Top 10 Biggest Aircraft Carriers

In this world the only thing with the biggest personality has the respect and observed as the powerful thing. Today we are thus discussing the biggest and most powerful aircraft carriers on the planet earth which are capable of lifting more than 110,000 tons. Having an approximate area coverage of several football fields and height about more than 80 storey

Top 10 Time Wasting Websites

Disclaimer Caution! The following stuff is NG-rated meaning not for geeks. It is advisable to read only at your own will, Reality pod will not be held responsible for any kind of time wastage or if you fell from your chair laughing breaking one of your bones. So here we go for the latest top

Top 10 Worst Explosion Disasters

The explosions were not any kind of terrorist attacks not even the explosions caused by nuclear warfare rather they were caused by the mistakes of man. The top 10 list starts here; #10 Fort Stikine explosion Place Bombay, INDIA Date April 14, 1944 Killings Estimated number killed 1,376 Reason The freight ship named “Fort Stikine”

Top 10 World Record Attempt Fails

Some people don’t care what anyone thinks, they go for what they desire and aim at making their mark on the world. We salute those folks who live their lives to its full. These maniacs forced us to make some room for them, here as well.  Even if their attempt wasn’t quite successful, at least

Top 10 Solar Energy Companies

When it comes to competition there is no shortage of companies aiming to successfully commercialize concentrating photovoltaic technologies – the use of mirrors and lenses to concentrate the sunlight onto solar cells to generate electricity. Solar energy systems these days typically rely on a central inverter to convert the direct current produced by each solar

Top 10 Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear plants are the main source of energy now a days because of the abundance and supply. Today we have listed the top 10 major power plants of the world; 10. Fukushima Daiichi 4,696 MWh: Japan The Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant as well recognized as Fukushima Dai-Ichi is a disabled nuclear power plant situated on a 3.5-square kilometer

Top 10 Worst Engineering Failures

The scientific and engineering principles upon which the world is based and on the basis of which alot of complex figures and theories are deciphered some times also go wrong and cause catastrophic casualties. Here we list the world’s worst engineering failure: No. 10: Tacoma Narrow Bridge The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was the third longest

Top 10 Hackers who got caught

In today’s list, we have very special personalities they were not heroes or champions, but they are famous enough for their works such that the whole world wants to know about them. They did the most offensive crimes the coolest way just by sitting in front of their Personal Computer. They are the best hackers of

Top 10 Busiest Airports

The top ten busiest airports listed today in our ranking based on the total number of cargo and passengers transportation, here we go with our list. # 10. Las Vegas (LAS) Passengers: 43 989 982 Situated 8kilometers south of Las Vegas’s central business district, McCarran International Airport (LAS) is the major airport serving the notorious

Top 10 Largest Things

This article of ours is dedicated to the top 10 biggest construction ever made on earth by man, so here we go with the top 10 largest things; #10 World’s Largest Indoor Swimming Pool: 5 Acres World Waterpark is the world’s largest indoor waterpark with a size of five acres. It was made open to