Top 10 Amazing Mysteries of World

3. End of the Universe

Scientists try to find the cause of this extermination and it’s still not understandable. According to a theory it has been stated that from the time of Big Bang, the Universe is in constant expansion and at some point when this recoil diminishes, the Universe will begin to contract and a time will come when nothing will survive.

2. Multiple Universes

Existing quantum physics raises the possibility that there are many universes besides our own, existing in the same space and time, but only interacting in certain limited ways. These universes may have their own separate histories and futures, and even their own laws of physics.

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1. Grand Unification Theory

Grand Unification, grand unified theory, or GUT refers to some very similar unified field theories or models in physics that predicts that at extremely high energies (above 1014 GeV), the electromagnetic, weak nuclear, and strong nuclear forces are fused into a single unified field. This is another new aspect on which work is still under way.

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