Top 10 Combatants of all Time

In every era there came a revolution led by heroic personalities, in the body of whom a lion heart ever beaten. Here is the list of top 10 combatants and strategy specialists of all time.

#10 Spartacus

A hypothetical image depicting the aggressiveness in the eyes of Spartacus

Spartacus was the leader of a militia of escapee slaves that shook Italy in 73-71 BC. He was defeated by the Roman general Crassus. He was born in 109 BC and most extensively known as the “Gladiator”. He was the one who bring revolt against the Rome during the Gladiatorial War. He was initially a slave kept by the roman they used to enjoy the fighting feasts of their slaves against their soldiers. He was one of them who took stand against the brutal Roman civilization.

#9 Saladin

Saladin "Hero of Islam"

The Saladin was a Muslim Ruler who founded the Ayyubid Dynasty in the Egypt. Saladin gained respect and fame throughout the Muslim world due to his chivalrous and gallant attitude. He was the among the most influential personalities of the Muslim world and he established and ruled the Muslim world for more than 200 years.

#8 Carthaginian General Hannibal

Carthaginian General Hannibal

A Carthaginian General, Hannibal was a master strategist who developed outflanking campaign. Noted as the minister of stratagem by martial historian Theodore Ayrault Dodge, he grew up with a ferocious abhorrence of the Romans. After the death of his brother-in-law Hasdrubal, he took domination of the Gaulo-Cathaginian army and set his sights on Rome. He set out in the spring of 218 BC and fought his way through the Pyrenees and the Alps with a force of 46,000 soldiers and 37 war elephants. When he was in Roman region, he ravaged hundreds of towns leaving complete annihilation in his wake.

#7 Knights

Heavily Armed Knight

The Knights were one of the great warriors clad who use to wear full body armor on horseback. They were the lushest, most proficient combatants, and had the armor, weapons, and horses to get the job done at any cost. They were among the toughest soldiers in history to kill because of their substantial armor. The horses provide them enough paces to reach to their targets like bristling bullets shot from an AK 47 gun. They were highly effective soldiers that had trained almost their entire and suited to be given the name “Tanks of the Ancient World”. The knights were the gentlemen fighters who believed in moral and ethical values. They respected and never killed innocents. They are justified to be placed among the top ten lists of great warriors

#6 Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

The Conquest of a great soldier and statesman Julius Cesar provided the security for the Roman Empire for more than five hundred years and spread Roman laws, customs and language throughout Europe. So far-reaching were the accomplishments of Caesar   that his name became the title for Roman Emperors as well as for leader’s centuries later, the German “Kaiser” and the Russian “Czar” both being derivatives of Caesar. In his early forties Caesar was elected for the consul and became one of the Roman’s head magistrates.  He reformed the power distribution and took control on various parts of his government. Caesar was a valiant and ambitious he was not among those who sit on the throne idle, he directed his army in the Gaul and conquered it. Caesar then conquered the remaining Germany; in 56 BC he attacked Britain with a massive fleet of eight hundred ships through English Channel. He became the most popular person in the Rome and surrounding World.

#5 Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu "The Art of War"

About hundreds of years before the birth of Christ the era of Chinese was known as the Age of warring states The age was full of conspiracies and conflicts because all the seven states of China wanted to take over the China. They wanted to rule the China and hence they fought for their survival and supremacy. For these states to win they sought out any means of gaining advantage over their opponents; those with knowledge on strategy & leadership was especially sought after. It was the time when they needed a leader capable of making good strategies and fight against greatest power utilizing minimum of their resources and ultimately a person was born named Sun Tzu. During his lifetime he was trained very hard. He became the general of the state Ch’i. His ultimate abilities and decision making power made him the powerful and brutal leader.

#4 The Leonidas

The Leonidas

The Leonidas was a legend of the great battle of Thermopylae, noted for his heroic last stand in the battle.The accounts suggests that he was the descendant of Heracles. He era started approximately in 490 BC and he shared control with Leotychides since it was a Spartan custom of that time. The Leonidas became King in the era when King Darius the King of the Spain died who wanted to expand his control to the Greek Empire. After the death of King Darius, his son continued his father’s mission to expand their territory. In an attempt to stop the advancing forces Leonidas went to Xerxes sent in wave after wave of troops including his Immortals who were in turn slaughtered by the Greeks. Xerexes sent a wave of troops including Immortals trained and equipped with heavy armor and weapons. After heavy war which continued few days, a Greek traitor informed Xerxes of the mountain trail which he could to use to outflank enemy. Leonedis got to know about the betrayal and dispersed his troops except a band of 300 fighting warriors to be served as his personal guards. Leonidas’s 300 men fought with valor and bravery until their last man has fallen. Leonidas was murdered in this expedition and his body was beheaded.

#3 Alexander


Alexander the Great was born in 365 B.C. in Macedonia to King Philip II and Queen Olympias. As a child Alexander received the best of everything including the private tutoring from world renowned personality Aristotle. His father was a warrior and thus he belonged to a family of warriors, he was taught the art of war in his school and Alexander commanded his first troops at the age of sixteen. Alexander the great never lost a battle during his reign of fighting and was honored with the name the first military commander to attempt to conquer the whole world. He was famous for his battle strategies and plans through which he always comes across victory and triumph. Alexander change the whole world through his management skills and philosophies, his incredible bravery and valor, He succeeded in establishing relationships between East and West and spreading Greek civilization throughout the vast regions while founding more than 20 cities and cultural centers.

#2 Hazrat Khalid ibn al-Walid also known as Saif Allah

  He was one of the companions of last Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). He was admired for his bravery, military tactics and strategies, and power of knowledge, he possessed. He was a non Muslim in beginning but after experimenting the ideologies and the principles of Islam he converted to Islam and became Muslim. During his reign among Muslim community Muslims never lost a single battle. His first and foremost desire after converting to Islam was to die as a martyr. He was fearless ambitious, God fearing having a desire in heart to flourish and prosper Islam through his wisdom. It was under his military leadership that Arabia, for the first time in history, was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate. He was victorious in over a hundred battles, against the numerically superior forces of the Byzantine-Roman Empire, Sassanid-Persian Empire, and their allies, in addition to other Arab tribes.

#1 Hazrat Umar-Ibn-Khattab (R.A)

Umar-ibn-Khattab (R.A) was a leading companion and adviser of Islamic Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who became the second Caliph after Hazrat Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) death. Hazrat Umar converted to Islam in 6th year after Hazrat Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) first revelation and succeeded Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr on 23rd August 634 and played a significant role in Islam. Under his Leadership Islamic empire expanded at an unprecedented pace. It was said that “Sun never falls in Umar’s empire”. The nectar of good governance and effective administration is enshrined in its leadership’s personal integrity and self-accountability; in justice for all, and in people’s freedom to speak out. The American government feels pride in incorporating the five basic Principles of Hazrat Umar’s (R.A) reign as a preamble of his constitution, i.e. justice for all; ensuring domestic tranquility; providing for common defense; promoting general welfare and lastly, securing the blessings of liberty to people and to their posterity. It has been reported that Umar was a champion wrestler of his time, and though not distinguished as a swordsman, he would later attain fame as a master strategist. Along with Khalid, he is said to be one of the key figures in the collapse of the Arabian rebellion, the greatest achievement of Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A)

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