Top 5 Kickstarters for the tech-obsessed urban warrior

Sure, the wilderness is tough, but the urban wilderness? It can be brutal. Luckily, these five Kickstarter projects are here to make life in the city just a little bit better. From a leather bag that holds everything like magic to a hydroponic grow system that grows greens with no green thumb, conquer your urban

The Great American Solar Eclipse

This month (August 21, 2017) many will be able to experience a very special astronomical event, a total solar eclipse. While fascinating, there are many things that should be taken into account when experiencing a solar eclipse. Here we lay out the fundamentals for a safe observation experience of such a rare event.

How Will The Culture Evolve On Mars Colonies?

Well, the question of all time asks if there is life on Mars. But, we can answer another question. Is it possible for humans to survive on Mars? And the answer will be, probably, positive. As you know, humanity is obsessed with theories about colonies on a distant but attractive planet. And modern technologies bring

Top Curiosities of North Korea

North Korea is a very peculiar country. Unfortunately, most of the reasons the republic makes the headlines are negative. It’s hard for many to imagine what it is like living under the North Korean dictatorship. For this reason, here we are exploring curiosities you might not know of this country.

5 Amazing Facts of Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most deserted places on Earth, but that cold place is also a very interesting part of our planet. From extreme weather conditions to extraordinary discoveries, the Antarctic continent is sure full of surprises. Let’s explore some of them!

Massive Asteroid Discovered 3 Years Ago Heading Close Earth

Sometime this month, a relatively massive asteroid will be crossing the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Answering the big questions that many of us would have after hearing the news, astrophysicists and astronomers say that while it will be the closest flyby of an asteroid that large for at least another 10 years, there is

Check Out The Interior Graphics Of Blue Origin’s Space Capsule For Space Traveling Tourists

As soon as next year, you won’t have to be an astronaut to travel to space. The founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, got space enthusiasts from all over the world pumped when he shared interior layouts of the space ship that tourists would be travelling to space in. In an email update that Bezos

Final 5 Teams Chosen For The Google’s $30M Moon Race – Google Lunar XPrize

The final five teams for the $30 million competition to land and operate robotic spacecrafts on the surface of the moon have be chosen. The announcement was made yesterday by the XPrize Foundation. They shared that the Google Lunar XPrize competition by Google and led by the foundation will now have the contenders creating and

Photographer Proves You Don’t Need Expensive Camera Equipment To Capture Breathtaking Photos

Photography is not as easy as some of us may perceive it to be. I don’t mean this by saying the average person is unable to take a good picture, but you can really tell the difference if a professional and the average person who knows how to work a camera was suppose to put

Check Out The Drastic Changes Earth Has Experienced With Google’s Earth Timelapse

The results of one of Google’s many interesting projects has been revealed after coming into being three years ago. In 2013, a project called Timelapse was launched by Google. The Timelapse project utilizes Google Earth where it shows us how the Earth has changed in the last could of decades. Since recent, the search masters