How TO: Apply FALSE EYELASHES tutorial

Video explains it all πŸ™‚ 1. Apply thin layer of liquid liner 3. Curl Lashes if you like 2. Apply mascara 3. Place drop of glue on lash container (Duo Surgical Glue is best, you can get it at MAC or any drugstore) 4. Use back of tweezers to apply thin layer of glue to lash band, concentrating on the ends 5. Wait 20 seconds or so for glue to become tacky 6. Apply just above lashline, make sure ends stick 7. Use tweezer back to push lashes on and down so they are close to lashline 8. Add line of liquid liner over lashband to cover any glue and make it look seemless πŸ™‚ **Sorry theres like a little bit of glue on the lashes midway, but the glue dries clear so you can’t even see :)** **EYESHADOW LOOK IS IRON MAN :)**

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