Top 10 iPod Cases

The iPod has changed the way we all listen to music and with more than 300 million iPods sold all over the world, the iPod speaks volumes of Apple whose ‘revolutionary’ products are paving way for it to becoming ‘the’ biggest company in history. Coming back to iPod, here are the ten best-looking cases to protect your precious little iPod.

No 10. Emerge 032 – iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Price: $24.99

Available in Blacktop, Paparazzi Pink and Fountain Blue colors, this case features textured surface pattern with raised “pebbles” making it easy to grip your iPod. It comes with one-year limited warranty.

No 9. Survivor – iPod touch (4th Gen)

Price: $39.99

This case from Griffin is touted as the most protective case the company has ever built. For the sake of more details, it has been tested and certified for “US Department of Defense Standard 810F and UK Department of Defense Standard 00-35.” It is pretty durable in protecting your iPod touch from extreme conditions such as dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and a host of other environmental factors.

No 8. Courier Clip – iPod nano (6th Gen)

Price: $24.99

This tough little silicone case for your iPod nano comes with a built-in metal carabiner, ready to clip onto your belt, backpack, handlebars, hatband, tentpole or even your climbing rig. It is quick and offers secure attachment to clothing or equipment.

No 7. Ergonomic Hard Case – iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Price: $29.99

This case from Built is available in Fireball, Raspberry, Graphite Grid, White, and Rain Drop Mini colors. It is made of ultra-lightweight polycarbonate, the primary material in bullet-resistant glasses and features rigid molded back and double-reinforced corners to protect your iPod from shocks and impacts.

No 6. Dotties Silicone Case – iPod touch (4th Gen)

Price: $19.99

Available in Black, Gray, Neon Pink, Turquoise, White and Navy Blue, this case comes with 45 dots in total; over a dozen can fit in the case at one time allowing you to place multicolored silicone dots around the silicone core. This is protection plus style in a unique way.

No 5. Chrome Slider Case – iPod touch (4th Gen)

Price: $34.95

This stylish case for you iPod features durable hardshell construction with a gloss mirror finish and a fluorescent pop color lining. Its interior rubber guardrails provide additional shock absorption to guard against impacts. Stand is also included with the case.

No 4. Monochrome Slider Case – iPod touch (4th Gen)

Price: $34.95

This sleek-looking case from Incase yet again, is made of lightweight durable hard-shell plastic with a minimal wall thickness of 1 mm. It too has interior rubber guardrails to provide shock absorption in addition to impact and scratch protection.

No 3. Waddler Case – iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Price: $25.00

Case-Mate’s Waddler Case features a combination of textured silicone with modular sections of smooth plastic colors. Available in Black, Blue or Brown it has a raised flipper and attached webbed feet charm in its penguin-inspired design

No 2. FlexiShell Dot – iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Price: $24.99

Marware’s FlexiShell Dot is a soft, translucent TPU shell that lets you show off your iPod with stylish coating of a limitless array of colorful dots. The case itself is soft and comfortable in the hand.

No 1. SportGrip Gamer – iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Price: $24.99

This one is also from Marware and features secure gripping solution than is better than most of the other cases out there. It comes with cushioned silicone that helps absorb shocks. It has two circular loops resting on the back that can be pulled outward and looped around your fingers, working as handles and allowing you to store earbuds as well.

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