitors were able to experience what it feels like to stand inside a giant kaleidoscope, thanks to a creator named Masakazu Shirane. The Japanese spatial designer shared his creativity by installing a giant spiky dome with a 3D kaleidoscope inside called Light Origami, on