Top 10 Hospitals You Never Want To Go To

3. Athens Mental Hospital

3. Athens Mental HospitalWelcome to Athens, Ohio, the home to The Athens Mental Hospital. It remained functional till 1993. The hospital was, back in the 1950s, treating around 2000 patients at once and was famous for the lobotomy procedure and because they took in violent criminals. The hospital, over time, came to be known as The Ridges.  The hospital had a strict policy on any information that could be provided on patients. One needs special permission from the state of Ohio to access the information. There are almost 2000 people buried in the grounds with their graves marked with numbers and not names. The reason why this hospital is on this list apart from what you’ve read is the 1978 case of a female patient. She disappeared in 1978 and then a year later her body was found in an abandoned ward. One can still see the mark on the floor where they found the dead body.

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2. Taunton State Hospital

2. Taunton State HospitalAlright, toughen up because this one has some really horrifying stories attached to it. Taunton Stat Hospital started out as a psychiatric hospital back in 1854 in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA. It treated a certain, Jane Toppan, who confessed to killing 31 persons while being employed as a nurse. However, there are reports that suggest the doctors and nurses who worked were probably even more sinister. There are rumors that some of the doctors and nurses conducted satanic rituals in the basement upon patients. During the later years, both doctors and patients stated that they felt a huge sense of unease when they were approaching the basement door. There are also reports of a ‘shadow man’ who would crawl on walls and keep staring at the patients.

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1. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

1. Beechworth Lunatic AsylumOur top of the list hospital served for a total of 128 years before finally shutting down in 1995. It was known as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum when it was founded as a sister hospital to Ararat. Beechworth housed 1,200 patients during its prime days and it was merely a matter of two signatures to get someone admitted. This hospital is famous for the numerous mysterious deaths and disappearances. The first superintendent of this facility was a firm believer that the moon caused insanity and wouldn’t go out without an umbrella at night. The death toll at Beechworth is almost 9,000! Ghost tours are still carried out at the hospital.

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