Using Expanding Foam A Guy Turned the Scarp Car into Sports Car

Believe in yourself, you can do anything. Talent, Imagination and hard work can take you to a different level. This spirit has been showed by Lithuana’s guy. He did what an ordinary man can’t do. He showed his work of imagination and stunned the world with his imagination and hard work. Enjoy his story in pics that

Dogs Dress-Up In Costumes To Compete In NYC Doggie Pageant

There are many beauty pageants being hosted to feature women and even men competing to be ruled out as the best in something by judges. A charitable pageant in NYC is being hosted for 18-30 dogs to compete in categories such as: Active-wear, Talent, and Glamour, to be crowned King or Queen. A famous dog

8 Math’s Tricks that will change your views about Mathematics

Trick 1. Multiplication of 6 to 10 on your hands: Image Via: Instructables Ascribe the values from 6 to 10 correspondingly on your both hands. Put the fingers together according to the numbers you want to multiply. Count the fingers in lower side up to the fingers in contact. Count the fingers separately on both

Believe it! Printable Solar Panels Are Coming

IMAGE Credit: CSIRO / VICOSC The things which people were considering impossible will not remain impossible like printable solar panels. Because the scientists of National Science Agency of Australia (CSIRO) collaboration with two other universities (Melbourne and Monash) of Australia claims that they are almost going to introduce printable solar panels and they are one

10 Pictures Of Dogs Acting Like Humans

Dogs are a man’s best friend and because of that, they begin to act more and more like us. These days in viral videos on Youtube we see dogs skateboarding, eating around tables, wearing clothes and even getting tucked into bed to go to sleep. Thinking about this, it seems that these unique animals have

Strange Mushroom-shaped Creatures Found On Australia’s Coastline

Strange Mushroom-shaped creatures have been found on along Australia’s coastline. The bizarre findings could not be placed in a suitable category of living organisms. The animals known as Dendrogamma resemble mushrooms and consists predominantly of an outer skin and inner stomach separated by a dense layer of jelly-like substance. Scientists believe that they are related to

A Cliff House Concept by Australian Architectural Firm

Modscape is Australia based architecture firm which designs a cliff house for the best ocean’s view. Modscape firm said they have started working on this design when they were approached by a couple who owns a land at the Victorian coast. Couple wanted a vacation home at the Victorian coast just at the edge of

10 Crazy Smuggling Schemes Caught By Customs

The day-to-day work of a customs agent can be monotonous at a busy airport, but their job is probably so extraordinary when they bump into smugglers smuggling contrabands that they have hidden in some of the most bizarre places to keep the items away from the prying eyes of authorities. Not only does the customs

7 After and Before Photos Of Dogs And Their Owners Growing-Up

Dogs are truly special friends as for the years that the grown-up with us, they make us feel like we are never alone. Sometimes when you talk to your dog you would feel like they understand you as like a child they hide away when you call them bad, and when you say ‘treat time’

Smart Chopsticks Detects The Freshness of Your Chinese Food!

Chinese cuisine has been hit by a number of stomaching turning food scandals in recent months. Now one company in Beijing, China says it is ready to put a stop to the growing food reputation tarnishing with it’s latest invention, the smart chopsticks that detect contamination. Formally known as Kauisou, the chopsticks made it’s fist