The Best Google Play Apps of 2017

Google Play Apps are praised! This past May the Google Play Awards celebrated the best Androids Apps of 2017. The awards were devided in 12 categories. These applications are judged based on user experience, accessibility and graphics. Here is the full list with descriptions!

Interesting Facts About The Great Barrier Reef

  Every year hundreds of tourists from around the world visit the Great Barrier Reef. It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Planet Earth, for it’s beauty and impressive ecosystem. Here we will go through a variety of amazing and interesting reasons as to why this marvelous place in our planet should be

Quantum Mechanics Record Set By Researchers!

Quantum Mechanics remains such a strange science that it continues to baffle scientists by defying what has previously been understood as the norm. Furthermore, physics behave in other mysterious waves in this quantum realm and scientists continue to struggle to understand them. However, just because quantum mechanics is not fully understood it does not mean

Logitech Unveil New “PowerCore” Mice

Logitech powers through! How awesome would it be to have a device that has unlimited energy? While we are not quite there yet, we are very close. Logitech has introduced new mice that will make your life easier. Here we explain what these innovative mice and the PowerCore tech is all about!

E3: The Biggest Gaming Expo

E3 is here! During the month of June, hundreds of gaming fans reunite in Los Angeles, California to participate in a very special event. Game demonstrations, news, trailer and surprises are the elements that have engaged fans throughout the years of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. In addition to this, fans can see face to face

The Fidget Spinner Craze Takes Over

Fidget Spinner! In recent months a new trend has taken over the toy industry. Toy stores cant keep up with the demands of this trend, and if you live in North America it is likely you have seen a few kids playing with these. What am I talking about? Nothing more and nothing less than

Top Curiosities of North Korea

North Korea is a very peculiar country. Unfortunately, most of the reasons the republic makes the headlines are negative. It’s hard for many to imagine what it is like living under the North Korean dictatorship. For this reason, here we are exploring curiosities you might not know of this country.

Ransomware Cyber Attack Surprises

Ransomware is making the headlines. During the past weeks many computers around the world have been affected by a cyber attack. This attack, known as the WannaCry ransomeware attack, has affected important computer systems in hospitals and banks. So, what exactly is going on? And, how can we protect ourselves from this attack?

Assassin’s Creed Amazing Historic Facts

Assassin’s Creed is a critically acclaimed and financially successful franchise that started with a PS3 game back in 2007. This month, the popular series have created a lot of buzz due to the development of their most recent game that apparently takes place in Egypt. This seems like the perfect opportunity to explore some of

5 Amazing Facts of Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most deserted places on Earth, but that cold place is also a very interesting part of our planet. From extreme weather conditions to extraordinary discoveries, the Antarctic continent is sure full of surprises. Let’s explore some of them!