10 Times Apple’s ‘Siri’ Gave A Better Answer Than Your Friend Ever Would

While virtual personal assistants might also be getting smarter, they seem to be getting a little too smart as some times they will provide you with a somewhat witty answer. Earlier, the internet went haywire when they discovered that how the Apple iPhone and iPad virtual assistant called Siri answered the question “what is 0 ÷ 0?”.

7 Crucial Things Dog Owners Can Learn From Their Dogs

Most times you hear a parent say that they will be getting pets for their children, they would back-up their decision by adding that this will teach their children to be responsible. Having thought about it, I don’t think that it’s only the children that will always have something to learn from having pets around,

Torontonians Mourn Death Of Raccoon With Memorial Shrine On Sidewalk

This has to be one of the weirdest yet cutest things that has ever happened. While Torontonians may have famously declared war on the “raccoon nation” this spring, they were still kind enough to show a little sympathy for a fallen enemy on Thursday, June 9. As people on different occasions rallied around to mourn

Confectionery & Shoes Combined To Create Audaciously Sweet Kicks

A footwear company has combined confectionery and  shoes, two things most women love, to create what I would call some very sweet treats for the feet. Designed to look like cakes and treats, each pair of shoes is hand made to order and you can even create your own design! As the creators build the

Paris Announces Plans To Build Their First Skyscraper After Ban 42 Years Ago

42 years after banning the construction of buildings that reach over seven stories high, the French Councillors of Paris have approved the plan of its first skyscraper after a bad experience with skyscrapers in the 70’s. The triangle tower which will measure 180 meters high will be called the Tour Triangle was approved on the

Artist’s Impressive ‘Bodyscapes’ Collection Features Glowing Paintings On Human Bodies

Totally fascinated with black lights, the beauty of the human body and the world itself, this artist went all out to express himself through art as he shows off his ability to create stunning pieces. After being limited to only portrait photography for weddings for more than twenty years, he decided to press towards fulfilling

Man’s Backyard Transformed Into A Beautiful Church Made From Plants

Nature is known for always doing great works when it comes on to bringing beauty to our surroundings. Even more impressive, it provides us with the air that we need to survive. In the backyard of a home located in New Zealand stands one of nature’s most beautiful works. New Zealander Brian Cox created an

6-Old-Boy Sings The Sweetest Lullaby To His Newborn Brother

Often times the hard challenges and changes that a family endures is “wiped out” on the arrival of a newborn baby. This is simply because all the family members will want to gather around to take a look at the baby and experience those important moments of the baby’s life as they grow up. If

Man Fired After Sharing On Facebook That He Wants To Marry His Dog

What was meant to be just for fun turned out to be the complete opposite for this man named Ryan Uhler who took to Facebook to compare marrying his dog to same sex-marriage. According to, 32-year-old Uhler, a resident of Cape Coral, Florida, posted the following message the day after the Supreme Court’s June

Couple Sails The World After Quitting Their Jobs & Selling Everything They Owned

Since August 12 , 2011, this couple has been living the dream. 32-year-old Matt and Jessica Johnson quitted their respective jobs as an automobile sales manager and billing specialist to go for the high seas after selling all their belongings to use the money to buy a boat. Living off about $1000 USD per month,