Photographer Shoots Amazing Landscapes Inspired by Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales

Mystical, foreboding, and downright beautiful–these are just some of the words that can be used to describe the landscape images shot by German photographer Kilian Schönberger. He was immensely inspired by the legendary dark fairytales by the Grimm Brothers, which led him to call this series as “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings.” He captured landscapes and buildings

Eye-Opening Photos Depicting China’s Worsening Pollution

You may already have heard about China’s worsening conditions because of intense pollution but don’t have any clear idea of the reality of it. Not so surprisingly, whatever you’re imagining it to be, it’s much worse than that. Of course, that is not to say that China doesn’t offer beautiful and must-see sights and landscapes.

Amazing Insight at 3,000 Years Worth of Women’s Body Standards

With so much focus on women’s forms nowadays, it’s quite relevant to take a look at how it’s been for different nations within a span of 3,000 years. BuzzFeed came up with the idea of presenting a diverse cast of models that will represent each significant era, showing how much the body and beauty standards

Ever Wonder What Happens to Retired NYC Subway Cars?

It’s just natural to think that old and retired subway cars would go to scrap metal yards. However since 2001, almost as many as 2,580 subway cars from New York have gone to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Even more surprising is the fact that ti’s used to build an artificial reef just a

Be Amazed With This Smart Dog That Commutes By Herself

This black lab mix from Seattle is about to shame some people because of her independence when it comes to public transportation. It all started one day when Jeff Young and his dog Eclipse were waiting for the bus to arrive one day. Jeff was still finishing his cigarette and it seemed Eclipse wasn’t in

Best Looks from the Recent “No Pants Subway Ride” in NYC

‘Tis that time of the year again when city dwellers, particularly those living in the Big Apple, are surprised and even disturbed by commuters who seem to have forgotten their bottoms. Improv Everywhere started the annual No Pants Subway Ride in New York City initially as a prank, and it has grown to be quite a

Artist Makes Use of the Human Body to Create Jaw-Dropping Animal Paintings

It’s truly a thing of wonder how artists come up with their own different methods of expressing their unique creativity. For example, American artist Shannon Holt actually makes use of the human body as her blank canvas to create beautiful animal paintings with the use of body paint. In an interview, Shannon was quoted saying, “You

Chinese Street Photographer Has Special Eye For Random Peculiar Moments

For ten years, Tao Liu has been working as a water meter reader for the Hefei Water Supply Company. He started to have an interest in photography about three years ago with the use of a Fujifilm X100, which he used to capture random and unexpected moments during his break and after his work. He

Take A Look at 100 Years Worth of Beauty in 1 Minute

The differences in the past decades are not only marked by historical events but by its distinct look as well–particularly that of women. And every fashion and beauty aficionado knows that such distinct looks are very much definable and unique to each decade as well. More often than not, the differences lie in which feature of

Be Amazed At This Artist’s Unique Psychedelic Art Creations

Meet Bruce Riley, a contemporary artist based in Chicago, who came up with amazing psychedelic paintings by pouring paint and dripping resin. His works feature a mesmerising fusion of funky colors, details, and forms that’s somewhat reminiscent of organisms seen up close through a microscope. For Riley, it’s all about improvisation and raw experimentation–“You can’t have