Kinect In Future Life

No doubt kinect has revolutionized the gaming and we have counted figures where the new generation is more adaptive towards this type of gaming than remote control gaming. Its a good exercise for body as well. Now thinking out of the box what if the kinect gets more updates and versions and it gets world wide every where at every field. Now this is where the future holds! We might see kinect at every field in the future that is in medical field, for scientist, musician, studies, research projects and upto every field where one could imagine.

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The good part is that this technology would be fairly cheap and will be in access to every field and every body can be amused with its use. The students will have better understandings as more 3D modelling could be easily explained by the teachers, doctors would have great ease to have the diagnosis of disease easily. So in short this technology can not only revolutionize gaming but also revolutionize world!

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