Top 10 All Time Best Selling Cell Phones

3. Nokia 1110

As a cellular phone, the Nokia 1110 has everything a consumer desires. It’s undersized, spotless solid, and comes operational with a sturdy battery. It was for this simplicity that when it was launched in year 2005, the Nokia 1110 was sold like hell. The total units sold are approximately 150 million, available at your nearest cell phone retailer at just $90.

2. BlackBerry

Despite the perceived failing condition of company, its one of the most dominant mobile phone brands on earth. It was the first mainstream cellular phone, when it was first launched in year 1999. It introduced consumers to mobile email and the prospect of a QWERTY keyboard on a phone. The reports suggest that more than 150 million units were sold.

1. Nokia 1100

The 1100 may appear completely outdated by nowadays principles, but certainly, in a weave of satire, its archaic features may have been its major draw. At a time when cell phones began offering color screens and cameras, the stripped-down Nokia was a great unit for budget users particularly those in emerging or underdeveloped countries. Since its commencement in the year 2003, 250 million Nokia 1100s have been sold simply making it the world’s most admired cell phone of all time.

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