Top 10 Coolest Gadgets

There are some gadget ranked according to the personal need.S ome of them are expensive but they are also desirable.

10.Kyocera Echo

It is a fascinating misfire./But a Smartphone with two screens that can work together for multitasking is too cool a concept to ignore. Right now not enough software supports this gutsy design.

9.Peel Universal Control

It use your iphone or ipod touch as both a universal remote and a TV guide. It is one of the most useful home-theater accessories you can buy.

8.Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS

World’s thinnest digital camera with a 24mm ultra Wide-Angle lens and 5x Optical Zoom and Optical Image has 12.1 MP . Full 1080p HD Video for exceptional quality with stereo sound, plus a dedicated movie button for easy access.1/2.3-inch high-sensitivity CMOS; 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom

7.Nintendo 3DS

A built-in 3D Depth Slider allows you to immediately adjust the intensity of the 3D settings on the Nintendo 3DS system to your liking. The 3D effect can also be turned down completely—all Nintendo 3DS games and applications can be played in 2D, and look better than any Nintendo handheld before it.

6.Nikon Coolpix S9100

The speedy-shooting Nikon Coolpix S9100 delivers a big 18x optical zoom lens and a high-res LCD in a small, pocket-size package at a great price.

5.Apple iPad 2 with Smart Cover

No list of cool products would be complete without Apple’s tablet, but let’s also not forget the innovative, magnetized smart cover ,which protects your iPad 2without sacrificing its slim profile.

4.Think Geek joystick

It’s a little on the pricey side, but the innovative yet simplistic Joystick-it tablet Arcade stick from ThinkGeek is one of the most elegant solutions to tablet-and smartphone –gaming we have seen yet.

3.Samsung PND8000

Smart Hub lacks Amazon Instant, its search is next to useless, and its interface can be cluttered and confusing.

The Samsung PNdD8000 has outstanding picture quality, with excellent black performance the most accurate color of any TV .It can handle bright rooms well and exhibit the nearly perfect screen uniformity of plasma, as well as superb 3D picture quality. But it cannot full shadow detail or proper 1080p/24 cadence without sacrificing some black –level performance.

2.HTC Thunderbolt

The first 4G LTE cell phone for Verizon Wireless, the he HTC Thunderbolt lands with a bang. This is the fastest internet phone ever. With an 8MP camera, LED flash, in-camera effects and a 720p HD camcorder, you can capture every moment in picture-perfect resolution. And with 4G uploads, you can unleash it instantly, for all your friends to see.

1.HP Compaq 6730b

A 15.4-inch screen size makes viewing WebPages and documents for long periods of time much easier with less eye strain. But the processor is adequate but we would prefer an upgrade, with a long battery life and decent power, the HP Compaq 6730b is ideal for those frequently on the road.

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