Top 10 iPhone Games

There is lot of games on web to offer for iphone.It gives lot of enjoyment and help to kill a time.It is easily install on your iphone set with little bit effort.

10) Castle Smasher

Although it looks like a similar to a simplified, Angry Birds, Castle Smasher plays, but in different ways, The game is firing mechanism (lobbing stones Castle) is more accurate and is also a need to protect kids against.The attacking knights catapult.Randomly generated levels provides unlimited play after workingthrough a well-judged level of challenge.

9)Axe In Face

If Plants vs. Zombies, Flight Control and also broke a gooey pulp and uploaded to the App Store, the result would be the Face Axe. Defense Red Beard defended desperately daffodils in the other Vikings, especially in cutting off the heads of his magic ax. Navigate through the game you will not be terribly long, but it may be hard pressed to get more entertainment 59p


The concept of the puzzle is simple: Place a disc numbered grid, if the number plates of the disc corresponds to the sum of the row or column, then explores. Grey records must be presented before the explosion at the adjacent number. Drop7 brilliant and addictive, and this is the iPhone, what was the original Game Boy Tetris.

7)Galaxy on Fire 2

Descent from the BBC Micro Cap Elite and the classic MMOEVE Online, Galaxy on Fire 2 is an epic galactic adventure catapults. You get to explore the course of your life, balancing of trade, war and other tasks. One of the few real iOS called Epic Games; Galaxy on Fire 2 is worth the entry fee.

6)LilRacerz Pro Rally

Older gamers may remember the amusement arcades Super Sprint, Super Cars from the Amiga or the original Micro Machines for NES Code masters. Lil Racerz Pro Rally is a top-down racer. And that’s just as much fun as the classic titles (and £ 1.19!), And boasts 34 tracks, ten unlock able cars, and the four different environments. The controls are large – the car drift, but there is some weight to them – and the fine 3D graphics is a nice touch


Coasting gravity mechanic is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, but is closer to the lateral play of the Nintendo mascot 2D adventure platform game soosiz a crack. You must search the world for more than seven at 66 to find the friends, enemies and fight gravity along the way


Mirror Edge Cana balt and brighter, but the Run! combines the functions of mechanical and automatic swipe gestures are built ina more polished title, adding to the meteors, evil wizards, UFOs, shoulder-mounted bazooka and a karate kick to the head of the shark-jumping 59p.

3)Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Technically excellent and fine racing game available on the App Store, but Hot Pursuit will be a vote, the sheer thrill and excitement value. This man arcade race all the way, along with a view to escape the fuzz, an alternative, you can “be a man” and this mash racing syndicate members for submitting (or species of the corrupt buddies in the deserts, forests along the coastalcities).

2)Pizza Boy

Mario-style platform game iOS devices rarely work well, but a successful Pizza Boy. Despite a few cheap deaths in later levels, the game offers a lot of charm, good humor and a fair level of planning. The controls are rarely let you down, and trigger mechanism “bonus” level of interest, forcing you to explore as you play the game.

1)Angry Birds

The moral of the Angry Birds that if a hungry pig, do not steal the eggs of birds crazy death wish, who happens to own a giant catapult. If one of the 17 who are not already a classic sample of the artillery, then fling angry birds dilapidated structure, which aims to send the pigs lurk within. Imaginative level design and variety of birds, “Powers” that this is a classic game iOS.

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