Top Ten Most Expensive Constructions

#10 Mon-Fayette Expressway $ 5.4 billion The Mon-Fayette Expressway from Uniontown to Brownsville project was one of the division four Mon/Fayette Transportation Projects being undertaken by different construction agencies and companies. The companies involved in the execution of the plans were Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC), The West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways (WVDOH)

Top 10 Heavy Bombers

Bombers are the critical military asset of any country, which has the capability to change the face of the battlefield.  The top ten Heavy Bombers of all time have been listed as under: # 10) Boeing B-17: United States The legendary company of all time in the market of jets and bombers produced the mighty

Top Ten Freakiest Highways

Highways are the basic necessity of modern Infra structure, no country can prosper without a properly networked highway. Sher Shah Suri a great muslim leader constructed the Grand Trunk Road in the early ages he had an eagle vision about the prosperity of his nation and thus provided the world with an awesome highway even when many

Top Ten Worst Cars

# 10 Chrysler TC 1989 ($33,000) The Chrysler TC vehicle was a collaboration of Chrysler and Maserati. The owner of the companies was both friends and in order to uplift the low volume image of Maserati they did that and organized this collaboration and produced the vehicle named Chrysler TC. In doing so they asked

Top 10 World’s Largest Dams

The following post is about the ranking of the world’s greatest and largest dams. Dams provide a huge bulk of renewable source of energy and is big a necessity for a country’s growth and development, no country can progress and prosper without energy resources. Dams are basically of four types Earthfill dams, Gravity dams, Buttress dam and Concrete Arch dams. Each

Top 10 Heaviest Tanks

“Any organization is like a septic tank. The really big chunks rise to the top.” John Imhoff As an overview i have attached a picture for the viewers to compare and to fuel their curiosity. #10 A39 Tortoise: British The A39 Tortoise was an invention of British engineers in attempt to create super heavy tank.

Top Ten Modern Inventions of 21st Century

The World is progressing at a very fast pace. In every generation the technology upgrades with a multiple of ten.  We are still not confirm to say the exact pace of advancements. The technology we often used to see in movies and comics have become a reality now. The following quote seems justified for recent

Top Ten Famous War Games

Step into the boots of a US marine or a first class Private Airborne, feel the turmoil of the General Hannibal or be a part of Elite Special Forces and feel the rampage and adrenaline. #10 Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, 7.2/10 Epic modern real time strategy game set for the era of World

The Nazi’s Greatest Inventions

Fliegerfaust The Fiegerfaust was designed by HASAG (Hugo Schneider AG) of Leipzig in the year 1944; the Luftfaust was shaped in two diverse accounts. The first version was called the Fliegerfaust A, had four 20 mm caliber barrels. These fired 20 mm projectiles weighing 90 g which contained 19 g of explosive, impelled with the help of a small rocket. The second

The Top Ten Tallest Steel Structures

The steel is the main constituent of construction material, due to its properties. (i.e. very tough, malleable and resistant to corrosion) The steel has a very high value for the elastic modulus making it more capable to resist strong tensile forces. Since the high rise buildings can fall prey to earthquake and its shear waves causing it to