The Infinite Usb Ports

Working on the new ultra-books, have you ever felt short of the USB ports? Not a problem now! If you have also been experiencing shortage of USB ports in your laptop or tablet, and get confused where to plug remaining usb utilities, then stop worrying. There is a brilliant idea floating around the corner. Thanks to Jiang Gonglue who came up with a this amazing concept of extending USB ports.

He invented a USB cable which itself is a USB port and through this further extends your USB ports. Thanks to this marvel gadget, now you can extend upto as many ports as you want. The idea seems brilliant and it will really help alot!

infinite usb port 2 600x541 The Infinite Usb Ports

infinite usb port 3 1 600x682 The Infinite Usb Ports

infinite usb port 1 600x366 The Infinite Usb Ports

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