Future Weapons – TASER’s XREP

Future Weapons – To maximize incapacitation, the XREP engine incorporates a microprocessor controlled optimal electrode selection technology. Twenty times per second, the XREP Engine checks for the best electrode connection to maximize the contact spread and achieve greatest incapacitation. If the Cholla or Reflex Engagement electrodes make contact, the XREP engine automatically delivers NMI impulses from the nose electrodes to the selected electrode. In fact, if the subject even grabs the tether, a live hand-trap wire makes a connection and the NMI effect is delivered through the hand, preventing the subject from letting go. If none of the preferred electrodes are in contact, the XREP delivers its impulse across the front electrodes, creating a painful stimulus to distract, disorient, and entice the subject to grab for the XREP making a hand connection, or to move in reaction to the pain which can help the cholla electrodes on the main chassis to engage. more…www.taser.com

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