Seven Shocking Wonders of the World

Have you heard about the Seven Shocking Wonders of the World? The answer is No, we are not talking about the Seven Famous Wonders of the World we are talking about the Seven Infamous Wonders of the World that will definitely make you search more about them, Here is list we made recently; 7. Guatemala

The Top Ten Dangerous Freeways

The top ten Dangerous Freeways listed, the adventure begins here, if you survived you are definitely very lucky indeed. #10 Grand Trunk Road, India (GT Road) Grand Trunk Road was built by Sher Shah Suri during his reign; the main purpose of this GT Road was to connect Agra the capital of India with Sasaram

Top Ten Weirdest Military Tech

The Military technology have never been so strange and weird. The innovations keep on getting better and better, the following article will definitely make you go laugh and disturbed as well. Here we listed down the top ten weirdest military technological advancement. # 10 Animal Bombs The Technology was used in the World War II

Top 10 Models of Ferrari

The Ferrari has been a brand and style in the name of sports cars since 1947 and has served the world with incredible perfection and art. For the record, the company has been renowned for its constant contribution in racing, especially in Formula One Racing, where it has mostly enjoyed immense achievement, particularly during the

Top 10 Facts about Windows 8

The Microsoft has always been a pioneer in the world of Computer Systems. It has provided users with latest and innovative ideas just to make Computers  “User Friendly”. The World is anxiously waiting for the new launch of Microsoft’s Operating System “Windows 8”. Here are some of the particulars about the series’s new launch. #10

Top Ten Ship Wrecks

Ships are born to face hardships, struggle and wrecks. It takes more than two years to build a normal sized economical ship capable of sailing in the normal and smooth weather, it takes a lot of time, money and man power. Hundreds of ship wrecks take place every year in the whole world covering minor

Top 10 Gaming Console Failures

#10 Neo Geo The most famous arcade game console Neo Geo, production of SNK Japan. Neo Geo was introduced in the year 1990 and provided the best ever games of that era which include the famous games of all time King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Fatal fury. Neo Geo provided its customers with all

Top 10 Military Bases

#10. Changi Naval Base The Changi Naval Base is the state of Singapore Navy’s latest and biggest base situated on 86 ha of domesticated land east of Changi. The Changi Naval Base is the replacement for the base at Pulau Brani just in order to meet the expanding requirements of the naval forces; CNB has

Top Ten Most Important Historical Finds

History is told and observed through the words and eyes of the historical findings. History has saved in its deep secrets depicting ways of living and stories of the ancient people for example How would they live? How do they communicate? What were their activities? If your child ever asks you about these things and

The Star Fighter Planes which served in World War II

The 2nd World War started in the year 1939 and lasted till 1945 in an ultimate massacre led by the America. The countries of the world associated with either the Axis powers or the Allies and battled in a total war. The Aerial forces that took part in the combat played a vital role in