NASA: Top Inventions of Everyday Use



Super Soakers

Who has not pretended to be an action hero with these colorful water guns? These guns have been a staple of summer activities all around the world but not many people know they were actually invented by a NASA space engineer. Lonnie G. Johnson is the man responsible for many fun moments enjoyed by kids since 1989.




Excercice Machines

Gym’s wouldn’t be what they are today if it wasn’t for a certain space exploration agency. NASA invented many of the machines you would find on gym today. These were designed with the purpose of maintain healthy and fit astronauts, even on zero gravity.




Baby Food

The Space administration has made life easier for many moms around the world. With the purpose of feeding astronauts in their lengthy trips, they ended up created what we know as Formulaid. This formula has been sold as baby food since the year 2002.

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