OSI Model

In 1970, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a seven-layer model, LAN architectures. In parallel, the ISO has developed a protocol to fit the model. Since then, other models such as the five-layer TCP / IP model was developed, but the OSI model is still used to map and categorize protocols because of the clear and unambiguous manner representative network functions. The OSI model contain 7 layers
model 550x525 OSI Model

7)Application Layer:

appl 300x112 OSI Model
• To allow access to network resources.
• Enables the user either human or software to access the network.
• It provides user interface and support for the services such as Electronic mail, Remote File se Management and other services.

6)Presentation Layer

presentation 189x300 OSI Model
• To translate, encrypt, and compress data.
• This layer is connected with Semantic and syntax of info exchange between two systems.
• Function of presentation Layer are
? Translation
? Encryption
? Compression

5)Session Layer

sessionlayer1 300x177 OSI Model
• To establish, manage, and terminate sessions.
• It is the network dialogue controller.
• Establishes, Maintains, and synchronizes the interaction between communicating systems.

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