World’s first 3D Camcorder (HDC-SDT750K)

0 Worlds first 3D Camcorder (HDC SDT750K)
Recording 3D images is now as easy as attaching the 3D conversion lens that comes with the worlds first consumer 3D camcorder, the HDC-SDT750. Powerful, true-to-life 3D images like those created by Panasonic 3D recording technologies for use in Hollywood movies can now be easily recorded and viewed at home.
49 550x275 Worlds first 3D Camcorder (HDC SDT750K)

With the addition of our new 3D conversion lens to our 700 series highly touted 3MOS system you can shoot 3D video using the same principle as human vision. Left-and right-eye images are simultaneously shot with two lenses. The SDT750 creates 3D images by artificially reproducing visual disparity.
28 550x366 Worlds first 3D Camcorder (HDC SDT750K)
Even without the 3D conversion lens attached, there are countless ways to enjoy the SDT750. This innovative camcorder takes an evolutionary leap forward from the many Panasonic models that have excited users worldwide.
38 550x422 Worlds first 3D Camcorder (HDC SDT750K)
It is equipped with a wide range of sophisticated functions, including the 3MOS System, which features improved noise reduction (NR) technologies, 1080/60p recording, iA (Intelligent Auto) mode in the new HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization), and a wealth of manual controls.