Man Supposedly In A Coma Got Caught Shopping With Family

Alan Knight has faked a spine injury that caused him to have seizures and left in a vegetative state from the neck down in order to avoid appearing in court for fraud accusations–for two whole years. The worst part of it all is how his wife is also in on it on the scam and

Could This Actually Be The World’s First Real Overboard?

Remember this scene from Back to the Future 2 movie? Ever since Marty McFly took part in this hoverboard chase scene in the classic Back to the Future 2, a lot of fans have waited for such technology to be developed that would let them have their very own hoverboard. And alas, since 1989, it’s finally

Largest Glacier Calving in Greenland As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Just how aware are you with regards to the reality of climate change? We may have already seen countless statistics and photos, but somehow, it’s still hard to fully grasp its effects and how it can affect our future. But sometimes, all it really takes is a wake up call–and this video could be it. Filmed

This Love Story Animation as Told by Tech Devices Will Cheer You Up

If you’re a big fan of those short animation films by Disney-Pixar, then you’ll surely love this short and super adorable feature animation that makes use of several tech (mostly Apple) devices. The whole animation was done as a music video for the song, “Knock Knock,” by Brunettes Shoot Blondes. And while it was shot

Yes or Yes? Richard Branson Will Allow Unlimited Vacation Days for Employees

Could this be an employee’s dream come true? It is, it definitely is–but that is if you work for Richard Branson. In an official blog post, Richard himself stated that the employees working at his main offices–located in London, New York, and Sydney–can now have unlimited vacation days. In an interview with CNN, he said that,

IKEA Mocks Apple Advertisements in Latest Witty Commercial

The new IKEA commercial will surely cause some laughter and amusement, even for both Apple lovers and non-Apple lovers alike. This new marketing campaign that promotes their 2015 catalogue is a like a subtle shout-out to how Apple is known for creating their own line of simplistic advertisements. While it may seem that they’re throwing shade

Greatest Prank Ever? Watch the Giant Mutant Spider-Dog in Action

Just when you think you’ve seen a whole lot of outstanding and laugh-out-loud pranks on the net… here comes what could possibly be among the greatest ones, starring a giant mutant spider-dog, of course. Jokers from SA Wardega devised a very cunning and clever plan of dressing up a cute dog in what looks like a giant tarantula

Watch Just How Much Putting On Sunscreen Can Do For Your Skin

A lot of people, both men and women, undermine the importance of putting on sunscreen whenever they go out and about under the sun. But the thing is, while you may not see the sun’s harsh effects on the skin right now, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and are not getting worse each day that

Meet the Adorable Dog Who Runs a Store Window in Japan

Only in Japan will you find a cute and cuddly dog standing by a store window. Meet Shiba Inu, the dog who “works” as customer service at a small cigarette store called Suzuki. We really can’t blame the dog and store’s owner for putting Shiba on display, since it can very well attract the attention

Under Armour Unveils a Moving Video Aimed at Empowering Women

While adversity may deter most people from achieving their goals in life, some push and persevere until they get nothing but the recognition and acknowledgment that they deserve. Such is the life of Misty Copeland, the premier American ballet dancer and has also been known as the first African American female soloist for the American