How A New Yorker Is Helping the Homeless, One Haircut At A Time

Each one of us can make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most, even in our own special and unique way. This is exactly what Mark Bustos, a hair stylist based in New York City, decided to do during Sundays, which also happens to be this only day off from work.

Watch A Little Dancer Brighten Up a NYC Subway Platform

It was another day of performing on a subway platform in Brooklyn for bluegrass duo Coyote & Crow when all of a sudden, a little performer joined in for a surprise performance. The duo played a cover of Grateful Dead’s “Me & My Uncle” as the little girl in an eye-catching pink coat started dancing.

Watch These Cool Grandmas Take Pot For The Very First Time

Kids say the darnedest things… but sometimes, when you make grandmothers smoke weed, they can say things that are just too darned funny as well. This is the premise behind Cut Video‘s recent viral set of videos featuring three grandmas trying weed for the very first time. And you can very well expect that the

Homeless Man Wrestle for $100 & Does Something Completely Heartwarming After

You’d be surprised at how generous those who appear to have nothing in life can be. YouTubers ModelPrankstersTV set out to look for two homeless people in New York City and have them compete at a friendly game of arm wrestling, in which the winner will get $100. In a surprising twist, the winner does

“The Death of Conversation” Due to Smartphones Through The Eyes of One Photographer

The over attachment of people to their smartphones isn’t much of a surprise in this day and age. But being quite guilty of this ourselves, we seldom notice its true effects as seen from an outsider’s point of view. This is precisely why Babycakes Romero, a London-based photographer, took on this project he calls “The

Japanese Artist Transforms Popular Novels Into Intricate Sculptures

It’s either you’ll be outraged or be amazed–or perhaps, a little bit of both. Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda showcases his exemplary skill in creating sculptures out of books in his series aptly named, “Story Series.” But perhaps instead of being offended, these masterpieces can be seen as making art out of art with some of

9 Year-Old Boy From Spain Wins ‘Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year’

Indeed, there are no limits to what kids can achieve even at such a young age in today’s world. Case in point, the 2014 Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Grand Winner, Carlos Perez Naval, a 9 year-old boy from Spain. Carlos’ parents are avid travellers and have always brought him along on several trips.

Hyperrealistic Artist Creates Surreal Paintings of People Swimming

You might just consider taking a plunge once you see these hyperrealistic creations by Venezuelan-based artist, Gustavo Silva Nunez. Gustavo creates oil paintings of people swimming and makes it look so real, you’d have to take a double look just to realise that it’s just a painting. He pushes our imagination a bit more by posing

‘Death With Dignity’ Advocate Brittany Maynard Dies at 29

Brittany Maynard made headline news when she made public her decision to end her life due to her terminal brain cancer called glioblastoma, from which she was given just about six months to live. After learning what the cancer would do to her body in its last stages, she decidedly took upon herself to die

The Best of #BendGate — Funniest Photos & Tweets of the Supposed Bendable iPhone 6

Instead of having the sole focus on the amazing features of Apple’s newest iPhone releases, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the spotlight has been on the recent complaints of how such smart phone models can be bent, especially when kept inside pockets. This is definitely a very new issue for Apple to address with