The Light Sculptures

People have gone beyond the level of your imaginations. Its because the more the world is advancing the more we are getting demanding for unique ideas and unique distinct techniques. The more the one does a unique job the more he gets the appreciation. So here is the time when a Japanese artist brought out something new and something different.  Makoto Tojiki is the guy who has done this superb job. He has made some light sculptures and they look really amazing.

He created his new series naming “No Shadow” and in it he showed us these fantastic sculptures totally made up of light. This concept is totally mind boggling and it contains superb piece of art since making up an art from light is seriously not an easy task. Take a look at the pictures from his series “No Shadow”

00014693 550x818 The Light Sculptures

00014694 550x366 The Light Sculptures

00014695 550x816 The Light Sculptures

00014696 550x817 The Light Sculptures

00014690 550x818 The Light Sculptures

00014691 550x365 The Light Sculptures

00014692 550x365 The Light Sculptures

0 The Light Sculptures

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