Top 10 Human Super Powers You Can Get Today

With superpowers being wielded by every other movie or TV character, it is but normal if it ever crossed your mind to posses one of those world-changing powers. Today we are going to let you know of some the abilities of super human nature that are physically and logically possible and you don’t need to wait a century to wield them.

No10. Super Strength

First and foremost, the Superman-like strength. You need this power if you intend to save people trapped under cars, rubble or if you intend to fight the terrorist on your own and save the day for your people. But, the point is how is this power actually realized? And the answer is hidden with the Iron Man; the exoskeleton. Iron Man used it and so did numerous other characters including Nomad from the hit game Crysis. Below is a video that shows how far are we into this type of super strength arena with the use of exoskeletons.

No 9. Flight

Every other superhero has this power, so much so that now it comes as a by-product with other superior abilities. The closest to having a controlled human individual flight is through jet packs and reasonable progress has been made in this arena. So, if you want to have the power of flight, search ebay for ‘jet packs’.

No 8. Web Spraying

A power exclusive to the Spiderman, web spraying is not the toughest of powers to emulate in real world. The military developed a sticky foam gun that sounds a lot like what old super-villain Paste Pot Pete (AKA The Trapster) uses. You could definitely get to wield this power if you are in the military or some law enforcement agency.

No 7. Seeing in the Dark

This isn’t exactly a super power today as it would have been say 20 years ago. But nevertheless, it is still not everybody’s wield. To see in the dark you would do very well with a set of nice night vision goggles. Apart from the super power the goggles impart they are might impressive too.

No 6. Electrical Blasts

You’re surrounded by a bunch of bad guys and you don’t have a clue how to deal with them. You suddenly remember the thousands of volts running inside your blood and you electrocute every ounce of living daylight out of those bad guys, that’s how you deal with them. But that is not exactly how you do it in the real world; here you deal with electric guns or Tasers. Tasers are a simple version of this power, delivering an incapacitating shock.

No 5. Wall-crawling

There have been considerable advances in science that contribute to the development of this ‘super’ human ability. Polymer-based dry adhesive structures that mimic the adhesive system on the feet of Gecko have been developed that leave no residue and are super in terms of adhesive strength. Gloves and boots coated with this material in principle will allow people to climb walls like the great Spider-Man.

No 4. Mental Telepathy

Projecting your thoughts to others is a really riveting prospect and is the prospecting of listening to someone else with nobody knowing. A computer cursor can be moved simply by thinking, currently. Other than that, the technology is simply put in its infancy, compared to other fields of research.

No 3. Bullet Proofness

A pretty clichéd power as far as Hollywood goes, but is a super power nevertheless. It can be harvested in a number of ways, like using a full body armor suit or a bullet proof vest. Today, this particular super power is so feasible to achieve, that bullet proof vests are commercially available to buy and people can get their cars armored as well for that matter.

No 2. Invisibility

This is one super power that is a must have; it is tremendously helpful in fights, excellent for sneaking up on top ranking officers and for what not. For the real world well, the solution is to use clocks and invisibility cloaks are catching up with fiction pretty fast.

No 1. Fear Projection

The number 1 super power that you ‘can’ have is fear projection. Ranked so high because of its quality too, fear can be inoculated into people by simply subjecting them to ‘infrasound’. And infrasound gun is your tool to do that. Studies have revealed that low frequency acoustic waves such as infrared waves, below the hearing threshold, have disturbing psychological effects. Infrasound has been known to cause feelings of awe or fear in humans; truly disturbing super power to wield.

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