Top 10 Best Dog Commercials Ever Aired On Television!

Dog commercials are placed amongst the most entertaining commercials ever. As little as we like commercials, companies have opted to include dogs into their commercials probably know that the attention of the viewers will be caught much more than usual, as we as humans just can’t resist awing at a dog playing a human’s role. As for dog lovers, the damage is done! We would be on our way to the company’s nearest store to purchase whatever item or service that was being advertised as soon as the commercial is over because the company has done such an incredible job at weaving their products or services into our hearts.

While dog commercials have made the board list of the most entertaining commercials ever made, how would the top 10 list look if we were supposed to rank just dog commercials from most entertaining, so on?

Check out this list on my thoughts of the top 10 best dog commercials. Feel free to share your thoughts too by adding to and re-arranging this list in the comments section below.


10. Shiba Inu Newscaster

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by SBK Bank Card Loans)


9. Family: The Unskippable Ad (Extended Cut)

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by GEICO Insurance)


8. A Canine Rube Goldberg Machine

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by Ford Active Park Assist)


7. Super Slo-Mo Dogs Catching Treats

YouTube Preview Image

(Commericial by Pedigree Dog Food)


6. Sweet

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by MCVitties Digestive Biscuits)


5. Movin’ On Up

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by Suzuki)


4. Mop Dog

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by Dr. Pepper)


3. The Barkleys: What’s the Fuss About?

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by Subaru)


2. Home’s Best Friend

YouTube Preview Image

(C0mmercial by Coldwell Banker)


1. Lost Dog

YouTube Preview Image

(Commercial by Budweiser)

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