Top Ten Worst Cars

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# 10 Chrysler TC 1989 ($33,000)

The Chrysler TC vehicle was a collaboration of Chrysler and Maserati. The owner of the companies was both friends and in order to uplift the low volume image of Maserati they did that and organized this collaboration and produced the vehicle named Chrysler TC. In doing so they asked somewhat more against the expectations of buyers. Hence the Chrysler TC stands at number 10 in our top ten worst value cars.

1989 Chrysler TC 3 550x310 Top Ten Worst Cars

Chrysler TC

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# 9 Meserati Biturbo 1987 ($26,874)

Meserati Biturbo one of the most expensive cars without provision of necessary requirements of such expense, “The Times Specials” has declared this car as “Italian expensive junk”. It has bitterly failed to impress the buyers on the perspective of cost.

Maserati BiTurbo S 550x343 Top Ten Worst Cars

Maserati Biturbo

Maserati Biturbo mp101 pic 5993 550x280 Top Ten Worst Cars

Maserati Biturbo

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#8 Chevrolet SSR 2004 ($42,000)

The SSR was referred as the first generation Beetle automobile by the reviewers and flat bed. The car resembled truck due to its shape, design and convertible properties. The car was rear wheel drive power train of a sports car, based GM midsize SUV platform. Due to its uneasy and high seating position like a truck the car was completely a junk at such a high price.

Chevrolet SSR 550x412 Top Ten Worst Cars

Chevrolet SSR


Chevrolet SSR05 550x412 Top Ten Worst Cars

Chevrolet SSR

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