Suicide Forest: Japan’s Number One Suicide Spot

What It’s Known For

Suicide Forest

Hidden behind the majesty of Mount Fuji, less than a hundred miles away from Tokyo, lies Aokigahara, also known as the “Sea of Trees” for its high density of trees. But what it is most famous for is something that haunts most people. It is most popularly known as the “Suicide Forest”. Despite the many signs that the Japanese authorities have placed throughout the forest, the number of cases shows that these efforts have been ineffective. And to avoid making it even more popular for this reason, the authorities have stopped publishing the number of bodies found in the Suicide Forest every year.

Aside from its reputation, the Suicide Forest is not the best place to take a leisurely stroll in. The roots of the trees snake across each other on uneven and rocky grounds. Not much air goes through the tightly packed trees. This creates a feeling of stillness and isolation for the people who visit the place. It can be eerily quiet in this place.

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