10 Interesting facts about the New CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs resigned from the post of CEO of the Apple Company, the only thought in mind right now among many of us, even a guy like me who haven’t ever used any product of Apple searched for the reasons behind his resignation though all in vain but the world seems enthusiastic about the word

Top Ten Fastest Aircrafts

10. F-14D Super Tomcat– Mach 2.34 The F-14D Tomcat was designed by Grumman, having capability to reach the speeds at mach 2.34. The said aircraft was built to kill, in any kind of atmosphere even at night. The plane was a killing machine can lock on and destroy 6 targets at a time. It can

The Top Ten Worst Oil Spills

Oil reserves are the best sources of income for any country. Super powers are capturing Oil reserves in order to generate economy and wealth for its country. Philosophers predict that next World War will be fought for the oil reserves. God has enriched our earth with precious and unimaginable treasure of resources but the human

The Top 10 Most Influential Leaders

A Hero is born to make his people and country prosper, his fate and destiny is predefined since his birth, he will sacrifice himself for the cause of his country and well being of mankind, he will do whatever he can to defend his mother land and bring peace and harmony to his kingdom. In

Top Ten NASA Failures

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 We have the  IGNITION. #10 THE OCO The Orbiting Carbon Observatory was an experimental NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder Program mission. The OCO was supposed to provide information and measurement regarding the atmospheric carbon dioxide and also provide an insight on the human sources and

Top 10 Nuclear Bombs

The following rating of nuclear weapons is done on the basis of total and active warheads, the amount of destruction caused by them, on the basis of fallout and the umbrella formed during explosion. Nuclear weapons are the most deadly weapons ever built the history began in around the mid of the year 1939 when,