The Art From Pen

Creative talent has no stopping,  today we get to present you a collection of Sarah Esteje arts. The arts are purely made from normal pen and we found such neatness and depth in this art that we found it worthy to share it with you people. As far as we know, pen drawings are a bit difficult because there are a few things which one should be very careful while drawing with it. Starting with the fact that there can be no mistake tolerance in a drawing or sketch from a pen since it is very difficult rather impossible to cover it up, furthermore  since there is only one nib so one must always take care of the thickness of the lines. Such sketches can only be expected from a fine artist. Take a look at the gallery of Sarah Esteje sketches.

00015092 550x685 The Art From Pen

00015093 550x687 The Art From Pen

00015094 550x687 The Art From Pen

00015095 550x550 The Art From Pen

00015096 550x650 The Art From Pen

00015097 550x711 The Art From Pen

00015098 550x686 The Art From Pen

00015099 550x440 The Art From Pen

00015100 550x684 The Art From Pen

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