Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

7. Consciousness

Consciousness Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

So let me become more interactive to you guys, what is consciousness? What makes our brain work in the exact form like we want? What makes us to counter act if someone tries to harm us? These all things are related to your ability to remain active and conscious. Can consciousness survive the death of the brain that carries it? There are hundreds of answers which are yet to be answered.

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What is the mind? Behaviorists say that it is just an engine for conditioned responses. But it’s hard to deny that our ability to reflect on our own thoughts is something distinct and interesting. Is it a mere side-effect of the way our brains work? If so, how long will it be before a computer becomes self-aware and asks for equal rights? How can you tell true consciousness from something designed to simulate it? Can consciousness survive the death of the brain that carries it? There are a lot of questions, but until we can have an equal conversation with either a robot or a ghost, there really won’t be any answers

6. Dark Energy

Dark Energy Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

Let’s recall for a minute the Einstein Theory of Relativity. A property of empty space, allowed by Einstein’s general theory of relativity that acts as a large, negative pressure and pushes the Universe apart at a faster and faster rate. Its subsistence has been imagined on the basis of observations which specify that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating. Current observations suggest that about 74% of the mass-energy of the Universe is in the form of dark energy. The accounts also suggest that about 22% consists of dark matter and the remaining 4% is usual matter.

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5. Time

Time Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

Time, the first question arises from this word is, what’s the basic definition of Time? Is it some kind of dimension? Is it a state of matter? Or just an illusion constructed to boost the sales of watches?

4. The Beginning of the Universe

The Beginning of the Universe 600x554 Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

Discoveries in astronomy and physics have shown beyond a sensible doubt that our universe did in fact have a beginning. No one ever knows what the situation of universe before the Big Bang was, was there even a universe, or not, or was the universe was purposefully created for us by a God? There are many theories behind the formation of our milky way one of them is the Big Bang theory. However, the Big Bang was theoretically not an explosion. An explosion occurs when matter moves through space from a high pressure point to a low pressure point, and does so very, very rapidly. According to the typical theory, our universe came into existence as “singularity” around 13.7 billion years ago. It was predicted that two homogenous stars came so much close that the force of gravity of one caused to tear a part of the other star while these stars were too close to each other. Pieces of one star was sprinkled in space and started revolving around it and somehow got cooled and one of them gave birth to life.

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