Hippos and Crocodiles Duel To The Death Off The Coast of Zambia

During a trip to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park photographer Marc Mol was able to capture several shots of a battle like no other between two of the World’s deadliest predators – Hippos and Crocodiles. Mol was travelling by the air at the time when he saw the massive uproar taking place below with more than

The World’s Toughest Job Had No Takers, Yet Billions Are Already Doing It

Many people would love to have a job or  be promoted in there current organization. Imagine a new employment ad with a position titled “Director of Operations”? Would you be interested to apply or even view the requirements just to have a chance at getting a “better” pay or  just actually being  paid to do

The World’s Narrowest House Abandons Traditional Staircase Concept

  If possessing a spacious home is an aspiration of yours then chances are this house which architects have claimed to be the world’s narrowest property is not for you. The home which includes a bedroom, lounge, bathroom and kitchen is just shy of 60 inches wide resulting in it being too narrow for architects

Do You Think You Can #FindMomo?

Exercise your visual skills and help find Momo! Graphic designer Andrew Knapp is the man behind these hide-and-seek photos of Momo, a border collie. It all started when Andrew played fetch with Momo, and Momo ended up snatching the stick and hiding with it. Instead of teaching him to return, Andrew took pictures of him hiding

Hanging Hotel Built To Attract Rock Climbers

Dr. Margot Krasojevic’s hanging hotel was designed to attract individuals whom are interested in rock climbing. Upon arrival at the top, climbers can look forward to a unique resting place. The hotel was initially designed for the Holden Manz Wine Estate Cape Town in Massif de L’Esterel in the South of France. The Hanging Hotel’s

Drones To Be Used In The Fight Against Elephant and Rhino Poachers

  Officials from the Kenyan government have announced that they will step up their efforts in the fight against elephant and rhino poachers by introducing drones as a part of their strategy. A new law will also see offenders handed tougher penalties such as longer jail terms and larger fines in order to suppress the

Astronomers Say They May Have Witnessed The Birth Of Saturn’s New Moon

The disturbance visible at the outer edge of Saturn’s A ring Astronomers say the may have witnessed the formation of a small, icy moon within the rings of Saturn. Scientists believe that this could be the last of Saturn’s naturally formed satellite and as such it presents a unique opportunity to learn about the origin

Researchers Say That Playing Video Games Could Increase Brain Function

  New scientific research has revealed a correlation between the amounts of time spent playing video games and thickness involving certain areas of the brain. The result which has been published in the PLUS ONE supports the theory that cognition can improve through video game activity. The first video game was developed in the late 1940s with

The New Navy Railgun Can Hit A Target Up To 100 Miles Away!

Technology continues to evolve in an ever changing world. Its use has seen breakthroughs in medicine, communication and education among other areas. One sector that has been capitalizing on the technological era is the national defense unit of many nations. The United States of America and its defense force are no different and talks of

The Story Of The First Ever Presidential E-mail

The Toshiba Laptop used by then President Bill Clinton to send the first Presidential e-mail has been subjected to hundreds of bids most notably the recent amount that has  surpassed the US$50,000.00 barrier. The Toshiba laptop that sent the first presidential e-mail. It was owned by White House Physician Commander Robert G. Darling As you