Top 10 Weirdest Car Gadgets

If you are bored of the all high-tech car gadgetry popping out all over these days, then you might like these things that we have dug out for you. Take a look at the weirdest car gadgets around.

No 10. Parallel Parking Device

A group of college students have devised a device that using hydraulics can assist you in parking. It fits into the rear of your car and lifts it into position when invoked.

No 9. Automatic License Plate Blocker

Created for the 2006 Bullrun, this device makes your car invincible to the photo cameras.

No 8. Pimpstar Fancy  LED Rims

These Rims from DUB come with built-in LEDs that can display any image of your choice or even text of your liking using the included software. You can advertise anything on your rims from your feelings to your phone number. They let you display one separate image on each of the wheels or the same image on all of them.

No 7. Alert Driver Wristband

This gadget does the obvious; it alerts the driver if he is suffering from fatigue. It starts vibrating when it detects that the driver is not in a good condition to drive by interacting with the RFID tag placed in the car and noting the reaction time. Pretty handy.

No 6. Ozone Air Purifier

This “cool” gadget from Oki Environmental technologies, known as the Kaiteki My Car OZ-1, clears the air within your car off bad smells. It releases UV rays which purify your in-car atmosphere. It can plug directly into the cigarette lighter.

No 5. Autoloc Car Flamethrower

If you like playing shooter games and if you specifically love the flamethrowers they wield, then this definitely is your must-buy gadget. This weapon mounts on the exhaust pipe and can fire upto 20 feets of fierce fire power.

No 4. Michelin’s TWEEL Wheels

An airless, integrated tyre and wheel combination, the TWEEL is possibly a new milestone in mobility. The TWEEL is made up of flexible spokes that deform on contact to absorb shocks. The name comes from the words TYRE and WHEEL.

No 3. More Industries’ Shotgun Turret

A shotgun turret that can be mounted on any regular car’s roof. I don’t think many people will actually buy this, let alone use it, but a cool gadget nevertheless.

No 2. Anti wheel theft system

Nobody likes it when someone steels their car’s wheels. Well, these cardboard cutouts might be a neat solution for that; these can prevent someone from stealing your wheels, or some moron from doing so, infact. These real-looking wheel well cutouts can make for a good prank though.

No 1. Tesla Coil Car Security system

Quite possibly the best security system for your car, the tesla coil by an Australian named Peter is an extension of Nikola Tesla’s experiments into gadgetry. This amazing gadget just consists of a tesla coil mounted on top of the car, which emits electricity all around for maximum security.

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