KeyBoard Pants!

Now thats some real geek stuff you want to have if you are geekly crazy. Keyboard pants is there for you which carries keyboard with itself so you need not to carry your keyboard with yourself. Your pants is your keyboard. This pant contains keyboard imprinted over it and there are buttons which can be actually pressed and it feels as  easy as a real keyboard. The keyboard has built in bluetooth and mouse plus speakers. So all you need to do is to connect your PC or laptop via bluetooth to your jeans and there you go!  Erik de Nijs who is the creator of this jeans says that these are just prototypes for now and surely they will catch the market soon as it will hit the stores.

beautygeekpants1 550x578 KeyBoard Pants!

beautygeekpants2 550x403 KeyBoard Pants!

beautygeekpants3 KeyBoard Pants!

beautygeekpants4 550x543 KeyBoard Pants!

beautygeekpants5a thumb 550xauto 84703 KeyBoard Pants!


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