How to turn off iPhone automatically at a specific time?

In iPhone there is no option to set automatic shut down time; however as its substitute there is an option of iPhone sleep mode. In the sleep mode, although the iPhone is powered off, but the screen turns black and all applications are closed. The iPhone can be turn to sleep mode by following the given steps.

  • Tap the Home button of your iPhone. It will display the main menu. Find and press the icon of Clock from the applications.
  • Press the Timer Function located on the bottom of the iPhone screen.
  • This will display a column of hours and a column of minutes. Now set the time you want your iPhone to fall asleep after.
  • Tap the option of Sleep iPod which is located under the row of ‘When Timer Ends”
  • Now you can set the timer for which you want your iPhone to remain asleep. Tap the green start button at the bottom of iPhone’s screen. This will display the time left for your iPhone to fall asleep.
  • Exit the application.

The iPhone will get in to the sleep mode after the indicated time.

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