Top Ten Weirdest Military Tech

The Military technology have never been so strange and weird. The innovations keep on getting better and better, the following article will definitely make you go laugh and disturbed as well. Here we listed down the top ten weirdest military technological advancement.

# 10 Animal Bombs

The Technology was used in the World War II by three distinguishing nations.

  • U.S.A used bats with tiny incendiary bombs since the bats are capable to carry more weight than their own weight and use to hide under the building roofs in the morning. The U.S.A used them since they were found in a great number.
  • The British used dead rats with plastic explosives inside.
  • In the Soviet Union, anti-tank dogs were taught to believe that food was present beneath armored vehicles and tanks. These dogs were then loaded with explosives and charged them into the battle field and they went straight under the tanks and got detonated.

# 9 The Sword Breaker

A strange and divers class of daggers used in the Middle Ages known as the sword breaker; it was a long strapping dagger with notches cut on one side of the blade. During an expedition the knight can grab or catch his adversary’s sword with it and can break it with a swift action of his blade.

# 8 The Man Catcher

It was a type of pole weapon with two prongs to grip its victim, each of which is semicircular with a spring loaded trap on the front. It was used in the medieval ages to control violent and aggressive prisoners.


# 7 The Puckle Gun

The Puckle Gun also noted as the first machine gun developed in the early ages to defend the ground against heavy infantry attacks. It was mounted on a tripod stand, single barrel flintlock gun with a multi shot revolving cylinder. It could fire at the rate of 63 bullets in seven minutes. Being the early design it was not very effective but pioneered future weaponry defense systems.

# 6 Flying Aircraft Carriers

The idea was taken from different novels and Hollywood movies yet became a reality in the 21st century. As indicated from the caption most of the viewers might think of a dirigible type ship with an airship on the top, after the Hindenberg catastrophe all the blue prints to build these types of ships were discarded. However, recent efforts to transport fighters closer to the action include bombers and jet fighters.


# 5 The Lantern Shield

It was similar to a shield but something much more than a defensive tool; it was weapon in its own. It was a product of revitalization period.

# 4 Project Habakkuk

During the WWII, due to the rising expense of metal and supply goods it became too difficult for both the competitors to survive in such peril situations. Therefore British government decided to build an aircraft carrier from a diverse class of material. A hectic research was carried out and a material known as pykrete gave birth; a mixture of ice and wood pulp. They determined that the transporter would be 2000 feet long with a 40 ft thick hull which would be built with an extensive cooling system and would be capable of carrying 150 planes. The material was cheap and can be easily repaired without any difficulty.

# 3 The Claw of Archimedes

The Claw of Archimedes is the invention of the third century AD, a massive creation of the Carthaginian researchers to protect the Stronghold from the Roman Naval attacks. It was a colossal gantry with large seizing hooks attached to it with ropes. When a Roman ship got close to the city walls, the hooks would clutch onto the ship and lift it partly out of the water. Then the ship was dropped causing them to overturn. The machine was so efficiently hidden that the Romans began to think they were fighting in opposition to the Gods. They suffered badly during this war and prevented their ships from moving into the Carthaginian territory.

 # 2 The Whirlwind Cannon

The Whirlwind Cannon was creation of Germans at some stage in World War II to fabricate man-made whirlwinds. A small scale model was prepared which was able to smash planks 200 yards away.

# 1 Halitosis Bomb

The Halitosis Bomb was as hypothetical non-lethal bombs that do no harm when blasted but had strong effects on the human senses when deployed would release strong female pheromones. The main concept was to make the enemy soldiers distracted and tempting towards each other. In this way the enemy becomes easier to attack. Though the Halitosis bomb was never deployed still the concept exist and which made it to achieve the top number one position in our ranking for the weirdest military technologies.



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