Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

We have revolutionized our livings and our standards to a great level through technology and innovation. Things adopted and created by scientists changed our lifestyles. Humans have always been ambitious in creating new things, we daily find hundreds of research work and inventions through out the world. Its the creativity in us gifted by God which doesnt let us sit idle. Looking in present is all what we have, thinking for future is what we humans have always been doing but lets have some time to Peek in past where we existed. Technology is an unstoppable beast which will keep growing and spreading. Faces will change but the inventors will always exist among us. We collected a bunch of technologies or implementation of technology in past. Have a look at the various such creations in past decades:

One Wheel Bike.

old antique inventions 7 Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

Conic Veils.

old antique inventions 9 Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

News fax.

00021734 550x451 Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

Gun camera.

00021745 550x712 Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

Stroller radio.

00021744 550x710 Top 25 Crazy Old Inventions

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