Lamborghini Diamante Concept

Whether it comes to real car or concept cars Lamborghini has always managed to keep expectations high – and deliver. This is another absolutely alluring concept — and they are calling it ‘Lamborghini Diamante’. This car shows a truly inspired diamond styled aggressive  sports car. But beyond looks, the big story here is the 4(!) electric engines. The design study of Diamante was carried by Thomas Granjard, who has magnificently accenueted the sharp edges and curved surface of this car.

Diamante carries movable wings that are used as part as aerodynamic system to allow the car to adapt to a variety of situations. The interior of the car offers brilliant interaction system between center console and the driver. Under the hood it carries two micro-jet turbines to produce energy for 15 kWh lithium-ion batteries. This electric car carries an electric motor able to produce 800 BHP and 1600 Nm torque. Check out the pics below but try not to drool…

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07




PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07


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