Before & After: Watch How Photoshop Changes the Way You See Celebs

With the rise of Photoshop comes more issues connected to excessively edited photos of prominent celebrities, which are bordering on unrealistic and simply ridiculous. The result of all these is the way the “normal” women view real beauty by having flawless skin and a slim body, which is not even the case for these celebs

The Secret and Hidden Meanings Behind 10 Iconic Brand Logos

Coming up with a logo that best represents your company is a crucial aspect of creating your signature brand identity. Some have been successful at having that memorable logos and some have failed. But what really constitutes a great logo? Of course, it has something to do with how memorable it can be, how easy

You Would Never Guess What This Guy Found Snooping Through His Grandparents’ Old Photos…Shocking.

Isn’t it exciting when your grandparents tell you memorable stories during their time or when they show you actual proofs of it? Well this one guy went through his grandparents’ stuff after the passing of his grandmother earlier this month, and what he discovered turned out to be an important part of history. He found these

Weight Gain Ads from 1940s-1970s: Back When Curvy was the Norm!

Skinny was definitely NOT in back in the 1940s to 1970s. Don’t believe us? Just check out these interesting and rather comical weight gain ads from those decades. One particular ad even stated that “If you want to be popular… you can’t afford to be skinny!” and another one was headlined, “Men wouldn’t look at me

How One Guy Turned a Block of Wood into a Pile of Cash…Amazing.

You just have to appreciate the results of one man’s creativity. Randall Rosenthal, a professional wood sculptor from New York City, has transformed a seemingly ordinary block of wood into an extremely realistic-looking piece of art. If you go straight to the end result, you wouldn’t–even for a second–think that it’s actually a result of

Happy No Pants Subway Ride Day! Yes, It Does Exist

Apparently, not even the cold conditions can stop these people all around the world from celebrating the 13th annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ Day. For those of you who are unaware that there’s such a thing, we’re here to confirm that yes, it does exist. Thousands of commuters not-so-accidentally forgot to wear their pants when

On Google Maps This Appears to Be One Huge City. But Take a Closer Look and be Surprised!

As it appears on Google Maps, the photos below appear to be of a bustling and densely-populated city with buildings, houses, and other establishments of different sizes. This place, which is in Iraq, is such a wide piece of land with over 1,485 acres, that it deceivingly seems just like any other busy town. Nothing out