Top 10 Facts about Windows 8

The Microsoft has always been a pioneer in the world of Computer Systems. It has provided users with latest and innovative ideas just to make Computers  “User Friendly”. The World is anxiously waiting for the new launch of Microsoft’s Operating System “Windows 8”. Here are some of the particulars about the series’s new launch.

#10 The Expected Launch

The most awaited windows after the recent deployment of windows 7 made by the Microsoft Corporation, The Windows 8. Since many of you must believe that after the theme package observed in the market or the demo versions seen in the market; that Windows 8 will be launched this year. So to remove this ambiguity from all of your minds our research team has been declaring that it wont be available in the market before 2012 . The idea is to make people enjoy the microsoft recent development Windows 7 which has not yet accepted fame and world wide reception. We can expect Windows 8 launche once after everyone is familiar with Windows 7 and it had made enough business.

#9 The Display

The Windows 8 include an architectural design display of 128-bit, the most refined and beautiful graphics display will be observed in the next generation windows after Windows 7. This display of 128-bit will definitely demolish the 32-bit operating systems of 21st century.

#8 The Protection

“The Computer is Personal again” Facial Recognition for logging in Windows is believed to be included in the new Windows 8. However the technology seems to be pretty difficult to include in such operating systems, lets see whats gonna happen.

#7 System Requirements

The system requirements for the latest operating system i.e. Windows 8 are the same for those of Windows 7, so we don’t need to get apprehended by the fact that we need to get our systems upgraded or else.

#6 The Series

The new series of operating systems has been started since after the launch of Windows 7 it is now expected to feel the new operating system by the successive integral name ‘8’, it has been speculated that after Windows 8 we’ll probably be enjoying Windows 9 in the coming years.

#5 The Gap between launch

Microsoft generally releases its new Operating system after every three years. Like Windows Vista which was released on 2007 January, its successor Windows 7 was released almost after three years in 2009 October. So this means that Windows 8 will hit the market sometime in the fall of 2012.


#4 The Reset Button

It has been observed and claimed that Windows 8 will posses a new feature probably be known as “reset button” which will automatically remove all the viruses and bugs, side by side also preserving the settings and configurations of all the applications and software.

# 3 The Advancements

The concept of transparency introduced in the previous versions will be upgraded and imposed in the newer and finer version of Windows.

# 2 SoC and ARM Processors

Microsoft also proclaimed Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas that Windows 8 will comprise the maintain for System on a Chip (SoC) and mobile ARM processors.

#1 The USB Storage Windows

Microsoft pledged that Windows 8 will contain “Hybrid Boot” selections that will permit the system to shutdown and start quicker using the “advanced hibernation functionality” and cache the system mechanisms while still being shut down and ability to create “Portable Workspace” which allows the installation of Windows 8 in USB storage devices.

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