Robotic Weapon (SWAT BOT)

This is a Mil-Sim A5 PaintBall Gun Mounted to a fully Upgraded, Brushless, 4WD, RC Vehicle. This All-Aluminum, Lipo Powered Unmanned Ground Vehicle is Designed for Law Enforcement. This “SWAT BOT” is designed to minimize the exposure of Law Enforcement Personnel to potentially lethal encounters by taking them out of the Line of Fire, and out of harm’s way. Equipped with a Wireless Barrel-Cam and Pepper Balls, it is a Non-Lethal, Wireless UGV for Riot Control, Hostage Scenarios or other Hostile Situations. Gun Control, including elevation and firing is placed in the hands of a trained professional. Capable of speeds of 50 MPH, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this capable little beast. I build and sell these and other Teleoperated Robotic vehicles. This model runs 00 with the vision kit. You can run it with or without the barrel camera and remote video screen. want one? More info at E-mail me if you do: [email protected] PATENTS PENDING This Reconfigurable Weapon System features an M16 Front Sight, ACOG Style Red/Green Dot Scope, Infra Red, Barrel Mounted Camera and a suppressor. Additional Cameras and Sensors can be added to increase Situational Awareness. By utilizing a Modular System a large number of Configurations are possible depending on the mission. For More information please email me or visit

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