Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

Today we present the top 10 amazing mysteries of the world that are still not understandable to many. The list starts with number 10: 10. Extraterrestrial Intelligence A myth, mystery or obscurity? Well no one has the answer yet. There are evidences that Extraterrestrial Intelligence lies somewhere in space, yet undiscovered. This is really a

Top 10 All Time Best Selling Cell Phones

During the past few decades, technology has improved at a remarkable pace and due to this evolution, technology has become very cheap and affordable. This affordability has made cell phones very common and everyone can afford it nowadays. Today we’ll compare the best selling cell phones worldwide. 10. BlackBerry Pearl At number 10 its BlackBerry

Top 10 Secret Agency Codes

The top ten secret agency codes you would never find anywhere. Check them out: 10. Renegade The name of President Obama opted by him after being presented with a list of names beginning with R. The rest of the list was Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud. 9. Lancer The moniker of Kennedy interlocked fit with the

Top 10 Scientific Gifts for Geeks

Science comes with a lot of surprises and amazing stuff. If you remember your 8th standard chemistry class where we all had studied about different types of elements of the periodic table and had studied their properties, all of them have something unique within them. This clearly discriminates that you don’t need a Secret Lab

Top 10 Manhunts

Here are some of history’s most notorious manhunts, they all managed to evade the law for some time and caused a media frenzy when finally caught. No. 10 Osama Bin Laden It’s been 13 years since 1998 African embassy bombings the U.S. had been after bin Laden. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on one occasion

Top 10 Richest Countries

Top ten richest countries list in the world is based on the GDP per capita of each country. GDP or the Gross Domestic Product is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year. 10. Netherlands: GDP of $40,973 The Netherlands is intensely modern and industrialized country.

Top 10 Space Age Radiation Events

In this article we’ll tell you the 10 radiation stories which were caused by either space age accidents or other faulty operation, here we go with the list we produced: No.10 CosmosCos 1402, Russia COSMOS referred to the series of satellites that were launched between 1967 and 1988 to monitor NATO and merchant vessels using

Top 10 Concept Cars

The latest concept cars which seem to be in production queue in the coming years. We have prepared a list of best concept cars of the future. Check them out now. 10. Kia GT Korean auto producer, Kia, has been far more belligerent in expanding its corporation profile in the past couple of years and

Top 10 Largest Libraries

Knowledge is the world’s only thing you cannot constrain anywhere. In every era people tried to save every bit of knowledge they acquired and today we have the mighty libraries filled with the abundance of knowledge and human practices. Today we attempted to produce a top 10 list of the world’s largest libraries of the

Top 10 Luxurious Cars

In the year 2011, the engineering of luxury and performance class automobiles sustained its present trend of “faster and smarter”.  Hybrid and electric technologies continue to work their way up to the six-figure circuit, while the internal combustion mainstays continue to shatter the 200 mph super car barrier.  From the stunning Aston Martin Rapide Luxe