Self Repairing Coating For Your Gadgets

Now what more worst could it be than that you buy an expensive phone with all the glamour it carries and go to market to cover it up with some protective coating. But after some time you realize that the coating itself got damaged and now your beloved gadget is prone to scratches now.

But BEHOLD now since a self repairing coat film has just arrived which can repair any kind of scratches in less than TEN seconds. Toray Advanced Film are the producers of this new scratch repairing membrane. Tests and results have shown that even scratching the layer for 200,000 times the membrane still works fine and it repairs itself and its as good as new with in ten seconds. Now there should be one thing always kept in mind before testing this new scratch repairing membrane that it could just repair all kind of scratches which you might get accidently, but it is not capable to do any thing once it is broken. And trust me it won’t break until you catch a knife or scissor to tear it apart.

The new scratch repairing membrane is on its way to market and Toray is getting this stuff produced in bulk. So now you can remain worry free for your phones and tablets. This coating would keep the promise of what you always wanted from a coating.

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