Curious Facts About The Moon

The Moon is a satellite that has always captivated mankind. It is essential for our war of life and it has been subject of countless poems and metaphors. For this reason, the moon is always present, one way or another, in our consciousness. However, did you know the following curious facts about Earth´s friend?

Da Vinci: His Most Curious Designs

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most renown inventors in human history. For this reason there has been countless books, documentaries and shows about his life and legacy. Most recently, it was announced that Leonardo DiCaprio will play as the Italian artist in an upcoming Hollywood film. For this reason, it seems like a

Marvel’s The Defenders Finally Arrive

In the year 2015, Marvel’s and Netflix’s partnership gave us their first product. It was the first season of the hit series, Daredevil. This series brought a refreshing touch of maturity and grittiness to the already popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to this, the series received generally good reviews praising it’s themes and a

Meet the World’s Biggest Dinosaur

Out of all those gigantic and impressive dinosaurs we know, there is one that we have always envisioned as the king, the T-Rex. However, four years ago scientist discovered a dinosaur so big, it’s more than what a T-Rex can chew. Now, that peculiar dinosaur has a name: The Patagotitan.

Scientists Discover Oldest Flower

Flowers have become synonym of beautiful and poetic elements. They are among the most colorful and visually attractive things nature has to offer. However, flowers were not exactly as we know them today. For a long time, scientists have speculated how flowers looked when they first came to be. Now, we might know exactly how

The Great American Solar Eclipse

This month (August 21, 2017) many will be able to experience a very special astronomical event, a total solar eclipse. While fascinating, there are many things that should be taken into account when experiencing a solar eclipse. Here we lay out the fundamentals for a safe observation experience of such a rare event.

Top Bizarre Entertainment Bans in China

The Chinese government is known for holding a tight grip on what it’s citizens consume for entertainment. According to them, this is important to prevent destructive ideas from propagating on the country such as rebellion and “false” believes. However, you might not know of these bizarre things they have banned.

The International Space Station in Street View

Google Earth and Street View have been revolutionary ways of experiencing the world around us. They have allowed many people to virtually visit and explore places they wouldn’t been able to see otherwise. Now, this amazing technological application will allow us to explore a place that most humans will never be able to visit. This

Mira Prism: Accesible Augmented Reality

In recent years some of the top technological companies in the world have been trying to bring augmented reality to the masses. However, the production cost of their devices have not been accessible at all. Such is the case of Microsoft’s Hololens, which cost roughly 4,000 dollars. Fortunately, a smaller company by the name of

The Controversial and Powerful G20 Forum Reunites

  G20: This month the Group of the Twenty, better known as G 20, reunite in the German city of Hamburg. The objective of the meeting is to debate about global affairs like terrorism, economic growth, energy resources, weather and more. The event has already sparked controversy around the world, causing riots and protests in