Top 10 Missiles

Firing bombs at your enemies while sitting in your hideout is the new mode of war and missile is a personification of this very idea. Carrying from satellites to nuclear warheads, we have today rounded up the top 10 missile technologies in history.

No 10. Congreve

Developed by the British Royal Arsenal, the Congreve rocket was first used during the Napoleonic Wars. It was actually guided by stick for balancing. It can argued that it was the stepping stone for modern-day missile systems.

No 9. Patriot

Designed to detect, target and hit incoming missiles, the patriot missiles can hit incoming targets within a 50-mile radius. Put into service in 1981, the patriot missiles are intended for air targets thereby also known as SAM (surface to air missiles).

No 8. Redeye

Used from 1968 to 1995, the Redeye was a man-portable surface-to-air missile system. It could easily target low flying aircrafts. It used infrared to track its targets and was named Redeye because of this feature. It was replaced by the more advanced Stinger missile system.

No 7. Tomahawk

Introduced by General Dynamics, the Tomahawk is a cruise missile deployed by the US forces. It was introduced in the 1970s. It is now made by Raytheon. It is basically a miniature aircraft with a warhead that would skim over the earth’s surface before surging upwards for homing onto its target.

No 6. Sidewinder

Mostly carried by aircrafts, the Sidewinder is a heat-seeking air-to-air missile. It is in service since 1956 and is the least expensive of missiles, not to mention the most successful. Due to its low cost it is predicted to stay in the inventories throughout the 21st century.

No 5. Polaris

Introduced in 1960, the Polaris was the first ballistic missile that could be launched from submarines. It was developed by Lockheed Corporation during the Cold War. It was developed as a measure to retaliate against a possible Soviet nuclear attack. These were eventually replaced by Poseidon, which in turn were replaced by Trident I missiles.

Here is the first test firing:

No 4. Nike-Ajax

Deployed in 1963, the Nike-Ajax missiles were used to protect strategic and tactical sites in the US. They were the first operational, guided, surface-to-air missiles. They were deployed as a last line of defense against a possible air attack on the US cities and military installations.

No 3. Titan II

A successor to Titan I, the Titan II cost in excess of $3 million per launch. It was the longest serving ICBM with the US air force. It also carried out many space missions for NASA during its career. It had its last flight in 2003 after being introduced in 1962.

Here is a video of its launch:

No 2. Minuteman

Developed to close the “missile gap” between them (the US) and the Soviet, the Minuteman is currently the only land-based ICBM in service in the US and will possibly stay until 2030. Named after Revolutionary War’s Minuteman, the missile is capable of a complete launch within one minute. Created by Boeing, it represented a significant step ahead in technology.

Here is an excellent video demonstrating its complete firing phase:

No 1. V2

Developed by Germany during the Second World War, the V2 was a revolutionary marvel that shaped the future missile and rocket technologies. As with other shocking facts regarding the Nazis, it is said that more people died building the V2 than because of it. It was also the first missile to achieve a suborbital flight. The death toll by the rocket is above 7000 (the ones dying because of it).

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