5 Amazing Facts of Antarctica


Antarctica: Saying Goodbye / Trans-Antarctic Mountains

The Coldest Land

Antarctica is actually the coldest place on earth. It is so cold that water vapor can freeze mid air, forming ice crystals that would then fall to the ground. Furthermore, on the year 1983, researchers recorded a tempeture of -89c. This is the coldest tempture ever registered on Earth.



Antarctic Volcano?

Despite being the coldest place on earth, Antarctica is also home of an active volcano! The volcano, named Mount Erebus, has a burning hot lava lake underneath. However, due to the cold temperatures outside, the hot vapor expelled from it quickly becomes ice. This makes for some visually interesting ice towers.



Home of Fallen Meteorites

During the year 1979, a groups of Japanese researchers discovered 9 meteorites on Antarctic grounds. Since then, researchers have found over 16,000 meteorites. Turns out, Antarctica is such a good place to find meteorite, that researchers have found possible evidence of ancient extraterrestrial microbial life!

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